Cactus Plants

Acanthocalycium, /3,6,15-17/ globose, from N. Argentina
3.2-peitscherianum /17/ short stiff spines, white-pink flowers       $3.50
3.3-peitscherianum Catamarca, longer spines, bud with long scales    $4.00
3.4-peitscherianum P208 /17/ soft pastel pink flower                 $4.00
3.6-aff spiniflorum P120 /17/ flower bud covered with sharp scales   $4.00
6-violaceum /17/ long curved spines, violet flowers                  $4.00
6.2-violaceum /17/ Salsacate, Cordoba, fewer spines                  $4.00
6.25-violaceum DJF277 s Yacanto, Cordoba                             $4.00
6.3-violaceum P204 Cordoba, 1550m, very spiny form                   $4.00
6.34-sp P91 n Cordoba, pink sp, white fl                             $4.00

Acanthocereus, /14/ low bushes, ribbed stems
6.37-horridus spiney angled ribs, huge white fl                      $3.50

Ancistrocactus, /3,6,8,11,13/ globose, from USA & Mexico
6.5-brevihamatus /17/ hooked spines, early brown flowers             $4.00
8-megarhizus SB597 /16/ Llera, Tam, very thick roots                 $4.00
8.9-scheeri /16/ very soft thick white roots, green-brown fl         $4.00
12-scheeri SB460 /17/ Monclova, Coah, round stems, brown spines      $4.00

Arequipa, /15-17/ spiny small plants from Peru & Chile
24.4-leucotricha KK535 dense heavy spines, red fl.                   $4.00
24.42-rettigii KK533 long grey spines, red flowers                   $4.00
24.43-spinisissima KK659 Chala 2200m, very long spines               $4.00
24.5-weingartiana KK1203 Poroma, very stout dark spines              $4.00
24.7-sp. Tacna, white-grey spines, long red flower                   $4.00

Ariocarpus, /3,6,8,13/ slow grower, interesting plants
#24.95-agavoides /14/ deeply seated stem, slender tubercles          $8.00
#25-agavoides SB370 /14/ Tula, Tam., purple flower,                 $10.00
#28.5-fissuratus x bravoanus, rough tubercles, purple fl            $10.00
#29-fissuratus 'intermedius' SB503 Cuatrocienagas, dark stem        $10.00
#29.4-fissuratus v lloydii /16/ fat rounded tubercles, pink fl      $10.00
#31.8-kotschoubeyanus v macdowellii /17/ pink fl, tiny star stem     $6.50
#31.9-kotschoubeyanus v macdowellii Hipolito, Coah, tiny stem        $7.00
#33.8-retusus /15/ broad flat tubercles, white-pink flowers          $6.50
#33.84-retusus D, no areole, triangular tubercles with sharp margin  $6.50
#34-retusus SB68 /15/ Coronel, SLP, white to pink flower             $5.00
#36.8-retusus SB1426 Marmelajo, NL 'confusus', pink-red flowers      $7.50
#40-trigonus /14/ long grey tubercles, yellow flower                 $8.00
#42.5-trigonus n Jaumave, 'horacekii', short wide tubercles         $10.00

Astrophytum, /3,6,8,11,13/ small plants, colorful flowers
48- cv 'Superkabuto', densely covered with white wool               $12.00
49-capricorne /17/ curly papery spines, red center in fl.            $4.00
52-capricorne SB331 /16/ Higueras, Coah, robust plant, big flowers   $4.00
52.8-capricorne v crassispinoides /16/ pure yellow fl, soft sp       $6.00
53-capricorne v crassispinum /16/ pure yellow flower, rigid spines   $5.00
54-capricorne v minor /17/ dense curly spines                        $3.50
55-capricorne v minor SB323 Saltillo, Coah, fragrant yellow-red fl   $4.00
55.2-capricorne v minor SB1171 El Pilar, Coah, dark black spines     $4.00
55.5-capricorne v niveum /17/ white stem, very heavy spines          $5.00
55.56-capricorne v niveum /16/ Cuatrocienagas, heavy dark sp         $7.00
55.7-capricorne v niveum SB1948 w Cuatrocienagas,huge tall and white $6.00
56-coahuilense /16/ looks like a white rock, felted texture          $4.00
56.2-coahuilense SB878 /16/ Cerro Bola, white blocks                 $6.00
57-myriostigma /15/ white-flecked thick stem                         $3.50
60-myriostigma v columnare /15/ tall erect stem, over 1 m tall       $4.00
61-myriostigma v columnare SB340 Huizache, SLP, to 1 m tall          $4.00
62-myriostigma v nudum /15/ smooth pure green stem                   $5.00
62.2-myriostigma v potosinum small yellow flowers                    $3.50
62.4-myriostigma v quadricostatum /15/ four ribs, a chunky block     $4.00
62.7-myriostigma v strongylogonum fat fruits, rounded ribs           $4.00
62.8-myriostigma v strongylogonum GL652 Las Tablas, fat white stem   $4.00
63-myriostigma v strongylogonum SB126 n San Luis Potosi, SLP         $4.00
65-myriostigma v tulense /15/ tall in age, white stem                $4.00
65.1-myriostigma v tulense Tula, columnar stem, dense areoles        $4.00
67-ornatum /14/ tall thick stem, long yellow spines                  $3.50
68-ornatum SB127 Metztitlan, Hgo, stem to 1.5m tall , white flecks   $4.00
68.4-ornatum v glabrescens green stem with few if any white spots    $4.00
68.5-ornatum v mirbellii Vista Hermosa, Qro, yellow sp, white stem   $4.00
69-capricorne v senile /17/ dark green body, dark grey-black sp      $4.00
70-capricorne v senile f aureum /17/ spines bright yellow            $4.00
70.03-senile v aureum Sierra de la Paila, yellow spines              $4.00
70.5-X CAP-AS hybrid F1 with capricorne x asterias                   $5.00
70.65-X MYR-OR SB126 x SB127 F2, often variegated, sharp ribs        $4.00

Austrocylindropuntia, /14-16/ with cylindric joints
72.205-exaltata Ecuador (P:no export), dark brick red flowers        $4.00
72.25-kuehnrichianus KK762 Rimac 1200m, stacking round balls         $5.00
72.26-nigrispina DJF289 n Humahuaca, Jujuy                           $4.00
72.3-salmiana flowers freely at joint tips                           $3.50
72.372-vestita DJF356 /17/ Volcan, Jujuy                             $5.00

Cleistocactus, /3,6,14-16/ columnar with pretty spines
78.67-buchtienii Sotomayor, short white/brown sp, slender stem       $4.00
78.8-chacoanus short very dark spines, red flowers                   $3.50
79.2-hildegardiae ISI 1783 Ca$a Cruz, Bol, sharp long brown sp       $4.00
80.12-jujuyensis DJF356 Volcan, Jujuy, shaggy white spines           $6.00
82.35-sp DJF299 Quebrada del Toro, red flowers, white hairy spines   $4.00

Copiapoa, /3,6,14/ globose plants from deserts of Chile
82.81-alticostata thick upright stem                                 $4.00
82.86-aureispina KK654 long spines, pink/yellow flower               $4.50
83.5-bridgesii top wooly, dark spines, fleshy taproot                $3.50
83.53-bridgesii KK1399 Chanaral, 300m, long sharp spines             $4.00
83.55-calderana KK708 Cerro Copiapo, pale pink stem, black spines    $5.00
83.56-calderana PV2388 n Caldera, rigid ashen stem                   $5.00
83.57-calderana v spinosior 10 k s Barquita, fat taproots, gold sp   $4.50
83.65-chanaralensis KK602 flat stem, short very stiff spines         $7.00
83.68-cinerascens KK176 Caldera, few long thin spines, pink stem     $6.00
83.78-cinerea v columna-alba KK611 powdery white stem                $8.00
83.8-cinerea v horrida KK1434 stout black spines, powdery stem       $8.00
84-coquimbana PV2132 Trapiche, clustering, long brown spines         $4.50
84.1-coquimbana n La Serena, rigid thick dark spines                 $4.00
84.2-coquimbana KK1 small clustering heads, spiny                    $4.00
84.22-coquimbana KK1387 Islon, new spines black                      $4.00
84.23-coquimbana KK1388 San Pablo                                    $4.00
84.24-coquimbana KK1435 low thick stem, stiff dark sp                $4.00
84.25-coquimbana v deminuta KK1386 squat rounded stem                $4.00
84.254-cuprea KK21 Agua Verde, flat stem                             $4.00
84.27-cupreata KK1382 small rounded stem, huge taproot               $5.00
84.272-dealbata PV2385 Carrizal Bajo 200m, very long single black sp $5.00
84.2783-domeykoensis s Sarco, Chile                                  $4.00
84.4-dura KK607 very dense heavy thatched spines                     $5.00
84.42-echinata FK57-77 s Carrizal, deep taproot                      $6.00
84.428-echinoides broad flat stem, dark black spines                 $5.00
84.45-echinoides ZJ133 La Chimba, Antofagasta, short black sp        $6.00
84.48-eremophila KK1708 Paposo 1530m, thin curly spines              $6.00
84.5-esmeraldana reddish grey stem, white wooly top                  $4.00
84.7-gigantea KK80 Paposo, sharp glistening spines                   $4.00
84.8-gigantea KK614 Paposo, Chile, very fat pale green stem          $4.00
84.802-gigantea PV1939 n Taltal, huge plants to 1 m tall             $5.00
84.803-gigantea ZJ139 n Taltal, with black spines                    $5.00
84.81-grandiflora big yellow flower                                  $4.00
84.8102-grandiflora Guamillos Valley, broad flat stem, big fl        $6.00
84.8105-grandiflora KK196 Carrizal Alto 600m, black stem + spines    $4.00
84.82-grandiflora KK1731 Cifuncho 100m                               $4.50
84.83-haseltoniana globose stem, yellow sp, yellow wooly crown       $3.50
84.85-haseltoniana KK69 Paposo, massive round stems, slow clumper    $4.00
84.87-haseltoniana KK1384 Paposo-Taltal 200m, reddish tinged body    $4.00
85-humilis dark grey stem, short black spines                        $3.50
85.05-humilis nr Mina Julia, white wooly crown                       $4.00
85.1-humilis FK 35-77 Nord di Paposo, slender black spines           $4.00
85.2-humilis FR464 Paposo, Antofagasta                               $4.00
85.7-hypogaea dwarf black stem, massive taproot                      $3.50
85.703-imbricata KK102 El Molle, 600m                                $4.00
85.704-krainziana dense soft white-brown hairs cover stem            $8.00
85.7042-krainziana KK185 Taltal, hairlike spines                     $8.00
85.705-laui tiny clustering stems, wooly                             $7.50
85.71-lembckei KK70 dark grey stem, black spines                     $4.00
85.7103-lembckei ZJ147 n Caldera                                     $7.50
85.711-humilis v longispina soft black round stem,thin dark spines   $3.50
85.712-longispina KK1135 long thin black spines                      $4.50
85.7127-magnifica very stout black spines, grows quickly             $4.00
85.713-magnifica KK1393 stout black spines, very striking            $6.00
85.715-marginata elevated ribs, stiff black spines                   $5.00
85.7151-marginata 'streptocaulon' long thin grey spines              $5.00
85.716-marginata KK90 very heavy spines                              $5.00
85.717-maritima KK1709 nearly black stem, short thin spines          $4.00
85.7186-militaris KK1389 Chanaralillo                                $4.00
85.719-minima KK1138 tiny dark stem, black spines                    $4.50
85.7192-minuta KK601 Mina Carrizal, tiny stem, deep taproot          $4.50
85.8-mollicula thick soft pinkish grey stem                          $5.00
85.82-mollicula FR525 N. Chanaral, yellow flowers                    $4.00
85.83-mollicula KK657 flat stem, heavy underground root              $5.00
85.85-montana very long thick taproots                               $3.50
85.86-montana FR522 n Taltal, deep very thick roots                  $4.00
85.863-monteamarguensis KK1715 fat dark stem, black spines           $7.00
85.87-multicolor KK1394 yellow-pink flowers                          $4.50
85.875-paposoensis give gritty humus free soil                       $4.00
85.882-pendulina KK1391 grows on cliff faces                         $4.00
85.8832-pepiniana v fiedleriana KK172 stout black spines             $4.00
85.8835-pseudocoquimbana FK83-77 Trapichi                            $4.00
85.884-pseudocoquimbana KK86 globose, dark clustering stems          $4.00
85.885-pseudocoquimbana v vulgata black-grey spines                  $4.00
85.886-pseudocoquimbana v vulgata KK1390 Totoralillo, stout curly sp $4.00
85.8891-rupestris San Ramon Valley, dense dark spines                $6.00
85.89-tenuissima thick soft almost black stem, wooly crown           $4.00
85.9-tenuissima FR539 Antofagasta, soft black stem                   $4.00
85.943-totoralensis KK30 Totoral 300m, dull green stem, black sp     $4.00
85.95-uhligiana KK1398 Esmeraldana, golden spines, coppery stem      $5.00
85.96-vallenarensis KK91 Vallenar, miniature, huge deep taproot      $4.00
85.97-wagenknechtii thick globose stem, black spines                 $4.50
85.98-wagenknechtii KK58 very robust black spines                    $4.00
85.984-echinoidea KK93 St Felix, Vallenar, many stout centrals       $5.00
85.99-esmeraldana UN672A rounded pink stem, black spines             $4.00

Coryphantha, /3,6,8/ colorful flowers, from USA & Mexico
87.2-asterias /15/ white-pink flowers                                $3.50
87.45-bumamma /14/ low very thick stem, yellow fl                    $4.00
87.49-calipensis /14/ heavy spines, wooly top                        $4.00
87.6-calipensis SB1390 Teotitlan del Camino                          $4.00
88-clava SB251 /13,14/ Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, tall stem                   $4.00
88.1-clava SB1358 Vista Hermosa, Qro, thick white sp                 $4.00
89.4-cornifera /16/ white wooly top, dark central spine              $3.50
89.6-cornifera Pena Miller, Qro, black centrals                      $4.00
90-cornifera SB123 Pachuca, Hgo., strong dark recurved centrals      $4.00
91-delaetiana SB339 /13,16/ Saltillo, dense brown spines, yellow fl  $4.00
91.4-aff delicata DJF616 Tanquecillos, NL, dark centrals, few sp     $4.00
91.5-delicata SB712 /16/ Jaumave, Tam, thin spines                   $4.00
92-difficilis /17/ wooly crown, shiny flowers                        $4.00
92.2-difficilis /17/ El Pilar, Coah, heavy rigid spines              $4.00
92.4-difficilis GL53 Camelon, Coah, grey-green stem                  $4.50
95-echinoidea SB26 Salinas, SLP, yellow spines and fl                $4.00
96.2-echinoidea SB1722 Sandia Victoria, NL, dense yellow sp          $4.00
96.5-echinus /17/ with stiff porrect white spines                    $3.50
96.53-sulcata /17/ ne Del Rio, TX                                    $4.00
102.9-erecta /14/ short bright yellow spines, yellow fl              $3.50
103-erecta SB508 /13,14/ Metztitlan, Hgo., short yellow spines       $4.00
104.4-gladiispina /17/ clusters into flat mat, black spines          $3.50
104.5-gladiispina /13,16/ Parras, Coah.                              $4.00
105.6-glassii Mineral de Pozos, slender stem, few spines             $4.00
105.8-greenwoodii /14/ soft rounded tubercles                        $3.50
106.1-greenwoodii HO5 Puerto del Aine, Pue                           $4.00
106.8-hendricksonii /16/ slender stem, pink flowers in ring          $3.50
107-hendricksonii SB1016 /16/ Escalon, Chih, pink fl, huge tuber     $4.00
107.2-hendricksonii SB1528 Valle de Zaragoza, Chih, huge tubers      $4.00
107.5-hintonii ssp geofreyii KKR813 /16/ San Pablo, NL, thick hooks  $4.00
108.4-laui /17/ very dense brown spines, yellow-pink fl              $3.50
108.8-longicornis /16/ very fat squat stem                           $4.00
109.9-macromeris /17/ long thin dark spines, huge pink flowers       $3.50
110-macromeris DJF1353 El Paso, Tx, deep thick taproots              $4.00
110.2-macromeris DJF1391 /17/ E Portrillo Mts, NM                    $4.00
111.5-macromeris SB666 /17/ mud flats below Cerro Bola, white sp     $4.00
112-macromeris SB841 /17/ Eddy Co, NM, small form, curly sp          $4.00
114-maiz-tablasensis /15/ very fat tubercles, few spines             $3.50
115.63-pallida CH154 Tehuacan, stem apex covered with white wool     $4.00
115.65-pallida CH171 Zapotitlan de Salinas                           $4.00
116-pallida SB568 /13,15/ Tehuacan, Pue., white wooly apex           $4.00
116.2-palmeri /17/ thick hooked spines, deep taproot                 $3.50
116.35-palmeri L1342 /16/ San Vincente, Tam, makes small clusters    $4.00
116.4-palmeri SB42 Huizache, SLP, heavy hooked centrals              $4.00
116.5-palmeri SB984 /13,15/ San Luis Potosi, SLP                     $4.00
116.6-palmeri SB1080 /16/ Ascencion, NL, stem flat with ground       $4.00
116.8-palmeri SB1955 Santa Fe, NL, short dark hooked centrals        $4.00
117.9-poselgeriana v valida DJF75.44 Ocampo, Coah.                   $6.50
119-pseudechinus /17/ small clustering heads, pink flowers           $3.50
119.7-pseudechinus KKR426 Sra Australia, Coah, clusters              $4.00
120-pseudechinus SB576 /13,16/ San Pedro, Coah., nice pink fl        $4.00
121-pseudonickelsiae SB577 /13,16/ Rodeo, Dur, bright yellow flowers $4.00
121.5-pseudoradians FO-047 Buenavista, Oax., shiny yellow sp         $4.00
122-pulleineana SB33 /13,15/ Huizache, SLP, slender stem, taproot    $4.00
122.2-pusilliflora Sra de la Paila, bright pink fl                   $4.00
124-radians SB599 /17/ Vizarron, Qro., fewer spines                  $4.00
125-radians SB679 /15/ Zimapan, Hgo., only 12-13 white spines        $4.00
126.2-ramillosa SB908 /13,16/ Brewster Co, pink fl                   $4.00
129-runyonii /17/ clusters freely, frilled purple fl                 $4.00
129.1-runyonii 'monstrose form', minute spines, soft stem            $4.00
129.5-runyonii DJF1035.45 /17/ Starr Co, TX, soft pink flower        $4.00
130-runyonii SB855 /17/ Jim Hogg Co, TX, frilly pink fl              $4.00
131.5-scheeri SB260 /17/ Eddy Co, NM, very soft stems                $4.00
132-scheeri SB843 /17/ s Marathon, Tx, flabby tubercles              $5.00
133.45-scheeri v robustispina Sierritas, fat stem with stout spines  $6.00
134-scheeri v valida SB138 /17/ Las Cruces, NM                       $4.00
135.9-sulcata SB389 /17/ Kimble Co, Tx, orange fl                    $4.00
137.5-tripugianacantha L1464 /15/ Huejuquilla, Jal, heavy black sp   $6.00
138-vaupeliana SB716 /13,16/ Doctor Arroyo, NL                       $4.00
140-vogtherriana flat soft stem, few spines, broad yellow fl         $3.50
#163-werdermannii SB575 /13,16/ Cuatrocienagas, Coah.                $4.00
163.17-wohlschlageri Rio Verde, SLP, dense yellow spines             $4.00

Cumarinia, /3,6,13,15/ very small plant from Mexico
165-odorata soft tubercles, hooked spines                            $3.50

Denmoza, /3,6,15-16/ short thick columnar types, Argentina
166.425-rhodacantha DJF357 Rio Mirando, La Rioja                     $5.00

Echinocactus, /6/ barrel cacti, from Mexico & USA
169.8-grandis FO-035 /13,14,3/ Tehuacan, Pue., nice blue stem        $4.00
169.82-grandis SB1865 s Tehuacan, Pue, blue striped ribs             $4.00
175.4-ingens /16/ big robust barrel cactus                           $3.50
175.57-ingens /15/ Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, young with red streaks          $4.00
175.6-ingens Metztitlan, Hgo, blue seedlings                         $4.00
175.63-ingens Los Venados, Hgo, wooly crown                          $4.00
175.7-ingens CSD26 s Zimapan, Hgo, stout black spines                $4.00
175.8-ingens Vista Hermosa, Qro, short and fat                       $4.00
176-parryi SB59 /4,9,11,16/ s Cd Juarez, Chih., yellow-red fl        $8.50
176.12-platyacanthus CH188 San Antonio, SLP, short and fat           $5.00
176.27-platyacanthus SB1630 s Jaumave, big wooly fruits              $4.00
177.13-texensis /17/ 'Horse Crippler', huge red fruits               $3.50
177.15-texensis LAPPIN 3 Culebra Bluffs, NM, long spined cliff form  $5.00
177.4-texensis SB261 /17/ Eddy Co, NM, long stiff spines             $4.00

Echinocereus, /2,6,8/ large diverse genus, super flowers
182.61-barthelowianus SB1661 Magdalena Island, incredible pink fl    $5.00
182.69-berlandieri /17/ Santa Ana, Hidalgo Co, TX, thicker stems     $4.00
183.3-brandegeei DJF20 /15/ w San Ignacio, BCS, thin stem form       $4.00
183.62-brandegeei SB1681 Pozo Aleman, smaller clusters, flower well  $4.00
183.63-brandegeei SB1697 Cerro Colorado, BCS, robust spines          $4.00
185.3-chisoensis /17/ Brewster Co, Tx, erect stems, super fl         $5.00
190.5-chloranthus SB918 Hudspeth Co, TX, red spines                  $4.00
190.522-carmenensis SB1476 Sierra del Carmen, hairy seedlings        $4.00
190.53-chloranthus v cylindricus DJF1050 /18/ Capitan, NM            $4.00
190.61-chloranthus v cylindricus SB133 Dona Ana Co, bright red sp    $4.00
190.66-chloranthus v cylindricus `corellii' SB743 shiny yellow sp    $4.00
190.675-chloranthus v cylindricus SB919 Brewster Co, thin red sp     $4.00
190.68-chloranthus v cylindricus SB963 /18/ Culberson Co             $4.00
191.202-cinerascens SB702 Pachuca, short flabby stem                 $4.00
191.2023-cinerascens v ehrenbergii /16/ long glassy spines           $3.50
191.204-cinerascens SB1279 /16/ Ixmiquilpan, mottled pink fl         $4.00
191.2042-cinerascens SB1820 /16/ 35 m n Cd San Luis Posoti           $4.00
191.2043-cinerascens v tulensis /16/ small stem, dark pink flowers   $3.50
191.2048-coccineus SB747 /18/ Manzano Mts, NM, shaggy spines         $4.00
191.2105-coccineus SB236 /188,/ Jarilla Mts, NM, multicolored fl     $4.00
191.2106-coccineus SB243 /18/ Otero Co., NM, pink fl.                $4.00
191.211-coccineus SB344 /18/ Sandoval Co, NM, very long shiny sp     $4.00
191.215-coccineus SB1170 /18/ Catron Co, NM, red flowers             $4.00
191.218-coccineus SB1729 /18/ Bluewater Lake, NM, small stems        $4.00
191.285-coccineus v paucispinus SB402 Crockett Co, TX, flabby stems  $4.00
191.38-dasyacanthus RP154 /17/ Eddy Co,NM, pink sp, huge yellow fl   $4.00
191.41-dasyacanthus SB224 /17/ Lincoln Co, NM, yellow fl             $4.00
191.45-dasyacanthus SB732 Pecos Co, TX, red/white fl                 $4.00
194-engelmannii v acicularis SB519 /17/ Pinal Co, AZ, brown spines   $4.00
194.2-engelmannii v acicularis DJF287.26 Graham Co, AZ, very long sp $4.00
194.22-engelmannii v acicularis JS10 Winkleman, Gila Co, AZ          $4.00
194.5-engelmannii v chrysocentrus SB688 /17/ N. Mohave Co, AZ        $4.00
195.55-engelmannii v variegatus DJF1545 /18/ Henry Mts, Ut           $4.00
199-enneacanthus v brevispinus SB400 /17/ Crockett Co,Tx, flabby     $4.00
203-enneacanthus SB838 Jimenez, Chih, pink-purple fl, new spines red $4.00
206.85-fendleri BT206 /18/ Sandoval Co, NM, flabby stem, dark sp     $4.00
208.21-engelmannii v boyce-thompsonii SB961 /17/ Gila Co, AZ         $4.00
208.3-engelmannii v fasciculatus SB582 Graham Co, AZ, dark spines    $4.00
208.35-engelmanii v fasciculatus DJF1095.26 Soloman Az               $4.00
208.4-fendleri v kuenzleri HK267 ex. original collection             $6.00
212-fendleri v rectispinus SB458 Hidalgo Co, NM, white-black-red sp  $4.00
213-fendleri v rectispinus SB461 Luna Co, yellow spines              $4.00
213.72-brandegeei Santa Rosalia, BCS, loves rock cracks              $4.00
216-fitchii SB861 Webb Co, TX, lacey pink flowers                    $4.00
216.5-fitchii v armatus /177/ bristly brown sp                       $3.50
216.6-fitchii v armatus JS47 /17/ Huasteca Canyon, shaggy dark sp    $4.00
221-ledingii SB212 /17/ Graham Co, AZ, long yellow spines            $5.00
221.03-leonensis /17/ underground stolons, huge flowers              $3.50
221.05-leonensis SB292 /13,17/ Arteaga, Coah., huge flowers          $4.00
221.07-leonensis SB1633 Rayones, NL, very long spines                $4.00
221.08-leonensis SB1866 /17/ San Roberto, NL, huge pink + white fl   $4.00
221.52-longisetus SB1707 /17/ Encantada, Coah, long white hairs      $6.00
221.56-mapimiensis /16/ Acatita, Coah, thin spines, brown fl         $5.00
221.58-maritimus coastal clumper, small yellow flowers               $3.50
223.5-nivosus SB290 /13,17/ Gral. Cepida, Coah, short white spines   $4.00
223.7-pacificus orange-red fl, clustering stems                      $3.50
223.8-pacificus PP130 Canyon San Carlos, BCN, orange flowers         $4.00
224.58-pamanesiorum /17/ soft slender stem, huge pink flowers        $3.50
224.6-pamanesiorum L1247 /17/ very spiny flowers                     $4.00
225.56-parkeri L1375 /16/ Dulces Nombres, NL, low clumper            $4.00
225.61-parkeri SB1616 Santa Fe, NL, slender erect stem               $4.00
227.5-pectinatus SB1035 /16/ Huizache, SLP, tiny red-pink sp         $4.00
229.22-pentalophus DJF613 San Gabriel, SLP, cliff hanger             $4.00
229.5-pectinatus SB553 /17/ Salinas, SLP, banded spines              $4.00
240.8-pentalophus /17/ large purple fl, flabby stems                 $3.50
240.91-pentalophus REEVES 94-36 Starr Co, TX, hanging basket subject $4.00
241-berlandieri SB860 /17/ Cameron Co,TX, many HUGE purple fl        $4.00
241.1-berlandieri SB1023 Jim Hogg Co, Tx, slender fingers            $4.00
246.55-polyacanthus v densus /17/ Tomochic                           $4.00
246.9-reichenbachii /18/ huge satiny purple flower                   $3.50
246.91-reichenbachii /16/ St Martin de las Vacas, Coah, shiny sp     $4.00
246.92-reichenbachii v caespitosus /18/ satiny frilled pink fl       $4.00
247.714-reichenbachii JRT214 Reagan,OK, white-peach-purple sp        $4.00
247.716-reichenbachii JRT301 Barber Co,KS, black orange-red spines   $4.00
247.75-reichenbachii L1061 Las Crucitas, Tam, pure white spines      $4.00
250.3-reichenbachii SB1166 /13,17/ Ramos Arispe, Coah, brown spines  $4.00
250.51-reichenbachii v albispinus Tishomingo, OK, tiny clumper       $4.00
250.54-reichenbachii v albispinus Comanche, Stephens Co, OK          $4.00
250.6-reichenbachii v baileyi /18/ shaggy spines, frilled fl         $3.50
250.601-reichenbachii v baileyi /18/ Apache, Caddo Co, OK, white     $4.00
250.603-reichenbachii v baileyi DJF1308 Granite, OK, shaggy spines   $4.00
250.61-reichenbachii v baileyi SB211 /18/ Kiowa Co,OK, rust-pink sp  $4.00
250.62-reichenbachii v baileyi Lawton, Comanche Co, OK, pink spines  $4.00
250.7-reichenbachii v perbellus /18/ brown spines                    $3.50
250.701-reichenbachii v perbellus /18/ Belva, OK, 'black lace'       $4.00
250.725-reichenbachii v perbella JRT111 Bent Co,fat stem, magenta fl $5.00
250.74-reichenbachii v perbellus Wenoka, Woods Co, OK, brown spines  $4.00
250.816-X roetteri AG12P51 red and pink petals with dark fine line   $4.00
250.86-X roetteri SB993 Otero Co, NM, brilliant red fl               $5.00
255.9-scheeri /16/ erect slender stem, long flower tube              $3.50
256-scheeri /16/ Salto, Dur., clusters freely, long red fl.          $4.00
256.2-scheeri L084 San Antonio, Alamos, often hangs                  $4.00
256.35-scheeri L1082 Durango - Mazatlan, long red flower tube        $4.00
256.47-scheeri SB2022 w Tomochic                                     $4.00
256.5-scheeri v gentryi /17/ nearly spineless, pastel flowers        $3.50
256.54-scheeri v gentryi L087 Sra Obscura                            $4.00
256.63-scheeri v obscuriensis clump forming, long hairy fl           $3.50
256.67-schereri MK169.479 Minas Navidad, Dur                         $4.00
257.3-sciurus v floresii short dense spines                          $3.50
260.57-triglochidiatus /18/ dark green stem, red-orange fl           $4.00
260.58-triglochidiatus DJF1145 Alamogordo, NM, super heavy black sp  $5.00
260.6-triglochidiatus HK374 Rio Puerco, Sandoval Co NM, huge mounds  $4.00
260.9-triglochidiatus SB1598 /18/ Otero Co, NM, stems over 1m tall   $5.00
261.5-triglochindiatus SB223 /18/ Sandoval Co, NM, robust, heavy sp  $4.00
262-triglochidiatus SB300 /18/ Corona, Torrance Co, NM, thick stem   $4.00
264-triglochidiatus SB749 /18/ San Juan Co, NM, thick furrowed sp    $4.00
264.1-triglochidiatus SB1067 /18/ Fremont Co, CO, very small stems   $4.00
266-triglochidiatus v gonacanthus SB753 /18/ McKinley Co, NM         $4.00
270-triglochidiatus v mojavensis /18/ rich red flowers               $4.00
277.68-triglochidiatus v mojavensis RP45 /18/ Wilson Pass, NV        $4.00
277.682-triglochidiatus v mojavensis f inermis RP105 Paradox, Co     $4.00
277.7-triglochidiatus v mojavensis SB692 n Mohave Co, Az, twisted sp $4.00
277.81-triglochidiatus v mojavensis SB1592 Lincoln Co, NV            $4.00
277.83-triglochidiatus v mojavensis SB1756 Montrose Co, CO, tiny     $4.00
281.58-triglochidiatus v mojavensis SB477 /18/ Coconino Co, AZ       $4.00
281.61-trig. v mojavensis SB749 /18/ San Juan Co, NM                 $4.00
281.67-viereckii /16/ clusters, cylindric stem, violet fl            $3.50
281.68-viereckii L1295 /16/ soft green stem, purple fl               $4.00
281.7-viereckii v morricalii /17/ spineless stems, purple fl         $3.50
281.71-viereckii v morricalii ex Morrical type collection            $3.50
281.72-viereckii v morricalii HK376 Horsetail Falls, s Monterrey     $4.00
281.75-viereckii v morricalii L1221 s Monterrey, scrambling stem     $4.00
283.6-viridiflorus DJF1288 ne Saguache Co, CO, tiny stems            $4.00
291-waldeisii RH119 /14/ Tula, 5 cm pale yellow fl                   $4.00

Echinofossulocactus, /2,6,15-16/ wavy ribs, from Mexico
295.5-albatus white wooly apex, small yellow flowers                 $3.50
297.2-caespitosus N85.009 Rio Tula, Zimapan                          $4.00
297.9-coptonogonus /17/ long white spined form, slow growing         $3.50
298-coptonogonus SB13 /17/ Salinas, SLP, long spined form            $4.00
298.36-crispatus N87.016 Boye, Hgo                                   $4.00
298.52-dichroacanthus N82.036 e Salinas, SLP                         $4.00
298.65-erectocentrus MK120.389 Conc de Oro, Zac                      $4.00
299.02-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus SB19 /16/ La Blanca, Zac        $4.00
299.13-erectocentrus SB309 /17/ Galeana, NL, in grassy meadows       $4.00
299.14-phyllacanthus 'grandicornus' SB437 /16/ Huizache, long sp     $4.00
299.15-erectocentrus SB1365 e Matehuala, twisted papery sp           $4.00
299.16-phyllac v violaciflorus SB438 /16/ near SLP, SLP, wooly       $4.00
299.18-phyllac v viol. SB958 Dolores Hidalgo,Gto, flat spines        $4.00
299.19-erectocentrus GL89-3 /17/ Aramberri, NL, white-purple fl      $4.00
299.2-erectocentrus SB1041 /17/ Matehuala, SLP                       $4.00
299.21-erectocentrus SB1150 Chapultepec, Coah, flat stemmed          $4.00
299.24-erectocentrus SB1565 n Tanquecillos, NL, very long thin sp    $4.00
299.25-erectocentrus SB1772 /17/ Palmas Altas, Coah                  $4.00
299.26-erectocentrus SB1883 /17/ sw Ascencion, very robust spines    $4.00
299.3-lamellosus /15/ 'hastatus', long centrals, huge pink fl        $4.00
299.32-lamellosus SB111 Metzquititlan, Hgo, nice purple flowers      $4.00
299.35-longispinus nn long white centrals, pink-yellow fl            $3.50
300.5-erectocentrus L738 /17/ Cinco de Mayo, Coah                    $4.00
302-erectocentrus L1008 /17/ Saltillo, Coah                          $4.00
309.1-erectocentrus /17/ spines converge into upright bundle         $3.50
309.12-erectocentrus DJF758.38 s Cedros, Zac                         $4.00
309.3-erectocentrus SB116 /17/ Emilio Zapata,NL, wooly crown         $4.00
309.31-erectocentrus SB268 Escondido, NL, white/purple fl            $4.00
309.32-erectocentrus SB286 /13,17/ Doctor Arroyo, NL, in mud pans    $4.00
309.36-heteracanthus N87.007 Pachuquilla, Hgo                        $4.00
309.425-zacatecasensis thin wavy ribs, spiny stem, large pink fl     $3.50
309.43-multicostatus SB1147 /13,16D/ Los Imagines, Coah, 150+ ribs!  $5.00
309.47-obvallatus MK104.359 San Antonio Anaya, Hgo                   $4.00
309.49-ochoterenaus wooly stem, slender red spines                   $3.50
309.5-ochoterenaus `rosasianus' /16/ super pink-purple fl            $3.50
310.5-phyllacanthus /16/ Pinos, Zac, stem flat with ground           $4.00
313-phyllacanthus /16/ small yellow fl, flat stem                    $3.50
313.11-lamellosus FO-205 Sierra Mixteca, Oax, black centrals         $4.00
314.02-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus small purple fl                 $3.50
314.05-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus large deep purple flowers       $3.50
314.06-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus NAGL 83.022 red centrals        $4.00
314.1-phyllacan v violaciflorus NAGL 101.82 Guanajuato, flat sp      $4.00
314.2-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus SB107 /16/ Salinas, boney spines $4.00
314.3-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus SB112 /17/ San Juan del Rio      $4.00
315-phyllacanthus v tricuspidatus upper spine frays                  $4.00
315.1-phyllacanthus v nova long flat upright spines, pale fl         $3.50
316.7-vaupelianus /17/ yellow spines, very wooly apex                $4.00
316.75-'xiphacanthus' long very thin spines                          $3.50
319-sp CH238 n Tula, Tam                                             $4.00
320-lamellosus CH260 Metztitlan, Hgo, big pink flowers               $4.00
321-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus L1092 Valparaiso, Zac.             $4.00
322.3-sp CSD19 n Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, on sunny rocky slopes             $4.00
322.36-sp CSD310 Cadereyta, Qro                                      $4.00

Echinomastus, /3,6,8,11/ dense spines, Mexico & USA
322.83-durangensis SB1621 Bermejillo, Dur, orange-brown sp           $4.00
337-laui /17/ thick recurved fanglike centrals                       $4.00
338-laui L1123 /17/ Salinas, SLP, fang like centrals                 $4.00
339-laui SB525 Salinas, SLP, thick curved spines                     $4.00
340.3-mariposensis (= Sclero m.) SB1391 /17/ Encantada, Coah         $7.00
341.1-unguispinus Bermijillo, Dur, 2 colored centrals                $5.00
342-unguispinus SB313 /17/ Escalon, Chih, downcurving sp             $5.00
342.2-unguispinus SB1163 Rodeo, Dur                                  $5.00

Echinopsis, /3,6,14-17/ large nocturnal flowers
345.28-albispinosa globose stem, short bristly spines                $3.50
345.35-ancistrophora v kratochviliana /16/ small body, white flower  $3.50
345.94-arebaloi /16/ small dark green body, white flower             $3.50
345.941-arebaloi KK469 Comarapa 2200m, offsets freely, bright green  $4.00
345.942-ayopayana shiny green stem, short brown spines               $3.50
346.06-calochlora KK1272 yellow stems                                $4.00
346.07-calochrysea a Ritter find, dense white spines                 $3.50
346.2-cochabambensis KK670 Cochabamba, long white flowers            $4.00
346.37-columnaris KK1530 upright slender stem                        $4.00
346.6-eyriesii /16/ very large light-pink flowers                    $3.50
346.62-eyriesii KK1474 Formosa 1000m, huge white flowers, tiny sp    $4.00
346.7-houtii erect stem with stout spines, white fl.                 $3.50
346.931-leucantha DJF314 s Belen, Catamarca                          $4.00
346.934-leucantha DJF359 Tinijasta, Catamarca                        $4.00
346.935-leucantha DJF379 Salinas Grande, La Rioja                    $4.00
346.939-leucantha DJF415 23 k s Cafayate, Salta                      $4.00
346.942-leucantha DJF476 e Marayes, San Juan                         $4.00
347.6-mamillosa v kermesina /17/ long pink-red colorful flowers      $3.50
347.8-melanopotamica P98 Puellches, La Pampa, long curly black sp    $4.00
348-mirabilis /16/ small erect stem, long white flowers              $3.50
349-mirabilis /17/ La Rioja, Arg., dark grey stems, black sp         $4.00
349.02-mirabilis DJF379 Salinas Grande, La Rioja                     $4.00
349.47-oseo-lilacina KK467 San Isidro, Bol                           $4.00
349.78-seminuda KK1273 columnar stem, very short spines              $4.00
350.02-shaferi Cafayate, Salta 1000m, long curly sp                  $4.00
350.1-shaferi Catamarca, 1700m, tall grey stems                      $4.00
350.18-silvestrii shiny reddish tinged body                          $3.50
350.2-silvestrii MLV6 Sumalao, Salta, 1400m, short white sp          $4.00
350.3-silvestrii R160 short very stiff spines                        $4.00
351-subdenudata /16/ small green stem, tiny spines                   $3.50
351.15-tapecuana FR777 Tapecua, O'Connor, Bol., white flowers        $4.00
351.2-tapecuna v tropica /15/ fat round dark stem, short spines      $3.50
351.3-turbinata sharp ribs, long pink flowers                        $3.50
351.4-vallegrandensis KK1528 Valle Grande, Bol                       $4.00
351.5-werdermanii short dark spines, light pink fl.                  $3.50
351.7-sp. L400 Entre Rios, Bolivia, curly sp, flowering maniac       $4.00
351.75-sp KK508 San Lorenzo, fine brown spines                       $4.00
352-Paramount hybrids multicolored flowers                           $3.50

Epithelantha, /3,6,8,11,13,16/ tiny plants
353-micromeris /17/ tight white spines, tiny button-stem             $3.50
353.3-micromeris DJF814 Mariscal Mt, Tx                              $4.00
354-micromeris SB56 Caballo Mts, Sierra Co, NM, coarse spination     $4.00
356-micromeris SB82 /17/ Sierra Co, NM, brittle spines               $4.00
357-micromeris SB125 Arteaga, Coah, pure white body                  $4.00
357.5-micromeris SB237 /17/ Dona Ana Co, NM, very coarse spines      $4.00
358-micromeris SB256 /17/ Eddy co, NM, tiny heads, clusters          $4.00
359-micromeris SB454 Lake Valley, Sierra Co, NM, grey buttons        $4.00
359.4-micromeris SB1894 /17/ n Ocampo, Coah, on high peak tops       $4.00
363.6-greggii /17/ fluffy-wooly crown, clustering                    $4.00
364-greggii SB235 Paila, Coah, clustering, with shaggy spines        $5.00
367.18-greggii Hipolito, Coah, big pale yellow flowers               $5.00
367.2-greggii SB1112 s Hipolito, Coah., thick stem                   $6.00
367.4-greggii SB1624 Santa Theresa, Coah, tiny clumper               $4.00
368-greggii 'rufispina' pink fl, reddish tinged sp                   $6.00
370-greggii v polycephala clusters of tiny heads                     $4.00

Eriocereus, /3,6,15/ slender stem, large nocturnal fl
370.6-jusbertii stiff dark sp, freely flowering                      $3.50
370.64-martinii slender grey-green stem, dark brown sp               $3.50
370.7-pomanensis La Rioja, Arg, large white flowers                  $4.00

Escobaria, /3,6,8,15-18/ small spiny plants (Neobesseya)
373.2-chaffeyi SB966 /17/ Brewster Co, Tx, tiny plants               $4.00
375.9-dasyacantha /17/ long bright red fruits                        $3.50
381.2-hesteri /17/ Marathon, Tx, ex D Cowper coll.                   $4.00
381.8-laredoi SB289 /17/ G. Cepeda, Coah, red flowers, white sp      $4.00
382-leei SB397 /17/ Eddy Co, NM, tiny heads, clusters                $4.00
383-lloydii /13,17/ black tipped spines, clusters                    $3.50
383.1-lloydii Las Palomas, Coah, tiny stem, dense spines             $4.00
386-orcuttii SB257 /17/ Palomas, Chih, wooly areoles                 $4.00
388.3-organensis HK307 /18/ yellow-brown spines                      $4.00
388.5-organensis SB823 /18/ Dona Ana Co, NM, dense brown spines      $4.00
390-robbinsorum SB464 Cochise Co, Az, tiny stem                      $4.00
390.2-roseana /17/ short tight yellow spines                         $3.50
390.8-runyonii 'emskoetteriana' Huasteca Canyon, dark orange fl      $4.00
396-sneedii SB730 /13,17/ Eddy Co, NM, reddish flowers               $4.00
397-sneedii SB173 /18/ Dona Ana Co, NM, mostly pink flowers          $4.00
398-tuberculosa /13,17/ clustering freely, evening lavender fl       $3.50
398.1-tuberculosa SB2003 Sta Eulalia, Chih, dense pink-grey sp       $4.00
398.5-tuberculosa HK1005 Chihuahua, dense pink-grey sp               $4.00
399-tuberculosa SB65 Sacramento Mts, Otero Co, NM, cliffsides        $4.00
401-tuberculosa SB80 Sra Samalayuca, reddish spines, tiny clumper    $4.00
402-tuberculosa SB368 Eddy Co, NM, grey spines                       $4.00
409-villardii HK308 Otero Co, NM, white spines tipped brown          $4.00
410.01-vivipara /18/ small heads hide in grasslands                  $3.50
410.45-vivipara v bisbeeana SB1904 /17/ e Tucson, fat stems          $4.00
410.46-vivipara v bisbeeana f. sonorensis SB161 nw Nacozari, Son     $4.00
410.48-vivipara v buoflama /17/ Bagdad, AZ                           $4.00
410.88-vivipara v radiosa /17/ Pecos Co, TX, dark red centrals       $4.00
410.9683-vivipara v rosea DJF1214 Fredonia, Az, heavy spines         $4.00
410.977-zilziana 'chariacantha' /17/ fat taproot, squat stem         $3.50
411-zilziana SB602 /13,17/ Lerdo,Dur, fat yellow taproot,red fruit   $4.00

Escontria, /3,6,14/ cereoid from Mexico
414.5-chiotilla FO-034 Coxcatlan, Pue, fresh green stem              $4.00

Espostoa, /14-15/ wooly columnar plants, Peru
414.61-baumannii KK300 white-orange bristly hairs                    $4.00
414.67-huanucensis KK1141 Huanucho 1500m, very white wooly columns   $4.00
414.7-hylaea KK296 slender stem, reddish sp, white wool              $4.00
414.905-laticornua Guaquiyas, s Ecuador, slender stems               $5.00
416.605-melanostele v cantaensis KK1631 (P:no export) Rio Chillon    $4.00
416.608-nana short stem, super white wooly                           $4.00
416.6306-mirabilis KK295 fine red and white spines                   $5.00
416.6308-ritteri Rio Maranon, Peru, dense white wool                 $4.00

Ferocactus, /3,6,8/ colored spines, likes full sun
416.7-chrysacanthus /14/ brilliant yellow-red hooked spines          $5.00
416.72-chrysacanthus L010 /15/ Cedros Is, brilliant yellow-red sp    $4.00
416.75-cylindraceus /16/ twisted yellow-red spines                   $4.00
416.79-cylindraceus /16/ Picacho Peak, Az, red & yellow sp           $4.00
416.82-cylindraceus SB1906 Queen Valley, Az, flowers when small      $4.00
418.3-cylindraceus v tortulospinus /14/ twisted red-grey sp          $5.00
420.04-echidne DJF609 La Calzada, SLP                                $4.00
421.5-glaucescens /14/ bright yellow spines, fl when small           $4.00
422-gracilis /16/ bright red spines, orange-red flowers              $3.50
422.05-gracilis Rosarito, BCN, 'fire barrel'                         $4.00
422.1-gracilis SB1280 /15/ El Rosario, BCN, red spines               $4.00
422.2-gracilis SB1281 Mission S Fernando, BCN, bright red spines     $4.00
422.4-gracilis 'coloratus' nice flat red spines, red fl              $3.50
422.6-gracilis `coloratus TL' SB1240 Punta Prieta, super red sp      $4.00
422.62-gracilis `coloratus' SB1282 Sta Rosalillita,BCN               $4.00
424.2-hamatacanthus SB1887 /17/ w Lajitas, Tx, curly red-yellow sp   $4.00
424.72-hystrix CSD290 /16/ Salinas, SLP, fatter than tall            $4.00
424.89-latispinus /17/ broad red spined plants                       $3.50
424.95-latispinus SB1639 Bernal, Qro, bright red spines              $4.00
425.2-latispinus FO-052 Pachuca, Hgo                                 $4.00
425.22-latispinus FO-071 Tecamachalco, Pue, red spines               $4.00
425.3-latispinus v greenwoodii SB1853 e Mitla                        $4.00
425.606-latispinus v spiralis CH153 Tehuacan, Pue                    $4.00
425.89-peninsulae /14/ stout red spines, columnar in age             $3.50
425.93-peninsulae SB1285 NW of San Ignacio, BCS                      $4.00
425.9312-peninsulae SB1684 El Progresso, thick stemmed barrel        $4.00
425.9313-peninsulae SB1685 Llano la Laguna                           $4.00
425.9314-peninsulae SB1686 Cerro Colorado, BCS, 3 inch hooks         $4.00
425.9316-peninsulae SB1688 Pozo Aleman                               $4.00
425.9342-peninsulae v townsendianus Buena Vista, BCS                 $4.00
425.936-peninsulae v townsendianus DJF37.37 Cabo San Lucas           $4.00
425.937-peninsulae DJF30 SE of Cuidad Constitution, BCS              $4.00
427-pilosus LH345 /16/ Sandia Victoria, NL, hairlike radials         $4.00
427.54-pilosus CH115 Dr Arroyo, NL, bright orange flowers            $4.00
427.55-pilosus DJF627 /16/ w Galeana, NL                             $4.00
427.7-pilosus SB1618 /16/ Aramberri, NL, white bristly radials       $4.00
427.896-rectispinus /14/ 10 k s Mulege, breath-taking spines         $4.00
427.95-rectispinus LH267 San Juan Batisto Londo, BCS                 $4.00
428.9-robustus CH128 Tecamachalco, Pue, small clustering stems       $4.00
429-robustus FO-069 Cacaloapan, Pue, new spines bright red           $4.00
430-santamaria SB1237 /14/ San Carlos, BCS, heavy hooked grey sp     $4.00
430.5-sinuatus v papyracanthus SB282 Jaumave, Tam, papery spines     $4.00
432-wislizenii SB50 /17/ Sierra Co, NM, dense spines                 $4.00
433.2-wislizeni v herrerae SB1867 Las Guasimas, Son, orange fl       $4.00

Glandulicactus, /3,6,8,11,13,16-17/ bluish body, hooked sp
442.72-mathssoni /17/ all spines thick, hooked                       $5.00
442.725-mathssoni HO-152 /17/ San Luis de la Paz, industrial spines  $4.00
442.74-uncinatus /17/ grey green body, early flowers                 $3.50
442.745-uncinatus DJF629 San Roberto, NL, black flowers              $4.00
442.747-uncinatus JS216 La Joya, NL, fat open stem                   $4.00
442.75-uncinatus SB252 Dr Arroyo, NL, dark rusty fl                  $4.00
442.751-uncinatus SB718 /16/ n San Roberto, NL, dark brown flower    $4.00
442.752-uncinatus SB1482 Huizache, SLP, fat squat green body         $4.00
442.753-uncinatus SB1483 Tula, Tam, lives in flat clay pans          $4.00
442.755-uncinatus SB1723 Cos, Zac, in deep sand, unusual             $4.00
442.7613-wrightii JM136 Marathon, Tx, fat stem, dark brown flowers   $4.00
442.762-wrightii GL704 /17/ Pecos Co, TX, whopper stem, 30 cm tall   $4.00
442.763-wrightii L654 La Zarca, Dur, in age very tall, 50 cm         $4.00
442.764-wrightii SB232 /17/ Dona Ana Co, 20cm long spines, robust    $4.00
442.767-wrightii JRT4311 Glass Mts, TX, new spines red               $4.00
442.768-wrightii SB341 /17/ El Paso Co, TX, early rust flowers       $4.00
442.77-wrightii SB404 Crockett Co, TX, new spines red                $4.00
442.771-wrightii SB840 /17/ Cuatrocienagas, tiny grey stem           $4.00
442.78-wrightii DJF753.35 Tacubaya, Coah                             $4.00
442.783-wrightii DJF105.35 Eddy Co, NM, orange-rust fl               $4.00

Gymnocactus, /3,6,8,13,16/ densely spined, Mexico
#445-beguinii (= Turb) /17/ 'senilis',long black/white spines, wooly $4.00
#445.2-beguinii (= Turb) CH202 Arteaga, 'senilis'                    $4.00
445.8-booleanus Mp Galeana, deep tuber, rich pink flowers            $4.00
446-gielsdorfianus blue grey stem, short dark sp                     $3.50
446.2-gielsdorfianus Cerritos, SLP, fat blue-grey stem               $4.00
#447-horripilus (= Turb) SB168 Metztitlan, Hgo., purple flowers      $4.00
#453.6-viereckii black centrals, dense white woool                   $3.50
#453.7-viereckii (= Turb) L1159 Sierra Salamanca, dark pink flowers  $4.00
#453.72-viereckii (= Turb) SB1570 s Jaumave, dark purple fl          $5.00
#453.8-viereckii v major (= Turb) L730 with white flowers            $4.00
453.84-ysabelae HO-776 Tula, dense glassy spines hide stem           $4.00
453.85-ysabelae CSD63 Tula, squat stem, upright spines               $4.00

Gymnocalycium, /3,6/ nice spines, freely flowering
453.97-ambatoense P22 Sierra Ambato, stout curved spines cover stem  $4.00
454.03-andreae /17/ Capilla del Monte, tiny clustering heads         $4.00
454.2-andreae v longispinum long wispy white sp                      $3.50
454.3-andreae v longispinum R108 Sierra Grande                       $4.00
457-baldianum /17/ dark green stem, large deep red flowers           $3.50
457.6-brachypetalum P101 /17/ Rio Negro, Arg., large white fl        $4.00
457.9-capillaense /17/ large wide pink flowers, blue fruit           $3.50
457.92-capillaense MN75 Capilla del Monte 915m                       $4.00
458-bruchii /18/ low thick stem, white spines                        $3.50
458.2-bruchii P174 /17/ Sierra Grande, Cordoba, 1300m                $4.00
458.25-bruchii P200 Copina, 1250m, tiny stems, clustering            $4.00
458.3-bruchii v brigittae P214 Sra Grande, miniature,small flat stem $4.00
459.24-calochlorum /18/ Mono, Cord., thin curly white spines         $4.00
459.5-calochlorum v proliferum /18/ Carlos Pass, Cordoba             $4.00
459.82-capillaense n. Cordoba, 800m                                  $4.00
460.5-castellanosii /17/ bluish green body, thick white sp           $3.50
460.84-catamarcense VS67 /16/ Catamarca, stout spines cover stem     $4.00
460.87-catamarcense f belenense VS64 Cuesta de Belen, white-black sp $4.00
460.9-chiquitanum fat rounded green tubercles, blue fruits           $3.50
461.1-chiquitanum KK511 San Jose, fat round ribs, salmon-pink fl     $5.00
461.5-damsii v rotundulum L363 Robore, Bol, rippled red-bronze body  $4.00
461.7-damsii v torulosum dark maroon body, mottled                   $4.00
464.08-ferrari ISI1702 La Rioja,Mazan, flat brown stem, huge tuber   $4.00
464.084-ferrari STO-48 Santa Theresita, thick deep taproot           $4.00
465-gibbosum /18/ dark grey stem, stout spines                       $3.50
465.1-gibbosum R539 /17/ Lihuel Calel, La Pampa, small form          $4.00
467.2-gibbosum v leonense projecting white spines                    $3.50
468.32-catamarcense P218 ex type location, smooth pink grey stem     $4.00
468.48-guanchinense VS35 Cuesta Mirada, LR, long curly sp            $4.00
468.49-guanchinense VS39 Guanchin, LR, brown stem, white fl          $4.00
468.753-hossei P75 Sierra Mazan, stout sp, pink fl                   $4.00
468.77-hossei VS40 Chilecito, LR, dark stem, fuzzy grey sp           $4.00
468.79-hossei VS62 Sra Ambato, Cat                                   $4.00
468.81-hybopleurum DJF382 Dique de Anzulon, La Rioja                 $4.00
468.812-hybopleurum DJF383 Los Mistoles, La Rioja                    $4.00
469.06-intermedium P113 dark flat stem                               $4.00
469.1-intertextum /16/ heavy interlacing spines                      $3.50
469.52-bozsingianum P205 Chepes Viejo, smooth dark grey body         $4.00
469.63-lumbrerasense FR962 Lumbreras, Salta, rarity                  $4.00
469.81-mazanense STO-124 e Mazan, La Rioja, flat stem, thick taproot $4.00
469.85-mazanense v ferox P30A dark spines                            $4.00
470.2-mesopotamicum curly red-white spines                           $3.50
476.405-multiflourm DJF368 e El Condor, Cord.                        $4.00
476.406-multiflourm DJF372 Los Gigantes, Cord, big heavy yellow sp   $4.00
476.47-nigriareolatum v densispinum P24 more ribs, spinier           $4.00
479.23-odoratum stiff white spines                                   $3.50
479.45-pflanzii velvety thick rounded stem                           $3.50
484.1-quehlianum v albispinum R103A Sierra Chica, pale green stem    $4.00
484.7-ritterianum P219 grey green body, curly white spines           $4.00
485.251-saglionis DJF303 La Vina, Salta                              $4.00
485.256-saglionis DJF382 Dique de Anzulan, La Rioja                  $4.00
485.26-saglionis DJF416 s Cafayate, Salta                            $4.00
485.262-saglionis DJF418 La Yesera, Qbda Cafayate                    $4.00
486.5-schatzlianum P93 /17/ Sierra de la Ventana                     $4.00
487.25-schickendatzii DJF476 8 k e Marayes, grey stem, fuzzy grey sp $4.00
488.1-schickendatzii v delaetii San Luis, San Luis, knobby, grey     $4.00
489-spegazzini /17/ dark body, very stout spines                     $4.00
490.42-tilcarense TILL93-574 Tilcara, grows into very thick stem     $4.00
493.5-valnicekianum P83 Cap del Monte, white/red flowers             $4.00
495.5-zegarrae rounded tubercles, bell shaped fl                     $3.50

Haageocereus, /14/ short spiny columnar stem, full sun
495.974-acanthocladus Pto Alco, hairy white-brown spines             $5.00
495.996-acranthus OST81047 Sta Eulalia Valley 1300m                  $4.00
496.084-aureispinus KK315 Rio Chillon, Peru, dense yellow sp         $4.00
496.1-centrispinus KK1100 long bright yellow spines                  $4.00
496.13-chilensis Arica-Putre, Chile, gray shaggy spines              $5.00
496.2-chosicensis OST82053 Eulalia River valley, dense fine sp       $4.00
497.2-divaricatispinus OST 84019 Lurin Valley, long sharp brown sp   $4.00
497.6-lachayensis OST85309 Lomas de Lachay 500m, fine brown sp       $4.00
497.62-lachayensis OST86525 Lomas de Lachay, 500m, dense brown sp    $4.00
498-olowinskianus OST82020 Caracoles Hills, white fl, dark brown sp  $4.00
498.2-olowinskianus v repandus OST 84022 Pachacamac, N. of Lurin     $4.00
498.28-platinospinus PH760.03 Chucanito                              $5.00
498.634-repens CS319 Trujillo, horizontal creeper, white fl          $5.00

Hamatocactus, /3,6,15-17/ quick growers, colorful flowers
500-setispinus /17/ unusual pure yellow flowers, yellow fruit        $4.00
501-setispinus 'hamatus' fragrant yellow/red flowers                 $3.50
505-setispinus v setaceus SB851 Jim Hogg Co, Tx                      $4.00

Leuchtenbergia, /3,6,8,13,16/ long tubercles, deep taproot
522-principis /17/ long thin papery spines, deep taproot             $3.50
523-principis /17/ Parras, Coah, huge yellow flower in late summer   $4.00
523.4-principis GL770 Sra de la Paila, to 1 m tall, branching        $4.00
523.5-principis SB566 Hipolito, Coah, shiny yellow fl                $4.00

Lobivia, /2,6,15-17/ small with very colorful flowers
523.58-acanthoplegma squat stem, sharp ribs                          $4.00
523.65-acanthoplegma v oligotricha KK800 Arenas, shaggy dense sp     $4.00
523.67-acanthoplegma v pilosa stout stiff spines hide stem, hairy fl $3.50
523.7-arachnacantha /16/ tiny clustering stem, red-orange flowers    $3.50
523.71-arachnacantha white-yellow fl                                 $3.50
523.713-arachnacantha R180 dark red tiny body                        $4.00
523.747-arachnacantha v sulphurea R608 Pasorapa, citrus yellow fl    $4.00
523.75-arachnacantha v torrecillasensis red flowers                  $3.50
523.78-arachnacantha v torrecillasensis KK1557 Torrencillas 2000m    $4.00
523.8-arachnacantha v torrecillasensis R273 very tiny stems          $4.00
523.9-atrovirens /17/ tiny reddish body, taproot                     $3.50
523.91-atrovirens R493 Camargo, fat green stem, shiny red fl         $4.00
523.927-atrovirens v haefneriana KK973 Challapata 4000m, nice red fl $4.00
523.93-atrovirens KK2035 purple and green tubercles, red flowers     $4.00
523.95-atrovirens v haefneriana R515                                 $4.00
523.97-atrovirens v ritteri La Cueva, Tarija                         $4.00
523.996-atrovirens v zecheri R650 Iscayachi-Tarija                   $4.00
524-aurea /17/ short dark black sp., bright yellow fl.               $3.50
524.02-aurea DJF235 nw Achire, San Luis, dark centrals               $4.00
524.022-aurea DJF237 s Villa Viso, dark centrals, white radials      $4.00
524.033-aurea DJF389 n Paca Tala, La Rioja, long white sp            $4.00
524.034-aurea DJF393 w Sanagasto, Cat, thick black sp                $4.00
524.05-aurea P14 dark red centrals, white radials                    $4.00
524.1-aurea R101 large bright yellow flowers                         $4.00
524.22-aurea v dobeana R527 sharp projecting red centrals            $4.00
524.27-aurea v fallax R136 Famatima, La Rioja, sharp black spines    $4.00
524.272-aurea v fallax P137 La Rioja, very spiny form                $4.00
524.3-aurea v leucomalla /17/ short dense white spines               $3.50
524.31-aurea v leucomalla R116 soft pure white spines                $4.00
524.34-aurea v quinesensis with long thin spination                  $3.50
524.35-aurea v quinesensis R112 Sierra de San Luis                   $4.00
524.5-aurea v shaferi /17/ huge yellow flower, needlelike sp         $3.50
524.52-aurea v shaferi R152 Andalgala, long centrals                 $4.00
526.6-backebergii /17/ vivid pink-red flowers                        $3.50
526.61-backebergii super long spined selection                       $3.50
526.64-backebergii KK1168 Sicuani 4200m, flat and fat                $4.00
526.66-backebergii R456 red flowers, squat stem                      $4.00
527.13-backebergii v larae many bright pink flowers                  $3.50
527.131-backebergii v larae KK696 La Vina, Rio Caine, Bol            $4.00
527.8-caineana /16/ cylindric stem, violet rose fl.                  $3.50
527.85-caineana v albiflora heavy grey spines                        $3.50
527.88-calorubra v megalocephala single fat stem, orange-red fl      $3.50
535.4-cinnabarina v walterspeilii red flowers                        $3.50
535.63-einsteinii KK873 Sama 4000m, tiny stem hides in grass         $4.00
535.65-eunanthema KK798 Machacamarca 4000m, deep taproot, red fl     $4.00
535.782-ferox DJF267 n La Poma, Salta                                $4.00
535.783-ferox DJF288 Humahuaca, Jujuy                                $4.00
535.784-ferox DJF290 Uquia, Jujuy                                    $4.00
535.786-ferox DJF453 n San Antonio de los Cobres, gold sp            $4.00
535.85-ferox v longispina /17/ with white flowers                    $3.50
536.74-haagei /17/ tiny body, salmon pink flowers                    $3.50
536.746-haagei v canacruzensis striped light pink flowers            $3.50
536.7462-haagei v canacruzensis R642 Camargo-Canacruz, light pink fl $4.00
536.7481-haagei v eos L541 Tafna 3800m                               $4.00
536.7482-haagei v eos R333 La Quiaca, dark violet body               $4.00
536.749-haagei v mudanensis R689 Valle Grande, Salta, pink fl        $4.00
536.75-haagei v orurensis /17/ tiny stems, very freely flowering     $3.50
536.756-haagei v orurensis KK968 Oruro 4100m, huge thick tubers      $4.00
536.8-haematantha stiff dark spines, red flowers                     $3.50
536.85-haematantha P238 Potrero, Salta, rich red flowers             $4.00
536.95-haematantha v chorrillosensis short white spines, red fl      $3.50
537.5-haematantha v densispina /17/ many flower colors               $3.50
537.697-haematantha v elongata MN15 Cachi, Salta 2300m, dark sp      $4.00
537.7-haematantha v elongata MN19 Cachi, 2300m, yellow fl            $4.00
537.72-haematantha v elongata P183 thick hooked centrals             $4.00
537.73-haematantha v elongata R25 Cachipampa, Salta                  $4.00
537.8-haematantha v kuehnrichii black sp, fanastic red-orange fl     $3.50
537.81-haematantha v kuenrichii L459 tiny squat stem, dark spines    $4.00
539-haematantha v rebutioides /17/ variable flower color, short sp   $3.50
539.2-haematantha v rebutioides L566 wide open yellow fl             $4.00
539.21-haematantha v rebutioides MN38 se Purmamarca, 2600m           $4.00
539.3-haematantha v viridis fat stem, curly brown spines             $3.50
539.33-hertrichiana red petals with white streaks                    $3.50
539.335-hertrichiana B124 Pisac, Peru, variable spination            $4.00
539.339-hertrichiana KK430 clustering stems, waxy orange-red fl      $4.00
539.34-hertrichiana KK431 clustering globose heads                   $4.00
539.341-hertrichiana KK432 red-orange flowers                        $4.00
539.3412-hertrichiana KK433 Ollantaitambo, bright red flowers        $4.00
539.342-hertrichiana KK435 Chiray 3200m, clustering, apple-red fl    $4.00
539.343-hertrichiana KK438 Colquepata 4000m                          $4.00
539.35-hertrichiana KK787 Anta 3000m, bright red flowers, very spiny $4.00
539.351-hertrichiana KK1021 Icchus, Cuzco 3500m                      $4.00
539.352-hertrichiana KK1349 Pisac 3200m, thicker spines, red fl      $4.00
539.354-hertrichiana L148 Cuzco 1700m                                $4.00
539.356-hertrichiana R414 Rio Urubamba, Cuzco, tiny clustering heads $4.00
539.36-hertrichiana v laui dark red fl, thick spiny stem             $3.50
539.364-hertrichiana v laui KK1540 Cuzco, 3200m, tiny flat stems     $4.00
539.37-hertrichiana v laui R419 Rio Urubamba, Cuzco                  $4.00
539.634-jajoiana ME 7 /17/ e Tilcara, Jujuy 3200m                    $4.00
539.66-jajoiana v nigrostoma /17/ with yellow flowers, long sp       $3.50
539.68-lateritia /16/ tight stiff spines, cylindrical body           $3.50
539.705-lateritia R490 Camargo - Culpina, Chuquisaca                 $4.00
539.72-marsoneri /17/ flower yellow-red with black center            $3.50
539.722-marsoneri FR349 Llallagua, Bol, short centrals               $4.00
539.725-marsoneri L470 Yacoraite, short dark spines, red-black fl    $4.00
539.85-maximilliana v intermedia KK784 Challuanca, Peru 3000m        $4.00
540-maximiliana v sicuaniensis bright pastel flowers                 $3.50
540.9-maximiliana v westii shiny orange flowers                      $3.50
541-maximiliana v westii KK437 long curved yellow sp                 $4.00
541.13-mentosa KK783 Huanta 2800m Peru                               $4.00
541.37-nigricans v carmeniana R690 Caspala, short bristly sp         $4.00
541.5-pampana low deep seated plant, variable fl color               $3.50
541.52-pampana KK427 Pucara, 4000m                                   $4.00
541.9-pentlandii long thin spines, variable flower colors            $3.50
542.02-backebergii with carmine flowers                              $3.50
542.04-pentlandii KK425 flat thick stem, red flowers                 $4.00
542.05-pentlandii KK441 s Peru, 4200m, low thick flat stem           $4.00
542.1-pentlandii KK692 Corque, Bol. 4000m                            $4.00
542.2-pentlandii KK1159 /17/ long red spines, thick green stem       $4.00
542.22-pentlandii KK1249 Epizana 3200m Bol                           $4.00
542.3-pentlandii KK1514 Cuzco, 3000m                                 $4.00
543.1-pentlandii v hardeniana R298 very long black sp                $4.00
543.4-pugionacantha /17/ thick underground stem, red flowers         $3.50
543.42-pugionacantha DJF449 e Tafna, Jujuy                           $4.00
543.6-pugionacantha v culpinensis dark center in flower              $3.50
544.1-pugionacantha v rossii L992 red flowers                        $4.00
544.2-pugionacantha v salitrensis R636 vertical black sp, taproot    $4.00
544.4-pygmaea /17/ huge underground taproot, tiny stem               $3.50
544.45-pygmaea DJF287 se Tres Cruces, Jujuy                          $4.00
544.5-pygmaea KK972 very tiny stem, underground taproot              $4.00
544.502-pygmaea KK974 Poopo, Oruro                                   $4.00
544.538-pygmaea v colorea dark violet body, orange fl                $4.00
544.542-pygmaea v colorea KK1933 Valle Grande,Bol, dark red flowers  $4.00
544.55-pygmaea v diersiana /17/ tiny dark green stem, orange fl      $3.50
544.5728-pygmaea v iscayachensis Tarija-Escayachi, Bol 3600m         $4.00
544.574-pygmaea v knizei R676A /17/ Uyuni-Potosi, Bol, tiny stems    $4.00
544.58-pygmaea v tafnaensis R335A La Quiaca, small clumper, white sp $4.00
544.6-rauschii sharp needle-like spines                              $3.50
545.2-saltensis DJF266 s La Poma, Salta, red flowers                 $4.00
546-saltensis v nealeana bright red flowers, tiny stem               $3.50
546.02-saltensis v pseudocachensis tiny clustering stems, taproot    $3.50
546.027-sanguiniflora v breviflora short red flower tube             $3.50
546.03-schieleana white fuzzy spines, red flowers                    $3.50
546.035-schieleana Cerro Chichi$ico, Chuma, curly spines             $4.00
546.04-schieleana KK646 frosted white sp, clustering                 $4.00
546.06-schieliana v quiabayensis L1004 big orange-yellow fl.         $4.00
546.1-sanguiniflora rich red flowers                                 $3.50
546.13-silvestrii /17/ very freely flowering, orange                 $3.50
546.14-steinmannii tiny clustering heads from taproot                $3.50
546.148-steinmanii v christinae pink-grey stem, deep red flowers     $3.50
546.154-steinmannii v costata /17/ tiny stem, deep taproots          $3.50
546.155-steinmannii v costata R71 /17/ Potosi, Bol                   $4.00
546.168-tarabucensis KK749 Tarabuco 3000m                            $4.00
546.197-tegeleriana KK442 Ayacucho-Huanta 2500m                      $4.00
546.41-thionantha Cafayate, bud covered with dark hairs              $4.00
546.414-thionantha DJF248 Amaiche del Valle                          $4.00
546.4176-thionantha DJF428 e San Jose Escalchi, Salta, black sp      $4.00
546.419-thionantha P144 powdery grey green stem, dark spines         $4.00
546.426-thionantha v ferrari Salta, very stout dark sp               $4.00
546.43-thionantha v glauca powdery grey stem, black sp               $3.50
546.44-thionantha v munita heavy dark spines, orange-red flowers     $3.50
546.46-thionantha v variiflora small grey stem, yellow-orange-red fl $3.50
546.472-thionantha v variiflora ZJ215 Ampimpa, Tucuman 2500m         $4.00
546.485-tiegeliana HS50 Aiquile, short red spines                    $4.00
546.487-tiegeliana KK528 Junacas, Tarija 2900m, big pink flowers     $4.00
546.49-tiegeliana R84 Tarija, small shiny stem, sharp ribs           $4.00
546.6-tiegeliana v cinnabarina R513 Iruya, Salta, white curly sp     $4.00
546.64-tiegeliana v flaviflora tiny head, yellow fl                  $3.50
546.65-tiegeliana v flaviflora R323 Tarija, tiny stem, yellow fl     $4.00
546.7-tiegeliana v pusilla tiny stem, brilliant flowers              $3.50
546.72-tiegeliana v pusilla R90 very tiny stems                      $4.00
546.92-wrightiana very long spines, pink flowers                     $3.50
546.93-wrightiana KK788 long thin curly spines, pink flowers         $4.00
546.932-wrightiana KK790 long wispy spines, pink flowers             $4.00
546.934-wrightiana KK1112 Ayacucho, P 2800m, large pink fl           $4.00
546.943-wrightiana R396 La Mejorada, long thin wispy spines          $4.00

Lophocereus, /14/ Mexican - US cereiod
547.79-schottii columnar, with shaggy whiskery grey spines           $3.50
547.8-schottii Pima Co, Az, flexible grey sp                         $6.00
547.83-schottii San Augustin, Baja, 'senita'                         $4.00

Loxanthocereus, /3,6,14/ slender clustering stem, Peru
551.1-acanthurus OST81048 Rimac Valley 2600m, dense brown-gold sp    $4.00
551.3-clavispinus densely covered with brown sp, red flowers         $3.50
551.4-convergens OST83130 Omas Canyon, 500m red flowers              $4.00
551.5-eulalianus KK452 needle-like dense yellow spines               $4.00
551.52-faustianus OST80070 S Eulalia Valley 1500m, bristly spines    $4.00
551.54-gracilis OST94941 Atiquipa, 250m, frosted white spines        $4.00
551.56-lanatus KK1897 Rio Lurin, Peru, thin dense yellow sp          $4.00
551.75-senilioides KK1896 Rio Lurin, slender wooly stem, red fl      $4.00
551.8-sextonianus long bright red flowers, small round stems         $3.50
551.85-sp /14/ Cajamarca, dense white-yellow spines                  $4.00

Maihueniopsis, /3,6,12,16-17/ mound forming
551.9291-boliviana huge thick taproot, fat round stems               $5.00
551.92918-boliviana DJF459 Catamarca, white spines                   $5.00
551.92919-boliviana DJF473 s. Iglesia, long white spines             $5.00
551.9292-boliviana DJF246 w Tafi del Valle                           $4.00
551.92921-boliviana DJF247 w Tafi del Valle                          $4.00
551.92947-darwinii DJF355 Comodoro Rivadaria                         $5.00
551.92948-darwinii /17/ Churiaca, Neuq, flat white sp                $4.50
551.92949-darwinii DJF225 Pto Pyramides, shiny golden spines         $4.00
551.9296-darwinii v hickenii DJF228 Sierra Grande, Rio Negro         $4.00
551.92963-darwinii v hickenii DJF185 Papagayos                       $5.00
551.92965-darwinii v hickenii DJF224 La Lonja, Chubut                $6.00
551.9298-glomerata /17/ fat rounded stems, taproot, yellow fl        $4.00
551.9299-glomerata DJF176 e. Uspallata, Mendoza                      $5.00
551.93-glomerata DJF178 Polvaredas, Mendoza, dark orange flowers     $6.00
551.9301-glomerata DJF177 Uspallata, Mendoza                         $4.00
551.931-glomerata DJF175 Terma Villavicencio                         $4.00
551.9312-glomerata 'russellii' DJF181 Potrillos, Mend                $4.00
551.935-glomerata DJF455 Imcahuasi, Catamarca                        $6.00
551.94-glomeratus OST86036 /17/ fat taproot, clusters of fingers     $5.00
551.943-glomerata Cuesta Chihuido, Mendoza                           $6.00
551.946-nigrispina DJF448 w La Quiaca, Jujuy                         $4.00
551.9469-pentlandii MLV30 Rio Toro Valley 3500m                      $4.00
551.947-russellii /17./ mat forming, dense oval stems, taproot       $5.00

Mammillaria, /6/ large diverse genus, most free-flowering
551.99-alamensis slender stem with few spines, pink fl               $3.50
551.991-alamensis L1401 /14/ Sierra de Alamos, tall slender stem     $4.00
551.998-albata v sanciro MBF146 San Ciro de Acosta, wooly & white    $4.00
553-albicoma SB271 /3,8,13,15/ Dr Arroyo, NL, all whiteness          $4.00
553.5-albilanata /3,13,14/ white spines and wool hide stem totally   $3.50
553.8-albilanata s Cues, Oax., white and wooly                       $4.00
553.81-albilanata Cuicatlan, thick white wooly stem                  $4.00
554-albilanata s Totalapan, Oax.                                     $4.00
554.5-albilanata Zopilote Canyon, with yellow long spines            $4.00
555.63-antesbergeriana L1163 Canoas, Dur, red sp                     $4.00
555.7-apozolensis v saltensis L1045 Monte Escobedo, curly gold sp    $4.00
556.32-armillata SB1256 San Jose del Cabo, slender stem              $4.00
558-aureilanata v alba soft white hairs, white fl                    $5.00
559-aureilanata v alba Ventura, SLP, white feathery sp               $6.00
561.1-backebergiana Ixtapan de la Sal, tight yellow sp               $4.00
561.2-backebergiana /3,14/ Tonatico, Gro.                            $4.00
566-baumii SB274 n. of Jaumave, scented yellow flowers               $4.00
566.8-baxteriana /3,14/ flat stem, greenish-yellow fl                $3.50
568-baxteriana Pichilinque, Baja                                     $4.00
568.7-bella /3,14/ dense fine spines, red flowers                    $3.50
569-bernalensis MBF138 Colon-Toliman, Qro, thick tuber, short sp     $4.00
572-blossfeldiana Punta Prieta, Baja, black hooked centrals          $4.00
572.6-blossfeldiana SB1854 Sta Rosalilito, BCS, tiny stem, huge fl   $4.00
573.5-bocasana ML79 /2,15/ Bocas, SLP 1750m                          $4.00
575-bocasana SB524 e Mexquitic, SLP, lives in rock cracks            $4.00
576-bocasana f. multilanata dense white powder puffs                 $3.50
580-bombycina /2,15/ long red centrals, white stem                   $3.50
583.82-aff brauneana CSD140 Lampasitos, NL, white wooly crown        $4.00
584-cadereytensis /3,13,15/ white spines, pink-red flower            $3.50
584.4-camptotricha /15/ thin curly spines, like birdnest             $4.00
584.6-camptotricha v albescens /3,14/ thick soft stem                $3.50
594.2-canelensis TL481                                               $4.00
595.9-carnea /3,13,14/ fleshy pink flowers, stout spines             $3.50
598-carnea SB366 s Tehuacan, Pue, very well spined, curly            $4.00
599.5-centralifera ML413 Presa de Guadalupe, SLP, long curly spines  $4.00
602.4-chionocephala /13,15/ low stem, dense white spines             $3.50
602.83-chionocephala /16/ Sandia-Aramberri, white spines, wooly      $4.00
606-coahuilensis ML563 Viesca 1230m, squat stem hides in mud cracks  $4.00
608.4-collinsii v chiapas shiny red body                             $3.50
609-columbiana /3,13,14/ wooly top, yellow spines, pink flowers      $3.50
611-compressa SB723 Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, 10 cm long spines              $4.00
613.5-crassimamillis L1069 Aramberri, NL, very fat tubercles         $4.00
613.57-crassior FO-273 Tepoztlan, Mor, very fine white-yellow sp     $4.00
613.8-crinita /2,15/ tiny body, pubescent spines                     $4.00
614-crinita ML419 'aurihamata' Real de Catorce, fine yellow hooks    $4.00
615.815-crucigera FO-264 Tilapa, very short brown spines             $4.00
616.6-decipiens FO-140 San Luis Potosi, SLP, yellow + red centrals   $4.00
624.81-dixanthocentron FO-230 yellow flowers                         $4.00
624.86-dixanthocentron 'flavicentra' L680 Teotitlan-Huautla, spiny   $4.00
624.9-dixanthocentron 'celsiana' L1059 Tomellin Canyon, white sp     $4.00
624.92-dixanthocentron 'celsiana' L1087 Tecomavaca-Cuicatlan         $4.00
624.95-dixanthocentron ML396 Tres Picos, Oax, caespitose, white sp   $4.00
625.2-dixanthocentron SB528 Tecomavaca, short pale sp                $4.00
629.5-duoformis v xuchiapensis R1677 Xuchiapa, long centrals, red fl $4.00
629.6-durispina /2,14/ short stiff spines, red flowers               $4.00
630.5-duwei /2,15/ white pubescent spines, pink body                 $3.50
635-elongata /3,15/ tight yellow spines, no centrals                 $3.50
635.6-elongata v echinaria Pe$a Miller,Qro, clustering slender stems $4.00
636.5-elongata v echinaria Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, shaggy centrals         $4.00
637-elongata v echinaria SB555 Cadereyta, Qro., sharp yellow sp      $4.00
640.9-evermanniana /3,14/ globose stem, rigid white spines           $4.00
641.5-felipensis fine hairlike spines, small hooks                   $3.50
641.7-fera-rubra orange-red spines, rich red flowers                 $3.50
643.6-formosa /3,13,15/ Charco Blanco, SLP                           $4.00
644-formosa /3,13,15/ San Felipe, SLP, pink flower                   $4.00
644.9-fraileana /3,8,14/ dark hooked spines, eye catching stigma     $3.50
645-fraileana /3,8,14/ Cerralboa Island, pink flowers                $4.00
646-fraileana REP580 La Paz, tiny round stems, huge red stigmas      $4.00
646.5-fraileana SB1247 Pichilingue, BCS, rock dweller                $4.00
646.51-fraileana SB1263 s Todos Santos, variable spine colors        $4.00
646.6-fraileana WM222 Pichilingue, BCS, pink-white petal             $4.00
654.1-gigantea /15/ n Queretaro at Gto border, green flowers         $4.00
658.6-glassii L1537 /16/ Dulces Nombres, Tam, yellow hooked sp       $4.00
659-glassii v ascencionis SB754 /16/ Ascencion, NL, small, hairy     $4.00
660.5-gracilis /14/ short white spines, eager to cluster             $3.50
665.4-grahamii SB1860 /17/ Steins, NM, squat form, in rock cracks    $4.00
669.3-grusonii SB1725 Viesca, Coah, dark spines, on rocky cliffs     $4.00
671.1-guelzowiana SB1160 Rodeo, Dur., gold-red hooks                 $6.00
676.8-haageana Boquerocito, dark magenta flowers                     $4.00
677.75-haageana San Jose Lecheguiri, Oax, black centrals             $4.00
677.8-haageana FO-060 Coxcatlan, Pue, small red flowers in ring      $4.00
677.82-haageana FO-216 rigid dark tipped centrals                    $4.00
677.95-haageana L1132 Tonala, stiff brown spines                     $4.00
678.7-haageana SB580 San Lorenzo, Pue                                $4.00
680-haageana SB682 Alseseca, short spines, pink fl                   $4.00
682.3-haageana f. conspicua FO-210 Zapotitlan, Pue                   $4.00
684-haageana v schmollii dark grey to black spines                   $3.50
684.5-haageana v schmollii FO-235 Axuxco, Pue, black centrals        $4.00
684.6-haageana v schmollii FO-239 Axuxco, Pue, bright red fruits     $4.00
685-haageana v schmollii SB681 Zapotitlan, clustering                $4.00
691-heyderi v bullingtoniana SB604 Cuatrocienegas, small stems       $4.00
701.72-huitzilopochtli FO-13 very short centrals, white radials      $4.00
701.8-huitzilopochtli L066 sometimes long black sp                   $4.00
701.92-huitzilopochtli L1495 long curly centrals                     $4.00
702.2-humboldtii small form, smooth soft spines                      $6.50
704-hutchisoniana Tres Virginis, dense white radials                 $4.00
705.8-ignota L1128 Yolox, Oax, flat white wooly stems                $4.00
725.1-lasiacantha SB1063 Hipolito, very fuzzy spines, underground    $6.00
727-lenta /3,8,13,16/ white spines, clusters                         $4.00
731.4-marksiana aff TL467 Lake Haites, Sin, very wooly flat stem     $4.00
731.6-sinforosensis v cobrensis TL495 fat wooly stem, yellow fl      $4.00
732-lloydii /2,15/ flat wooly stem, short spines                     $3.50
737-longimamma SB88 /3,14/ s Venados, huge yellow fl                 $4.00
745.5-magnifica v minor short yellow hooked spines, red flowers      $3.50
747-magnimamma SB9 Salinas, SLP, short curved spines                 $4.00
748-magnimamma SB40 Pachuca, Hgo, super thick curly spines           $4.00
755.02-maritima Sta Rosalillita, BCN, red flowers                    $4.00
760.5-mazatlanensis v patonii smaller stems, dark hooks              $3.50
765.7-melanocentra MK136.425 /16/ Sra Paila, Coah, heavy black sp    $4.00
776.3-meyranii v michoacana fine white sp                            $3.50
777.4-microcarpa Wickenburg, Az, extreme heat in summer              $4.00
788-moelleriana /3,15/ pink+yellow flowers, red hooks                $3.50
799-multidigitata /3,8,14/ San Pedro Nolasco Isl, small green fl     $4.00
802-mystax FO-250 /3,8,13,14/ Huajuapan, black twisted spines        $4.00
806.5-nejapensis /13,14/ wooly apex, long white curly spines         $3.50
811.4-nunezii /2,14/ dense brown hooked spines, red flowers          $3.50
812-obconella /2,14/ thick erect stem, long curly spines             $3.50
818-occidentalis /3,14/ Barra de Navidad, Col., pink flowers         $4.00
819-occidentalis Manzanillo, Col., many pink flowers                 $4.00
824-painteri /3,14/ tiny heads, bristly spines                       $3.50
826.7-parkinsonii SB315 Vizarron, Qro, stout white spines            $4.00
831.92-perbella TL556 w Zimipan, Hgo, dense white spines, flat stem  $4.00
832-perbella WM 6012 Carbonera, Gto, flat stems, pink flowers        $4.00
832.4-perezdelarosa super dense white radials, heavy hooker          $4.00
833.8-petterssonii /3,14/ very wooly pale green stem                 $3.50
834.3-petterssonii L1357 high moutains w Ixmiquilpan, long curly sp  $4.00
838-picta SB284 Doctor Arroyo, lemon scented yellow fl, tuber-root   $4.00
839-picta SB944 Tula, Tam., tiny stem, fine spines                   $4.00
840.9-pilcayensis white spines completely cover stem                 $4.00
842.3-pilcayensis TL386 red tipped white spines                      $4.00
843.8-pilispina SB822 Huizache, SLP, super soft white spines         $4.00
845.2-plumosa Huesteca Canyon, rounded balls                         $4.00
845.3-plumosa Icamole, NL 950m, flows in rock seams                  $4.00
845.5-plumosa SB327 /16/ Higueras, Coah., feathery white sp          $4.00
846-plumosa SB834 Arroyo Huizache, NL, clusters freely               $5.00
847.5-polythele /14/ short dark pink tipped spines, rose fl.         $3.50
848-polythele FO-059 Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, long curved golden brown sp   $4.00
849-polythele SB171 /2,14/ Zimapan, Hgo, pink-red flowers in a ring  $4.00
849.2-polythele TL422 Hidalgo, 'xochipilii'                          $4.00
850.52-poselgeri SB1291 Ligui, BCS, slender stem, big red flowers    $4.00
852-pottsii SB102 /17/ Jimenez, Chih., tight white spines            $4.00
853-pottsii SB324 Ramon Arispe, Coah., gray stem                     $4.00
854-pottsii SB429 Brewster Co, TX., tall erect stems                 $4.00
854.2-pottsii v multicaulis SB1062 Lerdo, tiny, highly clustering    $4.00
855-pringlei /2,14/ tight short yellow spines                        $3.50
856-pringlei longer curly golden spined form                         $3.50
856.9-prolifera /15/ yellow spines, clusters, red berries            $3.50
858-prolifera SB713 Sabinas Hidalgo, coarse yellow sp                $4.00
858.51-prolifera v haitiensis Cuba, white spines                     $4.00
861-pygmaea /2,14/ soft hooked hairlike spines                       $3.50
863-pygmaea Vista Hermosa, Qro., hairlike spines                     $4.00
863.5-rayonensis ML453 Rayones, NL, cliff hanger                     $4.00
866.4-rekoi v leptacantha L1314 Mitla-Camaron, Oax                   $4.00
870-ritteriana SB265 Ramos Arispe, Coah., nice white sp, pink fl     $4.00
870.1-ritteriana SB337 /16/ La Ascencion, NL, high mountain forests  $4.00
871.2-roseo-alba L1170 w Cd Victoria                                 $4.00
872-roseo-alba SB285 Dr Arroyo, white fl, red fruit, lives in mud    $4.00
872.5-roseocentra /3,8,13,16/ pink spines, tiny round body           $3.50
873-roseocentra Viesca, Coah., very tiny, hides in rock cracks       $4.00
875-roseocentra SB446 San Pedro de las Colonias, tiny pink sphere    $4.00
882.3-sartorii shiny red stem, white wooly axils, dark sp            $3.50
883.8-schiedeana ssp giselae ML677 C Bufa el Diente, pink flowers    $4.00
885-schumannii /3,8,14/ small blue heads, big pink flowers           $4.00
890.8-sempervivi ML213 Cardonal-Santuario, Hgo, flat wooly pancake   $4.00
895.8-setispina long white hooks, red flowers                        $4.00
896-setispina L011 /3,14/ San Borjas Mission, white hooked sp        $4.00
900.8-sinistrohamata /15/ tiny plants hang on cliffs in cracks       $4.00
903.2-slevinii SB1251 San Juan del Costa, BCS, on gypsum             $4.00
906.1-sonorensis Cerro de las Avispa, Son                            $4.00
909.5-sphacelata FO-065 Rio Hondo, Buena Vista, Oax.                 $4.00
909.6-sphacelata FO-118 Calipan, Pue, black & white spines           $4.00
909.65-sphacelata SB677 Tehuacan, Pue, frosted white-black spines    $4.00
909.7-sphacelata SB1277 Teotitlan, white frosted spines              $4.00
913.8-spinosissima /2,14/ dense fine red spines                      $3.50
913.9-spinosissima 'SuperRed', extra red spined selection            $4.00
917.7-supertexta /2,10,13,14/ Rio Salado, Tecomavaca                 $4.00
917.76-supertexta FO-001 smooth white spined body                    $4.00
917.9-supertexta L1116 minute spines, dark red fl.                   $4.00
923.5-tetrancistra Clark Co, NV, dry gritty soil                     $7.50
923.56-tetrancistra Scissors Crossing, CA, fleshy roots              $7.50
924-tetrancistra SB689 Mohave Co, AZ, small soft stem                $7.50
925.2-tetrancistra GL9 Gunlock, Ut, slender columnar form            $7.50
925.9-thornberi /15/ mat forming, long red stigma                    $3.50
926.4-thornberi Red Rock, Az, huge red stigma lobes                  $4.00
928.2-tlalocii /13,14/ minute white spines, wooly                    $3.50
928.3-tlalocii FO-223 fine white spines                              $4.00
928.32-tlalocii FO-229 minute white spines, red fl                   $4.00
928.5-tonalensis Tonala, Oax., erect stem, hooked sp.                $4.00
929.7-uncinata FO-188 Ca$ada Morelos                                 $4.00
930-uncinata SB316 La Blanca, Zac., pinkish flowers                  $4.00
930.7-varieaculeata FO-170 very long sharp spines                    $4.00
932-viereckii /3,13,14/ tiny clustering soft bodied stems            $3.50
932.42-viescensis Torreon, very tiny flowers                         $4.00
932.5-viperina /3,13,14/ slender stem, frosted spines                $3.50
932.7-viperina FO-196 Coxcatlan, Pue, white spines                   $4.00
933-viperina SB836 /3,13,14/ Zapotitlan, Pue, frosted grey-red sp    $4.00
941.3-wagneriana Jerez, Zac., twisted spines                         $4.00
941.6-wagneriana L1073 /16/ Penon Blanco,Dur, super curly black sp   $4.00
944.2-weingartia SB1427 sw Galeana, NL, hides in grass meadows       $4.00
959.7-yaquensis /14/ short slender stem, big red stigmas             $3.50
959.8-yaquensis SB2004 n Cd Obregon, very skinny stem, red stigmas   $4.00
963.92-zuccariniana ROG. 109 w Rio Verde, SLP, wooly stem, pink fl   $4.00
968.02-dioica SB1485 Santo Domingo, BCS, bristly axils               $4.00
968.03-sp SB1566 n Ascencion, NL, massive underground taproot        $4.00

Matucana, /3,6,14-15/ nice flowers, from Peru
968.35-celendinensis KK1039 fat grey green tubercles                 $4.00
968.7-formosa KK276 red flowers, stem covered with short spines      $4.00
969-haynei /17/ spines white tipped grey black, red fl.              $3.50
970-haynei KK275 Matucana, Peru 2200m, dense spines cover stem       $4.00
970.01-haynei KK460 'cereoides', tall robust stem                    $4.00
970.02-haynei KK531 Pampa de Galeras 3800m, black tipped spines      $4.00
970.06-haynei KK1299 Uchupata 2800m, super red flowers               $4.00
970.1-haynei KK1676 short tight white spines                         $4.00
970.226-haynei v atrispina KK530 long black tipped spines            $4.00
970.23-haynei v atrispina `multicolor' KK532                         $4.00
970.232-haynei v atrispina KK566 /16/ Yarinacocha, gold-white sp     $5.00
970.24-haynei `clavispina' KK575 Vulcan Coracora 3500m               $4.00
970.29-haynei v perplexa KK564 Lago Yanganuco 3800m                  $4.00
970.52-intertexta super orange flowers, shiny body                   $3.50
970.55-intertexta KK1316 Matara 2200m, short spines, orange fl       $4.00
970.6-madisoniorum few long spines, red fl                           $5.00
970.69-mamillaris KK1638 few spines, super red fl                    $4.00
970.9-paucicostata long curly grey spines, big red flowers           $3.50
970.91-paucicostata KK1768 hairy red fl, curly grey sp               $4.00
970.92-paucicostata v pujupatii flat stem, long red flowers          $3.50
970.922-paucicostata v pujupatii KK712 powdery grey stem, red fl     $4.00
970.93-paucicostata `senilis' KK754 Llamelin, hairy red flowers      $4.00
970.936-polzii shiny stem, clusters freely, red flowers              $3.50
970.94-polzii Quivilla, Peru, light green stem                       $4.00
970.947-ritteri long red curved flowers                              $4.00
971.8-weberbaueri orange flowers, bright yellow sp                   $4.00
971.85-winteri 'axiosa'nn KK1035 long thin spines                    $4.00

Melocactus, /3,6,14/ strong spines, cephalium when mature
972-bahiensis stem to 15cm, super stout spines                       $4.00
973.63-concinnus HU450 Bahia, squat stem, very stout spines          $5.00
#973.7-conoideus HU183 Bahia                                         $4.00
974.7-diersianus                                                     $4.00
977.74-levitestatus heavy dark spines, white fruits                  $3.50
977.8-loboguereroi heavy downward arching radials                    $4.00
980-maxonii dark green stem, brownish red cephalium                  $3.50
984.1-trujilloensis v schoenii KK1088 Laredo, Peru, quite small stem $4.00

Mila, /3,6,14/ slender stems with bristly spines, Peru
985.4-fortalezensis KK1405 Rio Forteleza, bright yellow flowers      $4.00
985.45-maritima KK768 Paramonga, small bright yellow flowers         $4.00
985.47-nealeana KK454 Rio Eulalia, thick tuberous roots              $4.00

Morawetzia, /15/ columnar sort from Peru, wooly
985.585-sericata /15/ short clumping stems, very wooly               $3.50
985.59-sericata L204 wooly stem, fantastic red-purple flower         $4.00
985.6-variicolor KK345 sharp needle-like sp, red fl                  $4.00

Neolloydia, /3,6,13/ small, brightly colored flowers
1021.98-conoidea FO-203 Ixmiquilpan, flowers when very small         $4.00
1022-conoidea SB828 /14/ Rayones, NL, brown centrals                 $4.00
1024-conoidea SB596 /17596/ La Blanca, Zac., dark sp, purple fl      $4.00
1025-conoidea SB824 /16/ Arteagas, Coah., taller stems               $4.00
1025.5-conoidea SB1627 Los Imagines, Coah, flowers all summer        $4.00
1026.5-conoidea 'grandiflora' SB238 Guadalcazar,SLP                  $4.00
1028-conoidea 'grandiflora' SB704 Guadalcazar, SLP                   $4.00
1029-matehualensis SB279 /15/ Huizache, SLP, blue grey               $6.00
1030-conoidea SB669 /16/ Galeana, NL, 12-15 radials, 0-2 cen.        $4.00

Neoporteria, /3,6,14/ variable low small plants, Chile
1030.03-atrispinosa KK42 disc shaped body, dark spines               $4.00
1030.045-cachytaensis 'Neoch' black body                             $3.50
1030.046-cachytaensis v flaviflorus dark body, coppery flowers       $3.50
1030.062-calderana FR496 Caldera, Copiapo                            $4.00
1030.1-chilensis Los Molles, fine glassy spines                      $4.00
1030.124-chilensis v albidiflora WJ200 Pichidangui, yellow-red fl    $4.00
1030.13-chilensis FK3 La Ligua, large open fuschia red flowers       $4.00
1030.132-chilensis WJ298 Guaquen, on coastal hills                   $4.00
1030.2-clavata thick erect grey green st, long stiff sp              $3.50
1030.22-clavata KK62 tall thick body, few heavy black spines         $4.00
1030.3-coimasensis small body with taproot, very spiny stem          $3.50
1030.4-coimasensis FR473 very dense dark spines                      $4.00
1030.44-coimasensis KK1554 S Antonio, dense stout dark sp            $4.00
1030.5-confinis (Neoch), shiny white flowers                         $4.00
1030.7-crispa (Neoch), flat black stem, very thick taproot           $4.00
1030.73-curvispina thick curved sp, wide open copper flower          $4.00
1030.75-curvispina v andicola dark purple stem                       $3.50
1030.7524-curvispina v andicola f mollensis KK1611 Molle 1000m       $4.00
1030.755-curvispina v carrizalensis FK58-77                          $4.00
1030.76-curvispina v echinus dark stem, heavy stout dark sp          $3.50
1030.77-curvispina v echina FR537 Cerro Coloso                       $4.00
1030.784-curvispina v geissei dark olive green stem                  $3.50
1030.79-curvispina v heinrichianus huge purple stem                  $3.50
1030.795-curvispina v heinrichianus Trapiche, dark red flowers       $4.00
1030.834-curvispina v tuberisulcata FR223 dark purple body,white sp  $4.00
1030.836-deherdtiana KK114 Trapiche 800m, dark green stem            $4.00
1030.86-eriocephala fine white hairs cover stems                     $3.50
1030.87-eriocephala KK1173 long white hairs under fl                 $4.00
1030.88-eriocephala v glaucescens dark flat stem, nice flowers       $3.50
1031.223-hankeana v roseiflora                                       $3.50
1031.25-intermedia KK187 dense fine white spines                     $4.00
1031.26-islayensis (Islaya), thick downcurved spines                 $4.00
1031.261-islayensis KK350 Chala, sharp golden spines hide stem       $4.00
1031.263-islayensis ` I. solitaria' KK677 Camana Pampa               $4.00
1031.264-islayensis KK1161 Ilo., long white spines                   $4.00
1031.266-islayensis KK1338 Atico                                     $4.00
1031.268-islayensis f. brevicylindrica KK537 Ocona, 300m             $4.00
1031.27-islayensis v copiapoides few stout spines, dark stem         $3.50
1031.271-islayensis v copiapoides 'echinata' KK1337 Chala, 300m      $4.00
1031.2726-islayensis v divaricatiflora KK1789 Atico 500m, short sp   $4.00
1031.277-islayensis f. grandiflorens KK593                           $4.00
1031.278-islayensis f. grandiflorens KK594 white wooly crown         $4.00
1031.282-islayensis `longicarpa' KK1080 balloon pink fruits          $4.00
1031.288-islayensis f. spinosior KK682 bright red sp                 $4.00
1031.293-jussieui (Neoch), dark purple body, broad low ribs          $4.00
1031.294-jussieui FR252A stem notched with deep ribs                 $4.00
1031.298-krainziana KK1078 Matarani, dense dark reddish spines       $4.00
1031.4-lindleyi KK348 Chala 200m, very few spines                    $4.00
1033.14-multicolor KK98 El Molle 600m, stout golden spines           $4.00
1033.18-napina grey stem, tiny black spines                          $4.00
1033.52-neohankeana L869 Taltal, dark purple stem, fat ribs          $4.00
1036.42-paucicostata FR521 20 k n Paposo, deep ribbed stem           $4.00
1036.43-paucicostata KK1303 freely flowering in late winter          $4.00
1036.5-paucicostata v viridis dark green body, copper flowers        $3.50
1036.54-paucicostata v viridis KK67 Paposo, purplish-grey-green stem $4.00
1036.65-pilispina v pygmaea freely flowering                         $3.50
1036.66-pilispina v pygmaea FK45-77 20 k n Chanaral                  $4.00
1037-polyraphis tiny low stem, thick taproots                        $3.50
1037.3-rapifera low stem with taproot, dark grey-black sp            $3.50
1037.32-recondita small stem, hairy buds                             $3.50
1037.323-reichei f aerocarpa FR500                                   $4.00
1037.324-reichei f aerocarpa FK63 Canto de Agua, tiny spines         $6.00
1037.4-residua stem pale green, brown spines                         $3.50
1037.475-sociabilis FK147-79 shaggy white sp, black body             $4.00
1037.48-subgibbosa Zapallar, Acong., thick spiny stem                $4.00
1037.513-subgibbosa f castaneoides large wooly areoles, sharp sp     $3.50
1037.514-subgibbosa v castanea KK1606 Valparaiso,short needle spines $4.00
1037.53-subgibbosa f. litoralis fine grey upright spines, pink fl    $3.50
1037.532-subgibbosa f litoralis KK12 Coquimbo, dark stem             $4.00
1037.54-subgibbosa v mamillaroides stiff needlelike spines           $3.50
1037.55-subgibbosa v microsperma dark purple stem, many pink fl      $3.50
1037.554-subgibbosa v microsperma FK326-82 10 k n La Serena          $4.00
1037.57-subgibbosa v microsperma f. serenana flowers when tiny       $3.50
1037.58-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida long dark spines                   $3.50
1037.594-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida KK11 dark thick fuzzy sp          $4.00
1037.6-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida KK13A Coquimbo, 300m                $4.00
1037.61-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida FK21 Estancia Frai Jorge           $4.00
1037.62-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida `coquimbana' KK64 bone white sp    $4.00
1037.63-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida 'nigra' KK26 Juan Soldado, Chile   $4.00
1037.64-taltalensis flat black stem, creamy flowers                  $3.50
1037.658-taltalensis KK1172 Esmeralda                                $4.00
1037.66-taltalensis KK1199 Taltal, dark gray bodies, violet flowers  $4.00
1037.75-vexata FR1055 Morro Moreno, Antofagasta                      $4.00
1037.77-vexatus v horridus KK1622                                    $4.00
1038-villosa tiny at maturity, long thin dark hairlike sp            $3.50
1038.2-villosa FK71-77 Huasco, hairlike spines                       $4.00
1038.4-villosa KK51 Huasco Bajo, long upright hairs conceal stem     $4.00
1038.5-villosa v cephalophora long hairlike spines                   $3.50
1038.8-violaciflora KK68 Paposo, dark violet flowers (Neoch)         $4.00
1039-wagenknechtii grey green stem, black fuzzy sp                   $3.50
1039.07-wagenknechtii KK120 La Serena, dense glassy spines           $4.00
1039.2-wagenknechtii v napina squat stem with taproot                $3.50
1039.25-wagenknechtii v napina KK178 Los Choros 500m, dense light sp $4.00
1039.4-taltalensis Esmeralda, Chile, twisted black spines            $4.00

Nopalea, /3,14/ bushy subtropical types, long thin pads
1042.2-auberi upright trunk, shiny blue-green pads                   $3.50
1042.22-cochinillifera low trunk, very few spines on pads            $3.50

Notocactus, /2,6,15-17/ bright yellow to red flowers
1042.7-agnetae /17/ wooly stem, nice yellow-pink flowers             $3.50
1043-allosiphon short thin sharp spines                              $3.50
1044-apricus /17/ bristlely spines, huge yellow fl                   $3.50
1047.76-bommeljei long thin red centrals                             $3.50
1052.4-concinnus v parviflorus curly red tipped spines               $3.50
1052.6-corynodes Uruguayan 'Horse Crippler'                          $3.50
1054.6-floricomus short stiff spines cover stem, red stigma          $3.50
1064-leninghausii bristly yellow spines, white crown                 $3.50
1064.3-leprosorum /17/ broad flat stem, wooly apex, pink fruit       $3.50
1065.8-magnificus powdery blue stems, bristly spines                 $3.50
1066-mammulosus /17/ short spines, huge yellow shiny fl              $3.50
1066.2-mammulosus R343 Uruguay, bright red stigma lobes, yellow fl   $4.00
1067-mammulosos v albispinus /17/ stout white spines                 $3.50
1067.5-mammulosus v arbolitoensis short stiff white spines           $3.50
1068-mammulosus v brasiliensis /17/ white wooly areoles              $3.50
1068.32-mammulosus v multiflorus HU288 Las Floras, orange spines     $4.00
1068.4-mammulosus v paucicostatus bright red stigma lobes            $3.50
1068.6-mammulosus v rubrispinus /17/                                 $3.50
1069.82-militaris HU176 Rio Grande do Sul                            $4.00
1069.98-muegelianus HU82 orange-red flowers                          $4.00
1070-mueller-melchersii thick stem, bristly wooly fl                 $3.50
1071.1-mueller-moelleri SCH. 151 short adpressed red sp              $4.00
1072-muricatus bright green stems, yellow fl                         $3.50
1075.852-pauciareolatus f ernestii flat wooly body, 3 yellow spines  $3.50
1075.854-paucicostatus flat red tinged stem, pink fruits             $3.50
1076.5-roseoluteus /17/ salmon pink flowers                          $3.50
1077-rutilans /17/ long thick spines, huge shiny pink fl.            $3.50
1077.1-rutilans Cerro Largo, Urug., bright pink flowers              $4.00
1077.5-schlosseri /17/ densely covered with orange spines            $3.50
1077.6-schlosseri DV4 Garzon, Maldonado, orange spines               $4.00
1078.24-scopa v murielii DV73/E soft white spines                    $4.00
1085.18-vanvlietii v antonianus curly interlacing spines             $3.50
1085.8-warasii tall erect stem, short bristly spines                 $3.50

Opuntia, /4,6,9,12/ very diverse genus
1086.426-aggeria /17/ Lajitas, TX, mat forming, super tough          $4.00
1086.443-angustata DJF162 /17/ Superior, Az, heavy white sp          $4.00
1086.444-angustata DJF1573 /17/ Wikieup, Az                          $4.00
1086.445-arbuscula DJF1453 s Casa Grande, Az (P no export)           $4.00
1086.4452-arbuscula DJF1455 n Tucson, Az, slender cylinders          $4.00
1086.72-basilaris SB1976 Silver Peak, NV, huge pink flowers          $4.00
1086.75-basilaris /18/ Meadview, Az, purple pads in winter, rose fl  $5.00
1086.8-basilaris v brachyclada /17/ San Gabriel Mt, miniature form   $5.00
1086.81-basilaris /17/ Borrego Springs, CA, pink paddles             $6.00
1086.827-moelleri SB1157 /17/ La Rosa, Coah, dwarf, white sp         $4.00
1086.828-bulbispina SB1886 /17/ Hipolito, Coah                       $4.00
1086.83-burrageana DJF32 /14/ Las Pocitas, BCN                       $4.00
1086.839-chaffeyi /16/ underground tuber, cylindrical stems          $3.50
1086.9-clavata DJF1060.01 /18/ Bernalillo Co, NM, white dagger sp    $4.00
1087-clavata SB93 /18/ Valencia Co, NM, white spines                 $4.00
1088-clavata SB698 /18/ Sandoval Co, NM, very broad thin sp          $4.00
1088.5-chisosensis SB992 /17/ Brewster Co,TX, long bright yellow sp  $5.00
1088.51-chisosensis SB1000 Brewster Co, Tx, orange spines & flowers  $4.00
1088.54-ciribe SB1663 El Rosario, BCN, chunky joints                 $4.00
1088.62-compressa /18/ Washington, DC, bright green round pads       $4.00
1088.63-compressa /18/ Black Rock, AR, tuberous roots                $4.00
1090.06-cymochila DJF933.13 Larimer Co, Colo, fruit good for jelly   $4.00
1090.22-cymochila SB924 /18/ Keith Co, Neb.                          $4.00
1090.3-cymochila SB1047 /18/ Hartley Co, TX, small clusters          $4.00
1090.4-davisii DJF895.6 /18/ Chaves Co, NM, shiny yellow sp          $4.00
1090.623-echinocarpa /17/ Yucca Valley, CA, very spiny bushes        $4.00
1092.5-engelmannii DJF804 /17/ w.Belen,NM, VERY NICE, yel/black sp   $4.00
1099.9-engelmannii v dillei DJF1143 /17/ s Alamagordo, NM            $4.00
1101.03-erinacea SB1422 /17/ nw Mohave Co, Az, hairlike sp           $5.00
1101.07-erinacea v ursina SB1760 Beaver Dam Mts, UT,long white hairs $5.00
1101.08-erinacea v ursina /17/ Meadview, AZ, 20 cm sp, apricot fl    $5.00
1101.1-ficus-indica /16/ spineless, sweet tasty fruit                $4.00
1101.152-fragilis DJF1669 /18/ Hot Springs, SD                       $4.00
1101.164-fragilis SB1423 /18/ Deuel, NE, super yellow-red flower     $4.00
1101.18-fragilis v brachyartha /18/ Whitewater, Col                  $4.00
1101.19-fragilis x polyacantha 'Bronze Beauty', bronze in winter     $4.00
1101.21-fragilis x polyacantha 'Smithwick', yellow-red flowers       $4.00
1101.24-fragilis X polyacantha SB1424 Chaffee Co, CO                 $4.00
1101.28-fulgida San Carlos, Son, spiny cholla                        $4.00
1101.39-gilvescens DJF1498 /18/ Comb Wash, UT, spiny form            $4.00
1101.395-grahamii SB1885 /17/ Candelaria, Tx                         $4.00
1101.8-kleiniae SB1913 /18/ Valencia Co, NM, pink-purple fl          $4.00
1104.1-imbricata /18/ Ca$on City, CO, rare form with white flower    $4.00
1104.12-imbricata Columbus, NM, from white flowering plants          $4.00
1104.19-imbricata SB99 /18/ Manzano Mts, NM, dark purple flowers     $4.00
1104.2-imbricata v argentea SB2248 Mariscal Mts, TX, dense white sp  $5.00
1104.24-imbricata v vexans DJF625 s. Pablio,NL, VERY spiny, white sp $4.00
1104.4-joconostele FO-036 /15/ Pachuca, Hgo., erect stem             $4.00
1104.4803-leptocaulis DJF400 /17/ Ladrone Mts, NM, very far north    $4.00
1104.4806-leptocaulis SB1897 /17/ Cuchillo, Coah, bushy, red fruits  $4.00
1104.4964-pottsii v montana DJF1437 Alameda, NM, thick round tuber   $5.00
1104.497-pottsii v montana SB248 /18/ Manzano Mts. Torrance Co, NM   $4.00
1104.5026-macrocentra SB103 /17/ Rincon, NM, long black spines       $4.00
1104.51-macrorhiza /18/ Manhattan, Ks                                $4.00
1104.58-macrorhiza DJF865.12 /18/ Huerfano Co, Colo                  $4.00
1104.7-macrorhiza DJF929.12 /18/ Berthoud, COL                       $4.00
1104.72-macrorhiza DJF933.12 /18/ Ft Collins, Colo                   $4.00
1104.74-macrorhiza DJF973.12 /18/ Sedgwick Co, Colo                  $4.00
1104.784-macrorhiza DJF1437 /18/ Alameda, Sandoval Co, NM            $5.00
1104.92-microdasys SB1057 /17/ La Blanca, Zac, fat round root        $4.00
1104.928-microdisca /17/ bright red flowers, short white sp          $3.50
1104.9285-microdisca w Las Flores, SJ, tufts of white spines         $4.00
1104.929-microdisca /17/ few spined cylindrical form, yellow fl      $3.50
1104.9291-microdisca DJF 263 n Molinas, bright yellow sp             $4.00
1104.9292-microdisca DJF266 La Poma, variable flower colour          $4.00
1104.9294-microdisca DJF310 Capoallitas Pass, Andalgala, white sp    $4.00
1104.9295-microdisca DJF265 Pueblo Viejo, Salta, half-moon pads      $4.00
1104.9297-microdisca DJF423 /17/ San Martin, Salta, squat dark pads  $4.00
1104.9298-microdisca MLV 14 /17/ Sumalao, Salta, small pads          $4.00
1104.931-moelleri SB2163 /17/ Cuatrocienagas, flat white spines      $4.00
1104.932-munzii /17/ Oracle Jct, AZ, yellow-green-red fl             $4.00
1104.96-ovata /18/ small stacking round pads, red flowers            $3.50
1104.965-ovata DJF175 Termas de Villavicencio, intense orange fl     $4.00
1104.97-ovata DJF247 w Tafi del Valle, Arg, tiny pads                $4.00
1104.975-ovata DJF335 Iglesia, San Juan                              $4.00
1105.06-pestifer /14/ (P:no export), low bush, flat joints           $4.00
1105.3-phaeacantha DJF658.14 /18/ Pueblo Co, Colo                    $4.00
1112-phaeacantha SB1070 /18/ Larimer Co, Colo, furthest north        $4.00
1113.9-polyacantha DJF946 /18/ s Julesberg, COL, magenta flowers     $4.00
1114.1-polyacantha SB925 /18/ Keith Co, NEB                          $4.00
1116.2-polyacantha v aurea SNL148 /18/ e St George, Ut               $4.00
1116.32-polyacantha v hystricina DJF1061 /18/ Bern. Co.,NM, yel. fl. $4.00
1116.4-polyacantha v hystricina DJF1138 Bernalillo Co,NM, magenta fl $4.00
1116.5-poly v hystricina SB1012 San Juan Co, NM, red + yellow fl     $4.00
1116.56-polyacantha v juniperiana /18/ Trout Creek Pass, Col         $4.00
1116.603-polyacantha v juniperiana /18/ s Bloomfield, NM             $4.00
1116.608-polyacantha v juniperiana SB1911 /18/ Lybrook, NM, bluish   $4.00
1116.612-poly v schweriniana DJF1539 /18/ Taos, NM, tiny pads        $4.00
1116.615-trichophora Cibola Co, NM, long hairs                       $4.00
1116.8-pottsii /17/ Clovis, NM, red flowers                          $4.00
1116.9-pulchella RP122 /18/ Millard Co, UT, thick taproot            $5.00
1116.913-pulchella RP128 Snake Valley, UT/NV, large club joints      $6.00
1116.92-pulchella SB1453 s Callao, Ut                                $6.00
1117.8-retrospina DJF303 /17/ La Vi$a, Salta, flame red flowers      $4.00
1118.5-rhodantha DJF1495 /18/ Cleveland, UT, thick spines            $4.00
1119.836-rutila DJF1498 Comb Ridge, Ut (P:no export), pink-yelow fl  $4.00
1119.837-rutila DJF1554 La Sal Mts, UT, yellow fl                    $4.00
1119.92-schottii SB394 /17/ Crockett Co, TX, brown sp.,loose joints  $4.00
1119.93-schottii SB915 /17/ Culberson Co, TX, yellow sp              $4.00
1121-spinosior DJF903.1 /18/ Grant Co, spiny tinker toys             $4.00
1121.6-stanleyi DJF901.01 /17/ Hidalgo Co, NM, club-shaped           $4.00
1122.1-stricta Big Pine Key, Fl, good tortoise food                  $4.00
1122.3-strigil DJF788.22 /18/ Terrell Co,TX, yellow sp               $5.00
1122.5-sulphurea /17/ Tilcara, Jujuy, Arg., 2500m                    $4.00
1122.546-sulphurea DJF448 /17/ La Quiaca, heavy white sp, tubers     $4.00
1122.7413-mackensenii DJF1298 /18/ Lawton, Ok, (was 'tortispina')    $4.00
1122.7414-mackensenii DJF1299 Reagan Co, TX, brown spines            $4.00
1122.7417-trichophora v nova SB912 Orogrande NM, baked caliche flats $4.00
1122.744-tunicata DJF614 Catorce, SLP, flat white sp                 $4.00
1122.75-velutina FO-239 /15/ Coxcatlan, yellow hairy pads, trunk     $4.00
1122.78-vulgaris variegated form, 'Joseph Coat'                      $3.50
1122.87-viridiflora DJF803 /18/ Pojoaque, NM, bronze flowers         $4.00
1122.9-viridiflora SB957 /18/ Santa Fe, NM, orange fl., RARE!        $4.00
1122.96-whipplei DJF1116.24 /18/ Querino Wash, Az                    $4.00
1123-whipplei SB584 /18/ Coconino Co, AZ, low spiny bush             $4.00
1123.132-zuniensis DJF1499 McElmo Cyn, Col                           $4.00
1123.14-pyrocarpa DJF81 /17/ e Cuatrocienagas                        $4.00
1123.22-microsdisca MLV67 /16/ Uquia 2900m, long thin yellow sp      $4.00
1123.256-standleyi SB1855 Candelaria, Tx, 'agreria' club cholla      $4.00

Oreocereus, /15-16/ showy short columnar, long hairs
1123.261-celsianus DJF478 w Tafna, Jujuy, massive thick stems        $4.00
1123.2611-celsianus DJF272 Tafna, Jujuy, giant form                  $4.00
1123.2618-celsianus /17/ stout red spines, whispy white hair         $3.50
1123.263-fossulatus Cuchu Ingenio, Bol. 3000m                        $4.00
1123.2638-hendriksenianus tall slender stem                          $3.50
1123.27-urmiriensis tall slender stem,long yellow sp                 $4.00
1123.272-variicolor KK887 Ticnamar 3200m Chile, with little wool     $4.00

Oroya, /2,6,16-17/ small globose stem, Peru
1123.276-acollana KK578 bright orange-red flowers                    $4.00
1123.289-peruviana KK383 few red-brown sp, dark green stem           $4.00
1123.29-peruviana v caespitosa KK1873 flat branching stems           $4.00
1123.291-peruviana v depressa J037 Andahuaylaz 3800m, flat stem      $4.00

Pachycereus, /3,6,14/ huge tree-like cereoids from Mexico
1123.4-pecten-aboriginum Guiengola Mts, Oax, densely spined fruits   $4.00
1123.42-pringlei young plants with frosted white sp                  $3.50

Parodia, /1,6,10,14-17/ most small, dense spines
1123.5-albo-fuscata B81 short yellow-orange hooks                    $4.00
1123.78-aureicentra /17/ dense hooked yellow spines, huge stem       $3.50
1124.41-ayopayana v buxbaumiana very robust brown spines             $3.50
1124.52-bilbaoensis L384 Presto, 2800m, brown spines                 $4.00
1124.53-borealis KK1411 /16/ Chuma-Munecas 2800m, straight white sp  $4.00
1124.56-camargensis KK497 hooked rusty brown spines, orange fl       $4.00
1124.57-camargensis v castanea dark curly stout spines               $3.50
1124.6-camblayana KK1406 Rio Camblaya, orange hooks                  $4.00
1126.5-carrerana KK1130 Las Carreras 2800m                           $4.00
1127-catamarcensis thick clawlike red-orange centrals                $3.50
1127.2-catamarcensis v rubriflorens HERZOG 137 flowers all summer    $4.00
1127.71-chirimoyarana KK1759 O'Conner, Bol. 1200m                    $4.00
1129-comarapana thin yellow spines, orange yellow fl                 $3.50
1129.138-comosa KK1002 Rio La Paz, very wooly, shaggy sp             $4.00
1129.15-culpinensis short hooked spines, very wooly                  $3.50
1129.31-echinus FR747 dense shiny spines, wooly crown                $4.00
1129.312-echinus KK1664 Potosi 4000m, few fat ribs, wooly            $4.00
1129.317-escayechensis dense yellow twisted spines                   $3.50
1129.318-escayechensis KK482 Escayachi, robust yellow hooked sp      $4.00
1129.6-faustiana scarlet-yellow flowers                              $3.50
1129.7-maassii KK826 long curly bright yellow sp                     $4.00
1129.81-glischrocarpa HERZOG 101 Salta, small stem                   $4.00
1130-gracilis small stems, short hooked brown spines                 $3.50
1130.5-idiosa squat stem, short brown hooked centrals                $3.50
1130.8-koehresiana wispy orange spines, very wooly                   $3.50
1131-laui white wooly areoles, orange flowers                        $3.50
1131.5-maassii long robust hooked spines                             $3.50
1131.51-maassii MLV26 Uquia 3000m, stout hooked brown sp             $4.00
1131.52-maassii MN155 Caspala, 2900m, long hooked spines             $4.00
1131.57-maassii DJF287 se Tres Cruces, long hooked brown sp          $4.00
1131.7-maassii v albescens light brown sp., white wooly areoles      $3.50
1131.8-maassii v intermedia                                          $3.50
1132-mairanana globose green stem, orange-yellow fl.                 $3.50
1134-microsperma columnar stem, tight reddish brown sp               $3.50
1134.124-microsperma DJF309 n Capallitas, twisted sp, big red fl     $4.00
1134.5-microsperma v cafayatensis darker red sp                      $3.50
1135-microthele short fine sp, orange-red fl                         $3.50
1135.28-minuta tiny stems, bright yellow flowers                     $3.50
1135.3-minuta KK1555 Perez, Valle Grande, 1800m Bol, orange fl       $4.00
1135.4-muhrii very stout hooked orange-brown spines                  $3.50
1135.52-multicostata FR733 short thick hooks                         $4.00
1136-nivosa shiny white spines and red flowers                       $3.50
1136.8-otaviana Pampa de Otavi, Bol. 3500m, orange fl                $4.00
1138-penicillata bright green stem, long bristly sp                  $3.50
1139-penicillata v nivosa long white spines, red fl                  $3.50
1139.2-penicillata v nivosa P250 Salta, all spines white             $4.00
1139.4-potosina stout hooked spines                                  $3.50
1140-procera tall slender stem, brownish spines                      $3.50
1140.05-pseudoayopayana KK1029 Ayopaya Bol 1800m, big wooly areoles  $4.00
1140.12-pseudostuemeri L538 Volcan, red flowers                      $4.00
1140.2-punae short white spines, white wool                          $3.50
1141.1-rauschii DJF262 s Molinos, dense hooked gold-brown sp         $4.00
1141.2-rauschii ZJ231 Cachi Adentro, Salta, super hooked sp          $4.00
1141.54-rubellihamata white hooked spines tipped red                 $3.50
1141.65-rubriflora P158 short orange brown hooked centrals           $4.00
1141.8-rubristaminea FR924 Alemania, Salta, yellow-orange fl         $4.00
1142.1-sanagasta v saltensis tiny stem with hooked centrals          $3.50
1142.51-schuetziana FR48 Volcan, Jujuy, carmine flowers              $4.00
1142.52-schwebsiana red flowers, white wooly top                     $3.50
1142.8-setosa bristly-hairy stem, red flowers                        $3.50
1143-steumeri coppery orange fl, wooly crown                         $3.50
1143.4-steumeri MN107 Ing Maury, Salta 2500m, hairy orange fl        $4.00
1144.1-subtilihamata FR741 yellow spines, orange-yellow flowers      $4.00
1144.6-suprema KK834 San Antonio 3200m, deep red fl, very long sp    $4.00
1146-tilcarensis MLV45 Tilcara, Jujuy, Arg., dark red flowers        $4.00
1146.1-tilcarensis v gigantea salmon red flowers, honey brown sp     $4.00
1147-weberiana short tight yellow spines                             $3.50

Pediocactus, /4,6,9,17-18/ small plants, all cold hardy
1154.103-simpsonii BB94-3 Malta, ID, small flat stem,black centrals  $8.00
1154.22-simpsonii RP63 Meadow Canyon, Ut                             $8.00
1154.24-simpsonii RP101 Pancake Range, NV, under sagebrush           $8.00
1154.8-simpsonii v minor SB194 Jefferson Co CO, pink fl, gold spines $8.00
1159.54-simpsonii SB1851 Grouse Creek Mts, Ut, huge gold stem        $8.00
1170.08-simpsonii v nigrispinus BB93-2 Oregon, white flowering      $10.00
1170.47-simpsonii v robustior BB93-1 White Sage Flat, OR             $8.00
1171-simpsonii v nigrispinus RP05 Yakima Co, Wa., black spines      $10.00

Pereskiopsis, /3,14/ scrambling bushes, with leaves
1177.3-porterii fast, good for grafting seedlings                    $4.00

Pilosocereus, /3,6,14/ wooly columnar ceroides
1178.528-gounellii long brown spines project from wool               $4.00

Polaskia, /3,14/ cereiodes from Mexico
1179.1-chichipe /14/ tree with many curved branches                  $3.50

Pterocactus, /16-18/ tuberous roots
1179.2-decipiens /17/ soft freshy green stem, massive taproot        $3.50
1179.21-decipiens DJF186 Agua del Toro, Mend.                        $6.00
1179.24-gonjianii DJF319 Cuesta Loro Huasi, Catam                    $6.00
1179.29-kuntzei DJF181 Potrillos, Mend                               $6.00
1179.292-kuntzei DJF185 Alm Papagayos, Mend                          $5.00
1179.294-kuntzei DJF186 Agua del Toro, Mend (P no export)            $5.00
1179.4-tuberosus /18/ grey stem, white sp, limp in winter            $3.50
1179.6-tuberosus STO92-546 /17/ Salinas de Ambragasta                $5.00

Puna, /3,6,16/ deep taproot, tiny rounded stems
1179.96-subterranea /17/ huge tubers with tiny grey round stem       $6.00
1180.1-subterranea Inco, Huasi, Bol, fuschia flowers                 $6.00

Pygmaeocereus, /14/ tiny globose stem, thick taproot, Peru
1180.95-akersii KK1124 Chala 300m, tiny spines, fragrant white fl    $5.00
1180.98-bylesianus tiny clustering heads, large fragrant white fl    $4.00
1181-bylesianus KK1058 Matarani 300m, fine white-grey sp             $5.00
1181.2-familiaris KK1123 Camana 400m, short white-black sp           $6.00
1181.4-rowleyanus short white spines tipped brown                    $5.00

Pyrrhocactus, /2,6,8,15-16/ low thick stem, stout spines
1183-strausianus /17/ Mendoza, (= atrospinosus)                      $5.00
1183.7-bulbocalyx /17/ Mazan, La Rioja, heavy curved spines          $6.00
1185.6-bulbocalyx L505 /16/ Sierra Mazan, near black spines          $5.00
1187.53-strausianus /17/ San Rafael, Mendoza                         $5.00
1187.6-strausianus R542 /17/ Cacheuta, Mendoza                       $4.00

Rebutia, /2,6,15-17/ (incl Aylostera & Mediolobivia)
1187.96-aiquilensis nn KK1926 Aiquile, Bol 2600m, brown & white sp   $4.00
1188-albiareolata FR761 dark green body,dense white sp               $4.00
1188.53-albopectinata KK852 Sama 3000m, very short white sp          $4.00
1188.7-archibuiningiana L404 light green body, bright orange fl      $4.00
1189-aureicentra dense bristly yellow sp, red flowers                $3.50
1189.5-aureispina KK843 Junacas 2100m, yellow spines                 $4.00
1189.52-aureispina KK1694 Potosi, Bol 3800m, sharp dark golden sp    $4.00
1189.6-brunescens R480 fat round stem, flowers all summer            $4.00
1189.65-brunneoradicata FR1109 San Antonio, Tarija, thick taproot    $4.00
1189.7-buiningiana thin white/brown spines, orange fl                $3.50
1189.8-cajasensis super abundant orange-red flowers                  $3.50
1190-cajasensis FR1141 tiny green stem, red-orange fl                $4.00
1190.5-calliantha flame red flower, white spines                     $3.50
1190.6-canaletas n.n KK1565 Canaletas, Tarija 2500m                  $4.00
1192.7-coarctata leaf green body, vivid orange-red fl                $3.50
1193.3-decrecens KK1924 Mizque, Rio Caine, 2200m, violet-red fl      $4.00
1193.7-deminuta f. pseudominuscula rich red flowers                  $3.50
1193.72-deminuta v pseudominuscula R11 Obispo, Salta                 $4.00
1194.1-densipectinata KK849 tiny silvery brown sp                    $4.00
1194.95-escrupula KK1921 Lago Uyuni 3200m Bol                        $4.00
1195.22-fabrisii v aureiflora R687 bright yellow fl                  $4.00
1195.26-fiebrigii dense long white-brown spines                      $3.50
1195.28-fiebrigii Comarapana, bristly brown spines                   $4.00
1195.51-fiebrigii v densiseta KK853 dense white & gold spines        $4.00
1195.55-flavistyla FR756 /17/ flat stem, orange flowers              $4.00
1195.63-fulviseta Betanzos, Bol., dark reddish bodies                $4.00
1196.697-heliosa KK844 Tarija, 3000m, tiniest of spines              $6.00
1196.7-heliosa R314 silver grey body, orange flowers                 $5.00
1196.8-aff heliosa L405 brilliant orange-red flowers                 $6.00
1196.808-huarinensis KK1922 Huari 3200m, fine hairlike silver sp     $4.00
1196.81-hyalacantha yellow white glassy spines, red fl               $3.50
1196.82-ithyacantha KK1052 Rio Challamarca 2000m                     $4.00
1196.84-kieslingii R694 Valle Grande, Salta, bright orange fl        $4.00
1196.9-kupperiana dark green body, sharp brown spines                $3.50
1197-kupperiana KK597 Humahuata, Arg, long brown spines              $4.00
1197.12-lateritia KK1519 Potosi-Ballestro, 3800m Bol, soft white sp  $4.00
1197.2-lauii L416 Las Cajas, Bol., fine white spines                 $4.00
1197.43-mamillosa v australis tiny flat stem, dark red fl            $3.50
1197.53-marsoneri v albescens rich yellow flowers                    $3.50
1197.8-maxima thick pink tinged grey stem                            $3.50
1198-minuscula flat green stem, red flowers                          $3.50
1198.5-minuscula f. kariusiana light brown spines                    $3.50
1198.6-minuscula v violaciflora vivid purple-red flowers             $3.50
1199-muscula orange flowers, dense white spines                      $3.50
1199.1-muscula KK842 dense white bristly spines                      $4.00
1199.2-muscula v nivosa KK1301 soft white bristles                   $4.00
1199.9-nivea thin bright white spines, orange fl                     $3.50
1200.4-padcayensis L413 Cara del Diablo, Bol 2800m                   $4.00
1200.44-padcayensis 'margarethae' L544 Santa Victoria                $4.00
1200.6-patericalyx FR757 La Cueava, S Cinti                          $4.00
1204.4-pilayensis KK863 red tinged stem, short sp                    $4.00
1205.5-pseudodeminuta clustering with bristly spines                 $3.50
1206.2-pseudodeminuta v rubrifilamentosa                             $3.50
1206.53-pseudominuscula R690 deep red flowers                        $4.00
1206.54-pseudominuscula DJF423 San Martin, Qbda Escoipe, green stem  $4.00
1206.6-pulchella v prolifera R597                                    $4.00
1207.1-residua KK1517 Potosi-Betanzos, 3500m                         $4.00
1208.2-robustispina long sharp brown spines                          $3.50
1208.7-sanguinea FR760 Angosto, Tarija, blood red flowers            $4.00
1211-senilis bristly white spines, red flowers                       $3.50
1211.08-senilis MN22 El Maray, Quebrada de Escoipe, glassy white sp  $4.00
1213.25-senilis v lilacino-rosea pale pink flowers                   $3.50
1215-spinossima KK861 very spiny stems                               $4.00
1215.18-tarijensis FR1140 Tarija, Bol., few short brown spines       $4.00
1215.213-theresae KK1925 Tarija 2600m, tiny spines                   $4.00
1215.214-tuberosa tiny stem with short spines, taproot, red fl       $3.50
1215.2152-tuberosa KK862 Sama 3800m, short brown-white sp, red fl    $4.00
1215.218-vallegrandensis L351 tiny clusters, orange flowers          $4.00
1215.267-xanthocarpa R1 Quebrada del Toro, Salta, thick taproot      $4.00
1217.04-sp HS202 Sama, short bristly white sp, red fl                $4.00

Roseocereus, /14/ columnar from Bolivia, colorful
1218.01-tephracanthus KK1314 Chapare, Bol, blue-green stem, pink fl  $4.00

Sclerocactus, /4,6,9,11,16-18/ colorful plants, spiny
1220.715-parviflorus DJF775.7 Kayenta, AZ, variable fl color        $10.00
1239.58-spinosior v schleseri RP136 e Panaca, brown curly sp        $10.00
1239.6-spinosior v schleseri SB1015 /18/ Lincoln Co, Nv, pink fl    $10.00

Selenicereus, /3,6,14/ epiphytic with large nocturnal flowers
1244.59-boeckmannii huge white fl, slender stem                      $4.00
1244.592-grandiflorus huge white flowers                             $4.00
1244.5926-hondurensis (P no export), thin stem, huge gold-white fl   $4.00

Stenocereus, /3,6,14/ Mexican cereiods
1244.63-chrysocarpus Chico, Mich, tall fresh green stems             $4.00
1244.66-griseus /14/ Tula, Tam, stems reddish grey                   $4.00
1244.68-marginatus Zimapan, Hgo, grown in fence-post rows            $4.00
1244.85-thurberi 'Organ Pipe', slender parallel stems                $3.50
1244.91-weberi Tetitlan, Pue, huge blue-green candelabras            $4.00

Stetsonia, /3,6,14/ very long black sp., Argentina
1245-coryne Mazan, La Rioja, blue stem, long black spines            $4.00

Sulcorebutia, /3,6,14-15/ small, with colorful flowers
1249-arenacea tight white spines, orange flowers                     $4.00
1249.03-arenacea HS30 Santa Rosa,Bol                                 $4.00
1249.16-breviflora short yellow flowers                              $3.50
1249.177-breviflora WK167 La Vina, bright yellow flowers             $4.00
1249.192-breviflora L315 Rio Caine, short white spines, yellow fl    $4.00
1249.2-breviflora R198 short curly spines, yellow fl.                $4.00
1249.22-candiae tight curly yellow spines                            $4.00
1249.24-candiae JO-694 Tiquirpaya                                    $4.00
1249.4-frankiana R290 dark green stem, yellow-red fl                 $4.00
1249.43-glomeriseta dense soft hairlike spines, orange fl            $4.00
1249.4705-hoffmanniana HS90 Tolata, interlacing white/brown spines   $4.00
1249.58-langeri tiny heads, tight white sp, yellow fl                $3.50
1249.6095-mizquensis dense thin white spines, lilac flowers          $4.00
1249.61-muschii R607 yellow-red flowers                              $4.00
1249.625-pampagrandensis very fat taproot, magenta flowers           $4.00
1249.63-polymorpha R255                                              $4.00
1249.635-pulchra HS78A Presto, very dark stem                        $4.00
1249.671-santiaginiensis MK2828 interlacing red spines, red flowers  $4.00
1249.672-santiaginiensis HS110 Questa Santiago, white sp             $4.00
1249.716-steinbachii v gracilior MK2489 short tight spines           $4.00
1249.732-steinbachii v polymorpha MK2492                             $4.00
1249.82-tiraquensis KK1801 dense fine yellow spines                  $4.00
1249.84-tiraquensis 'bicolorispina' KK809 Epizana, Bol. 3200m        $4.00
1250.04-verticillacantha v aureiflora L389 Calle Calle               $4.00
1250.044-verticillacantha v cuprea R476 Torotoro, orange-red fl      $4.00

Tephrocactus, /4,9,12/ segmented stems, variable spination
1250.19-alexanderi DJF314 s Belen, Cat.                              $4.00
1250.199-alexanderi DJF330 La Rioja, dense spines hide stem          $4.00
1250.2-alexanderi DJF331 /16/ Puerto Alegre, La Rioja                $5.00
1250.21-alexanderi DJF359 Tinigasto, Catam., white spines            $4.00
1250.23-alexanderi DJF473 Iglesia, San Juan                          $4.00
1250.25-alexanderi v bruchii /16/ spiny stacking balls               $3.50
1250.2701-alexanderi v bruchii DJF318 Las Termas, Catam              $5.00
1250.271-alexanderi DJF397 Villa Mervil, stout dark grey spines      $5.00
1250.275-alexanderi v bruchii DJF469 Piedra Pintada, twisted spines  $6.00
1250.279-alexanderi v geometricus DJF319 e Loro Huasi, Cat           $8.00
1250.29-aoracanthus DJF472 San Jose Jachal, San Juan                 $4.00
1250.38-articulatus /16/ (P:no export), flat papery sp               $4.00
1250.4-articulatus /16/ Campana, La Rioja, flat papery spines        $4.00
1250.42-articulatus DJF358 Chilecito, La Rioja, curly papery spines  $4.00
1250.43-articulatus DJF274 ne Belen, Cat.                            $4.00
1250.432-articulatus DJF314 s Belen, Cat, variable colors            $4.00
1250.4321-articulatus DJF315 e Tinigasto                             $4.00
1250.4322-articulatus DJF323 Santa Cruz, La Rioja, huge grey sp      $4.00
1250.4323-articulatus DJF324 Famatina, curly white to brown sp       $4.00
1250.4324-articulatus DJF325 s famatina                              $4.00
1250.4325-articulatus DJF330 La Rioja, very long ashy sp             $4.00
1250.4327-articulatus DJF338 n Mendoza, Mendoza, super curly sp      $4.00
1250.4329-articulatus DJF359 nw Tinigasto, curly white spines        $4.00
1250.433-articulatus DJF475 e Marayes, San Juan, curly brown sp      $4.00
1250.4331-articulatus DJF377 s Serrazuela, Cat, dark stem, spineless $4.00
1250.4332-articulatus DJF396 Aimagusto, grey curly ribbon spines     $4.00
1250.4333-articulatus DJF476 e Marayes                               $4.00
1250.46-molinensis DJF260 n San Carlos                               $4.00
1250.461-molinensis DJF261 n Angustaco, Salta, bulging glochids      $4.00
1250.462-molinensis DJF262 s molinas, Salta                          $4.00
1250.473-molinensis MLV 33 15 k e Cafayate, 1500m, brown glochids    $4.00
1250.5-strobiliformis (P:no export), round red-grey stem             $4.00
1250.54-strobiliformis DJF331 Puerte Alegre, La Rioja                $4.00
1250.55-strobiliformis DJF338 Las Heras, Mendoza                     $4.00
1250.681-weberi DJF248 Aimache Valley, Tucuman, shiny yellow sp      $4.00
1250.683-weberi DJF261 s Agastaco, Salta                             $4.00
1250.684-weberi DJF315 e Tinigasto, southern form                    $4.00
1250.685-weberi DJF463 Catamarca                                     $4.00
1250.7-weberi KG54/87 Agastaco, Salta, long white sp                 $5.00

Thelocactus, /3,6,8,13/ small, with brilliant flowers
1252.5-bicolor FH64 Cerritos, SLP, squat fat stem                    $4.00
1254-bicolor SB278 /17/ Huizache, red-pink-yellow spines             $4.00
1255-bicolor SB287 /16/ Saltillo, flower to 8.5cm diameter           $4.00
1256-bicolor SB563 /16/ Cuesta la Muralla, long thin sp              $4.00
1259-bicolor v bolansis SB607 /16/ San Pedro, Coah, red-pink sp      $4.00
1259.1-bicolor v bolansis SB1095 /17/ El Pilar, Coah, red spines     $4.00
1259.4-bicolor v bolansis SB1926 El Hundido, Coah, bright pink sp    $4.00
1260-bicolor v flavidispinum SB424 /17/ Brewster Co, yellow/red sp   $4.00
1262.1-bicolor v schwarzii Nuevo Quintero, Tam, pink-purple petals   $4.00
1262.4-bueckii /16/ flat reddish stem, purple fl                     $3.50
1262.5-bueckii SB973 /16/ Galeana, bright purple fl                  $4.00
1262.91-conothele e Dr Arroyo, stout golden spines                   $4.00
1262.915-conothele CSD109 Guerrero, SLP, red stem, long spines       $4.00
1262.916-conothele CSD115 La Soledad, SLP                            $4.00
1262.93-conothele CH198 Dr Arroyo, NL, dark & silver spines          $4.00
1262.97-conothele MK117.378 /17/ Pena Nevada, NL, pure white spines  $4.00
1263-conothele SB302 /15/ n Matehula, pink-purple fl.                $4.00
1263.4-conothele SB1966 e Matehuala, SLP, thick flat stem, few sp    $4.00
1264-conothele v argenteus SB311 /16/ Ascencion, NL, shiny white sp  $4.00
1264.1-conothele v argenteus SB1771 /17/ w Ascencion, NL, robust     $4.00
1264.2-conothele v argenteus SB1862 /16/ Sandia Grande, super sp     $4.00
1265-conothelos v aurantiacus SB329 /16/ Aramberri, orange fl        $4.00
1266.5-hastifer thick underground root, purple fl.                   $4.00
1269-hexaedrophorus /16/ small grey stem, white fl                   $3.50
1269.5-hexaedrophorus HAJEK 71 Moctezuma, SLP                        $4.00
1270-hexaedrophorus SB291 /16/ La Perdita, pink-grey stems           $4.00
1270.19-hexaedrophorus GL757 /16/ Dr Arroyo, NL, flat reddish stem   $4.00
1270.3-hexaedrophorus SB1075 San Gregorio, NL, flat grey stem        $4.00
1270.5-hexaedrophorus v decipiens HAJEK 63 Villar, SLP, pinkish stem $4.00
1270.8-hexaedrophorus v fossulatus /16/ long spines, huge taproot    $3.50
1271.5-lausseri red striped petals, papery sp                        $4.00
1272-leucacanthus /15/ clustering stem, yellow fl                    $3.50
1272.05-leucacanthus El Puente, Hgo                                  $4.00
1272.07-leucacanthus San Francisco, Hgo, offsets quickly             $4.00
1273-leucacanthus SB514 Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, shiny yellow flowers       $4.00
1273.18-leucacanthus v schmollii pink-purple fl                      $3.50
1273.2-leucacanthus v schmollii SB579 Vizarron, pink flowers         $4.00
1274-lloydii /16/ low thick dark grey stem, red-white sp             $3.50
1275-lloydii SB113 /17/ Salinas, SLP, white flowers                  $4.00
1275.4-macdowellii /17/ dense white spines, pink fl                  $3.50
1275.43-macdowellii SB1884 /16/ s Higueras, yellowish spines         $4.00
1275.46-macdowellii /16/ Saltillo, Coah, shaggy white spines         $4.00
1275.5-matudae low reddish stem, purple fl                           $3.50
1275.7-matudae SB1339 Rayones, NL, purple flowers                    $4.00
1275.9-panarottoanus Cialtinacada, SLP, strong dark spines           $4.00
1276.93-rinconensis CSD185 Casa Blanca, NL                           $4.00
1277-rinconensis SB301 /17/ Rinconada, very strong spines            $4.00
1277.2-rinconensis v freudenbergerii CSD173 Grutas de Garcia, NL     $4.00
1277.4-rinconensis v nidulans /16/ old spines thatched               $4.00
1277.6-rinconensis v phymatothelos /16/ light pink fl                $4.00
1277.8-rinconensis v phymatothelos SB328 /17/ Canyon Carbonera       $4.00
1278-bicolor v schwarzii /16/ brilliant red-purple fl                $4.00
1279.04-tulensis CH236 Tula, thin papery spines                      $4.00
1279.1-tulensis HK362 Huizache, dark spines, yellow fl               $4.00
1279.11-tulensis La Hacienda, SLP, pale pink flowers                 $4.00

Thrixanthocereus, /14/ columnar, beautiful spination
1279.8-blossfeldiorum KK280 covered with white bristles              $5.00

Toumeya, /4,6,9,17/ tiny thin erect stem, papery sp
#1280.6-papyracantha (= Sclero) RP119 Hudspeth Co,lives in salt pans $9.00

Trichocereus, /3,6,14-17/ columnar, large flowers
1283.22-bruchii /17/ thin yellow spines, red flowers                 $3.50
1283.238-bruchii ZJ119 /17/ Tafi del Valle                           $4.00
1283.25-camarguensis KK1413 dense yellow spines hide stem            $4.00
1283.365-catamarcensis stem 1 inch tall, red flowers                 $4.00
1283.43-huascha /17/ bright red flowering plants                     $4.00
1283.4324-huascha /16/ border Catamarca-La Rioja                     $4.00
1283.4331-huascha DJF312 Andalgala, Catamarca, sharp tan spines      $4.00
1283.434-huascha v crassicaulis /17/ small stem, rich red fl         $4.50
1283.435-lobivioides 'grandiflorus' /17/ nice HUGE red flowers       $3.50
1283.4362-lobivioides 'grandiflorus' R525 /17/ Catamarca, red fl     $4.00
1283.4365-lobivioides /17/ Rodeo, Catamarca, huge trumpet fl         $4.00
1283.437-aff lobivioides DJF364 n Famatima, thick stemmed            $4.00
1283.44-lobivioides 'purpureominiata' /17/ tiny stem, huge red fl    $3.50
1283.51-pecheretianus FR426 /16/ lemon yellow flowers                $4.00
1283.512-pecheretianus FR426A peach-pink flowers                     $4.00
1283.516-pseudocandicans /17/ La Rioja, huge red flowers             $4.00
1283.52-purpureopilosus /17/ short stem, bud with purple hair        $3.50
1283.598-strigosus /17/ very sharp long sp                           $4.00
1283.6-strigonus /16/ La Rioja, Arg., 700m, needlelike spines        $4.00
1283.61-strigosus /16/ Mazan-Catamarca, very spiny                   $4.00
1283.62-strigosus /16/ n Chilecito, Catamarca 1000m                  $4.00
1283.77-terscheckii /17/ new spines bright yellow                    $3.50
1283.7723-terscheckii DJF405 e Andalgala, dense shiny yellow sp      $4.00
1283.868-thelogonus DJF303 s Salta, prostrate stems, white fl        $4.50

Turbinicarpus, /3,6,8,13,14-15/ tiny plants from Mexico
#1287.5-schmiedickeanus ssp klinkerianus L1065 Huizache,  white fl   $4.00
#1288-schmiedickeanus ssp klinkerianus SB275 Huizache, SLP           $4.00
#1288.7-pseudomacrochele ssp krainzianus wooly crown, yellow-pink fl $3.50
#1288.76-pseudomacrochele ssp krainzianus v minimus, slender stem    $3.50
#1288.8-pseudomacrochele ssp krainzianus FO-259 v minimus, very thin $4.00
#1290.2-lophophoroides L723 Las Tablas, SLP                          $4.00
#1290.25-lophophoroides RHS223 Villa Juarez, SLP, huge 10cm stems    $4.00
#1290.3-lophophoroides SB1276 Las Tablas, translucent pink petals    $4.00
#1291-schmiedickeanus ssp macrochele long curly thick spines on stem $3.50
#1291.4-schmiedickianus ssp macrochele Las Palmas, SLP,pink stripe fl$4.00
#1291.5-schmiedickeanus ssp macrochele SB830 e Matehuala, SLP        $4.00
#1293-schmiedickeanus ssp klinkerianus SB269 s Matehuala 'polaskii'  $4.00
#1294-pseudomacrochele long thin curly yellowish spines              $3.50
#1294.1-pseudomacrochele SB1049 Bernal, Qro, big pink flowers        $4.00
#1294.3-pseudomacrochele Cardonal, Hgo, squat stem, carrot taproot   $4.00
1294.4-pseudomacrochele v lausseri yellow-pink fl                    $5.00
#1295.65-X roseiflorus pink flowers, curly spines                    $4.00
#1296-schmiedickeanus large flower with red stipes                   $3.50
#1297-schmiedickeanus SB755 Doctor Arroyo, NL, bright red petals     $4.00
#1297.1-schiemdickeanus ssp dickisoniae Aramberri, NL                $4.00
#1297.15-schmiedickeanus ssp gracilis long tubercles, small cream fl $3.50
#1297.2-schmiedickeanus ssp gracilis SB273 Aramberri, long whispy sp $4.00
#1298-schmiedickeanus ssp schwarzii grey stem, corky sp, white fl    $3.50

Weingartia, /3,6,15-17/ small stem, colorful fl
1302.149-cintiensis KK722 Cinti 2800m, grey globose stem, brown sp   $4.00
1302.2-hajekiana KK1156 brown-yellow spines, fat shiny stem          $4.00
1302.67-knizei dense white spines, yellow flowers                    $4.00
1302.7-lanata very wooly in age, big tubercles                       $3.50
1302.73-lanata HS42B Chuqui Chuqui, Bol, huge wooly tubercles        $4.00
1302.77-lecoriensis KK741 Lecori 3200m, long vertical sp, taproot    $6.00
1302.8-longigibba KK867 low fat stem, yellow fl                      $4.00
1302.84-multispina dense slender sharp spines                        $3.50
1302.8805-neocumingii v koehresii glassy yellow sp                   $3.50
1302.884-platygona squat white wooly tubercles                       $3.50
1302.885-pruinosa v albispina KK1513 dense white sp                  $4.00
1302.887-pulquinensis white wool, stout brown spines                 $3.50
1302.888-pulquinensis HS38A Saipina, dense thin yellow sp            $4.00
1302.896-riograndensis KK507 Rio Grande, Bol. 2000m                  $4.00
1302.897-rio-orensis KK1758 Oropeza, Rio Oro, Bolivia 2600m          $4.00
1302.8975-saipinensis HS37 Saipina, shiny yellow spines              $4.00
1302.98-neocumingii HS77 Presto                                      $4.00
1303-pulquinensis HS101 Pasorapilla, Cochabamba, short dark brown sp $4.00
1304-sp HS158 Tuna Pampa, Bol, fine brown spines                     $4.00

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