Specimen Plants September 2012

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Specimen Plant List 07-12

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Note: add 20% postage for the specimen plants in your order, USA orders only make a separate list on your order for specimens

Cactus Specimen Plants

Acanthocalycium, /3,6,15-17/ globose, from N. Argentina              
3.2-peitscherianum /17/ short stiff spines, white-pink flowers       $6.00
3.3-peitscherianum Catamarca, longer spines, bud with long scales    $6.00
3.4-peitscherianum P208 /17/ soft pastel pink flower                 $7.00
3.6-aff spiniflorum P120 /17/ flower bud covered with sharp scales   $6.00
6-violaceum /17/ long curved spines, violet flowers                  $7.00
6.3-violaceum P204 Cordoba, 1550m, very spiny form                   $7.00

Ancistrocactus, /3,6,8,11,13/ globose, from USA & Mexico           
6.5-brevihamatus /17/ hooked spines, early brown flowers             $7.00
11-scheeri SB360 /16/ Arteagas, Coah, long golden spines             $7.00
12-scheeri SB460 /17/ Monclova, Coah, round stems, brown spines      $6.50

Arequipa, /15-17/ spiny small plants from Peru & Chile             
24.7-sp. Tacna, white-grey spines, long red flower                   $6.00

Astrophytum, /3,6,8,11,13/ small plants, colorful flowers          
49-capricorne /17/ curly papery spines, red center in fl.            $6.00
54-capricorne v minor /17/ dense curly spines                        $6.00
55-capricorne v minor SB323 Saltillo, Coah, fragrant yellow-red fl   $7.00
55.2-capricorne v minor SB1171 El Pilar, Coah, dark black spines     $8.00
62-myriostigma v nudum /15/ smooth pure green stem                   $8.00
62.4-myriostigma v quadricostatum /15/ four ribs, a chunky block    $15.00
62.8-myriostigma v strongylogonum GL652 Las Tablas, fat white stem   $8.00
65-myriostigma v tulense /15/ tall in age, white stem               $15.00
67-ornatum /14/ tall thick stem, long yellow spines                  $7.00
68.6-ornatum v virens                                                $8.00
69-capricorne v senile /17/ dark green body, dark grey-black sp      $6.00
70-capricorne v senile f aureum /17/ spines bright yellow            $8.00

Azureocereus, /14/ cereoides from highlands of Peru               
73.1-hertlingianus v viridis KK333 Apurimac, stem with strong sp     $7.00

Cephalocereus, /3,6,14/ columnar, from Mexico & Caribbean         
76.3-palmeri bluish stem very white wooly in age                     $7.00

Cereus, /3,6,14-15/ South American cereiods, large nocturnal flowers             
78.22-hildmannianus ssp uruguayanus /16/ s Maldonado, Ur             $8.00
78.26-jamacaru spiny stems, big red fruits                           $8.00
78.27-pernambucensis bushy, low growing, huge white fl               $7.00
78.322-validus DJF438 28 k e Salta, 3 m tall, branching              $8.00

Cleistocactus, /3,6,14-16/ columnar with pretty spines            
78.6-baumannii NW of Cordoba, Arg., 800m, fine dark sp               $8.00
78.65-buchtienii thick stem, reddish brown spines                    $8.00

Copiapoa, /3,6,14/ globose plants from deserts of Chile           
83-barquitensis FR654 tiny grey brown stem, white wool               $8.00
83.5-bridgesii top wooly, dark spines, fleshy taproot               $16.00
84.2-coquimbana KK1 small clustering heads, spiny                    $7.00
84.22-coquimbana KK1387 Islon, new spines black                      $7.50
84.23-coquimbana KK1388 San Pablo                                    $6.00
84.5-esmeraldana reddish grey stem, white wooly top                  $7.00
84.83-haseltoniana globose stem, yellow sp, yellow wooly crown       $6.00
85-humilis dark grey stem, short black spines                        $6.00
85.05-humilis nr Mina Julia, white wooly crown                       $6.00
85.703-imbricata KK102 El Molle, 600m                                $8.00
85.711-humilis v longispina soft black round stem,thin dark spines   $7.00
85.717-maritima KK1709 nearly black stem, short thin spines          $6.00
85.7186-militaris KK1389 Chanaralillo                                $8.00
85.83-mollicula KK657 flat stem, heavy underground root              $7.00
85.85-montana very long thick taproots                               $8.00
85.875-paposoensis give gritty humus free soil                       $6.00
85.884-pseudocoquimbana KK86 globose, dark clustering stems          $6.00
85.89-tenuissima thick soft almost black stem, wooly crown          $10.00
85.95-uhligiana KK1398 Esmeraldana, golden spines, coppery stem      $8.00

Coryphantha, /3,6,8/ colorful flowers, from USA & Mexico          
87.49-calipensis /14/ heavy spines, wooly top                        $9.00
87.5-calipensis FO-066 Coxcatlan, Pue.                               $6.00
89.6-cornifera Pena Miller, Qro, black centrals                      $7.00
91-delaetiana SB339 /13,16/ Saltillo, dense brown spines, yellow fl  $5.00
94-durangensis SB453 Lerdo, Dur, clustering grey stems               $6.00
104.5-gladiispina /13,16/ Parras, Coah.                              $6.00
107-hendricksonii SB1016 /16/ Escalon, Chih, pink fl, huge tuber     $6.00
109.9-macromeris /17/ long thin dark spines, huge pink flowers       $7.00
111-macromeris SB139 /17/ Dona Ana Mts, NM, long dark sp            $15.00
111.5-macromeris SB666 /17/ mud flats below Cerro Bola, white sp     $7.00
113-macromeris SB842 Presidio Co, TX, black spines                   $7.00
115.65-pallida CH171 Zapotitlan de Salinas                           $6.00
116-pallida SB568 /13,15/ Tehuacan, Pue., white wooly apex           $8.00
116.33-palmeri GL66 ne Aramberri, NL, heavy hooked centrals          $6.00
116.4-palmeri SB42 Huizache, SLP, heavy hooked centrals              $8.00
122-pulleineana SB33 /13,15/ Huizache, SLP, slender stem, taproot    $8.00
124-radians SB599 /17/ Vizarron, Qro., fewer spines                  $6.00
126.2-ramillosa SB908 /13,16/ Brewster Co, pink fl                   $7.00
129.5-runyonii DJF1035.45 /17/ Starr Co, TX, soft pink flower        $6.00
130-runyonii SB855 /17/ Jim Hogg Co, TX, frilly pink fl              $7.00
130.5-salinensis stout white spines, white wooly crown               $7.00
131.5-scheeri SB260 /17/ Eddy Co, NM, very soft stems                $8.00
136-sulcata SB486 /13,17/ Val Verde Co, TX, red+yellow flowers       $8.00
138-vaupeliana SB716 /13,16/ Doctor Arroyo, NL                       $7.00
164.4-sp. CSD304 Pena Blanca, Qro                                    $7.00

Cumarinia, /3,6,13,15/ very small plant from Mexico               
165-odorata soft tubercles, hooked spines                            $6.00

Denmoza, /3,6,15-16/ short thick columnar types, Argentina        
166.3-rhodacantha /17/ long erect red flower                         $8.00
166.43-rhodacantha KG25-87 30k below Uspallate, Arg                  $8.00

Echinocactus, /6/ barrel cacti, from Mexico & USA                
169.8-grandis FO-035 /13,14,3/ Tehuacan, Pue., nice blue stem        $8.00
169.9-grusonii /16/ tight golden spines, wooly top                  $20.00
175.4-ingens /16/ big robust barrel cactus                          $12.00
175.5-platyacanthus /16/ Ejido Guadalupe Victoria, Coah              $7.00
176.27-platyacanthus SB1630 s Jaumave, big wooly fruits              $7.00

Echinocereus, /2,6,8/ large diverse genus, super flowers         
183.3-brandegeei DJF20 /15/ w San Ignacio, BCS, thin stem form       $6.00
190.524-chloranthus v cylindricus /18/ nice red sp, copper fl        $7.00
190.66-chloranthus v cylindricus `corellii' SB743 shiny yellow sp    $8.00
190.68-chloranthus v cylindricus SB963 /18/ Culberson Co             $7.00
191.202-cinerascens SB702 Pachuca, short flabby stem                 $6.00
191.204-cinerascens SB1279 /16/ Ixmiquilpan, mottled pink fl         $6.00
191.2048-coccineus SB747 /18/ Manzano Mts, NM, shaggy spines         $6.00
191.2105-coccineus SB236 /188,/ Jarilla Mts, NM, multicolored fl    $10.00
191.214-coccineus SB850 /18/ Ladrone Mt, NM, long dense spines       $7.00
191.22-coccineus v toroweapensis SB1758 Washington Co, UT            $7.00
191.255-coccineus v arizonicus SB523 /17/ Gila Co, AZ, thick stem    $6.00
191.258-coccineus v gurneyi SB351 /18/ Lincoln Co, squat stems       $5.00
191.28-coccineus v paucispinus SB406 Kimble Co, Tx                  $12.00
191.285-coccineus v paucispinus SB402 Crockett Co, TX, flabby stems  $6.00
191.29-coccineus v roemeri DJF1306 /17/ Llano Co., TX, tiny stems    $6.00
194.348-engelmannii v boyce-thompsonii /17/ long brown spines        $8.00
198.8-enneacanthus /17/ Est. Marte, Coah., incredible spines         $8.00
198.81-enneacanthus CSD210 /17/ Hipolito, very long grey spines      $7.00
198.82-enneacanthus SB700 Cuchillo, Coah, massive spines             $8.00
199-enneacanthus v brevispinus SB400 /17/ Crockett Co,Tx, flabby     $7.00
203-enneacanthus SB838 Jimenez, Chih, pink-purple fl, new spines red $6.00
208.21-engelmannii v boyce-thompsonii SB961 /17/ Gila Co, AZ         $8.00
208.68-fendleri v rectispinus /17/ heavy black centrals              $6.00
213.72-brandegeei Santa Rosalia, BCS, loves rock cracks              $8.00
216-fitchii SB861 Webb Co, TX, lacey pink flowers                    $6.00
223.38-nivosus /17/ dense soft white hairs cover stem                $8.00
223.5-nivosus SB290 /13,17/ Gral. Cepida, Coah, short white spines   $6.00
223.7-pacificus orange-red fl, clustering stems                      $6.00
223.8-pacificus PP130 Canyon San Carlos, BCN, orange flowers         $7.00
225.56-parkeri L1375 /16/ Dulces Nombres, NL, low clumper            $6.00
225.6-parkeri SB1575 /16/ n Aramberri, NL, bright pink fl            $7.00
225.61-parkeri SB1616 Santa Fe, NL, slender erect stem               $6.00
226.12-pectinatus AG28 /17/ Santa Eulalia, Chih                      $7.00
227.5-pectinatus SB1035 /16/ Huizache, SLP, tiny red-pink sp         $7.00
228-pectinatus v wenigeri `ctenoides' SB186 Majalca, yellow fl       $7.00
229.5-pectinatus SB553 /17/ Salinas, SLP, banded spines              $6.00
246.83-rayonensis /16/ small bright pink flowers                     $7.00
250.51-reichenbachii v albispinus Tishomingo, OK, tiny clumper       $7.00
250.52-reichenbachii v albispinus /18/ Troy, OK, all white spines    $7.00
250.6-reichenbachii v baileyi /18/ shaggy spines, frilled fl         $7.00
250.7-reichenbachii v perbellus /18/ brown spines                    $6.00
250.812-X roetteri AG12P31 rich pink flowers with dark midstripe     $7.00
254-russanthus SB420 Brewster Co, Tx, long red spines                $7.00
255.5-russanthus SB965 Brewster Co, Tx, green fl, yellow+red sp.     $7.00
255.9-scheeri /16/ erect slender stem, long flower tube              $6.00
256.3-scheeri L090 /17/ long salmon-pink fl.                         $6.00
257.3-sciurus v floresii short dense spines                          $7.00
258.2-stramineus /13,17/ Ramos Arizpe, Coah                          $6.00
258.24-stramineus DJF592 San Rafael, Coah, huge flowered            $18.00
258.5-stramineus SB1038 San Pedro, Coah, very dense white spines    $12.50
260.58-triglochidiatus DJF1145 Alamogordo, NM, super heavy black sp  $7.00
260.6-triglochidiatus HK374 Rio Puerco, Sandoval Co NM, huge mounds  $7.00
261.5-triglochindiatus SB223 /18/ Sandoval Co, NM, robust, heavy sp  $7.00
262-triglochidiatus SB300 /18/ Corona, Torrance Co, NM, thick stem   $6.00
281.72-viereckii v morricalii HK376 Horsetail Falls, s Monterrey     $6.00
289-websterianus upright chunky stem, very nice fl                   $6.00

Echinofossulocactus, /2,6,15-16/ wavy ribs, from Mexico          
298.36-crispatus N87.016 Boye, Hgo                                   $6.00
299.13-erectocentrus SB309 /17/ Galeana, NL, in grassy meadows       $9.00
299.14-phyllacanthus 'grandicornus' SB437 /16/ Huizache, long sp     $6.00
299.15-erectocentrus SB1365 e Matehuala                              $6.00
299.16-phyllac v violaciflorus SB438 /16/ near SLP, SLP, wooly       $6.00
299.18-phyllac v viol. SB958 Dolores Hidalgo,Gto, flat spines        $6.00
299.2-erectocentrus SB1041 /17/ Matehuala, SLP                       $6.00
299.24-erectocentrus SB1565 n Tanquecillos, NL, very long thin sp    $6.00
299.25-erectocentrus SB1772 /17/ Palmas Altas, Coah                  $5.00
299.26-erectocentrus SB1883 /17/ sw Ascencion, very robust spines    $6.00
299.3-lamellosus /15/ 'hastatus', long centrals, huge pink fl        $6.00
299.32-lamellosus SB111 Metzquititlan, Hgo, nice purple flowers      $6.00
299.35-longispinus nn long white centrals, pink-yellow fl            $6.00
300.5-erectocentrus L738 /17/ Cinco de Mayo, Coah                    $7.00
309.1-erectocentrus /17/ spines converge into upright bundle         $5.00
309.12-erectocentrus DJF758.38 s Cedros, Zac                         $6.00
309.31-erectocentrus SB268 Escondido, NL, white/purple fl            $6.00
309.32-erectocentrus SB286 /13,17/ Doctor Arroyo, NL, in mud pans    $8.00
309.49-ochoterenaus wooly stem, slender red spines                   $7.00
313.11-lamellosus FO-205 Sierra Mixteca, Oax, black centrals         $7.00
314.02-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus small purple fl                 $6.00
314.05-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus large deep purple flowers      $10.00
314.2-phyllacanthus v violaciflorus SB107 /16/ Salinas, boney spines $6.00
316.7-vaupelianus /17/ yellow spines, very wooly apex                $6.00

Echinomastus, /3,6,8,11/ dense spines, Mexico & USA              
337-laui /17/ thick recurved fanglike centrals                      $10.00
341.1-unguispinus Bermijillo, Dur, 2 colored centrals                $8.00

Echinopsis, /3,6,14-17/ large nocturnal flowers                  
345.28-albispinosa globose stem, short bristly spines                $7.00
345.29-ancistrophora /16/ thick flat pale green stem                 $6.00
345.36-ancistrophora v kratochviliana MLV1 Rio Toro Valley, 1700m    $6.00
345.92-ancistrophora ssp cardenasiana R498 /16/ Tarija, big pink fl  $6.00
345.942-ayopayana shiny green stem, short brown spines               $6.00
345.943-ayopayana KK1033 Ayopaya, pale green stem, black hairy bud   $6.00
346.7-houtii erect stem with stout spines, white fl.                 $6.00
346.904-leucantha /17/ Mendoza, 1000m, grey stem, long spines        $6.00
346.939-leucantha DJF415 23 k s Cafayate, Salta                      $6.00
346.9406-leucantha DJF472 San Jose Jachal, heavy curly spines        $5.00
346.942-leucantha DJF476 e Marayes, San Juan                         $7.00
347-leucantha MLV36 S. of Cafayate, Salta 1500m, very long spine     $8.00
347.05-longispina KK721 Irupana, Bol                                 $5.00
347.4-mamillosa /16/ short stiff white spines                        $6.00
347.8-melanopotamica P98 Puellches, La Pampa, long curly black sp    $6.00
349.27-obrepanda R85 /16/ Tarija, white flowers, flat stem           $6.00
349.43-obrepanda v purpurea long pink flowers                        $6.00
349.5-oxygona low very thick stem, light red flower                  $5.00
350.02-shaferi Cafayate, Salta 1000m, long curly sp                  $6.00
350.18-silvestrii shiny reddish tinged body                          $7.00
350.2-silvestrii MLV6 Sumalao, Salta, 1400m, short white sp          $6.00
351.15-tapecuana FR777 Tapecua, O'Connor, Bol., white flowers        $5.00
351.2-tapecuna v tropica /15/ fat round dark stem, short spines      $6.00
351.26-tubiflora /16/ many needle-like short spines                  $6.00
351.3-turbinata sharp ribs, long pink flowers                        $5.00

Epithelantha, /3,6,8,11,13,16/ tiny plants                        
353-micromeris /17/ tight white spines, tiny button-stem             $6.00
363.6-greggii /17/ fluffy-wooly crown, clustering                    $9.00

Erdisia, /3,6,14-15/ slender stems, thick underground root      
370.553-quadrangularis KK1660 Huancavelica, 2800m, short white sp    $8.00

Eriocereus, /3,6,15/ slender stem, large nocturnal fl            
370.6-jusbertii stiff dark sp, freely flowering                      $6.00

Escobaria, /3,6,8,15-18/ small spiny plants (Neobesseya)         
370.94-albicolumnaria DJF824.42 /13,17/ Brewster Co,TX, red fruit    $6.00
376.5-dasyacantha HK380 /17/ Candelaria, Tx, pink sp, red fruits     $6.00
381.8-laredoi SB289 /17/ G. Cepeda, Coah, red flowers, white sp      $6.00
383-lloydii /13,17/ black tipped spines, clusters                    $6.00
383.18-missouriensis /18/ small clusters, bright red berries         $7.00
383.32-missouriensis Lubbock, Tx                                     $7.00
390-robbinsorum SB464 Cochise Co, Az, tiny stem                      $7.00
#396-sneedii SB730 /13,17/ Eddy Co, NM, reddish flowers              $7.00
398-tuberculosa /13,17/ clustering freely, evening lavender fl       $5.00
398.1-tuberculosa SB2003 Sta Eulalia, Chih, dense pink-grey sp       $6.00
407.2-tuberculosa v varicolor SB427 /17/ Redford,Tx, long red fruit  $7.00
410-villardii SB66 /13,17/ Otero Co, NM, dense spines                $5.00
410.16-vivipara SB383 Howard Co, Tx, red centrals                    $7.00
410.406-vivipara v bisbeeana DJF1558 s Reserve, NM, white-pink fl    $6.00
410.45-vivipara v bisbeeana SB1904 /17/ e Tucson, fat stems          $6.00
410.75-vivipara v arizonica SB701 /18/ Bernalillo Co, NM             $7.00
410.81-vivipara v neomexicana SB1934 /17/ Otero Co, NM, dark red sp  $8.00
413-zilziana SB603 /17/ NW Nuevo Leon, long red fruit                $7.00

Escontria, /3,6,14/ cereoid from Mexico                           
414.48-chiotilla pale green stem, white sp                          $10.00

Espostoa, /14-15/ wooly columnar plants, Peru                    
414.62-churinensis dense white wool & long yellow spines            $15.00
414.63-churinensis KK303 dense matted white wool, yellow spines     $10.00
414.7-hylaea KK296 slender stem, reddish sp, white wool             $10.00
414.77-lanata slender branching white wooly stem                    $16.00
414.82-lanata KK1443 Colaya, slender white wooly stem               $10.00
414.86-lanata v rubrispina KK1476 spines reddish tipped              $8.00
414.9-laticornua slender white wooly stem                           $12.00
414.91-laticornua KK227 tall slender white hairy stems              $12.00
414.915-laticornua KK1446 Ayabaca 1500m, white wooly stems          $16.00
414.94-melanostele thicker stem, long yellow spines                 $10.00
414.95-melanostele B291 Santa Eulalia, 1000m Peru, (= E haagei)     $12.00
416-melanostele OST 83010 Canta Valley, NE of Lima                   $7.00
416.606-melanostele v inermis KK1445 Matucana 2000m, soft white hairs $8.00               

Ferocactus, /3,6,8/ colored spines, likes full sun               
420.02-echidne DJF617 ne Aramberri, NL, low barrel                   $8.00
420.85-fordii /16/ wide heavy grey-red spines, miniature            $12.00
421.5-glaucescens /14/ bright yellow spines, fl when small           $6.00
425.2-latispinus FO-052 Pachuca, Hgo                                 $6.00
425.5-latispinus v spiralis FO-68 High Sierra Mixteca                $7.00
425.64-latispinus v spiralis SB547 Totolapan, Oax, green body, nice  $6.00
425.89-peninsulae /14/ stout red spines, columnar in age             $5.00
425.93-peninsulae SB1285 NW of San Ignacio, BCS                      $7.00
425.931-peninsulae SB1481 Sierra de la Giganta, Loreto               $8.00
425.9317-peninsulae SB1898 Rcho San Rafael, BCN                      $7.00
425.936-peninsulae v townsendianus DJF37.37 Cabo San Lucas           $8.00
425.94-peninsulae v townsendianus JP85/1254 Todos Santos             $7.00
425.95-peninsulae v townsendianus JP85/1429 El Represso, BCS         $7.00
427.55-pilosus DJF627 /16/ w Galeana, NL                             $8.00
428-rectispinus SB1288 Bahia Concepcion, BCS, cliff hanger           $7.00
428.9-robustus CH128 Tecamachalco, Pue, small clustering stems       $7.00
429-robustus FO-069 Cacaloapan, Pue, new spines bright red           $7.00
430.26-sinuatus /17/ many huge yellow flowers in late summer        $16.00
430.5-sinuatus v papyracanthus SB282 Jaumave, Tam, papery spines     $6.00
432-wislizenii SB50 /17/ Sierra Co, NM, dense spines                 $7.00
433-wislizeni SB228 /17/ Luna Co, NM, orange flowers                 $7.00
433.2-wislizeni v herrerae SB1867 Las Guasimas, Son, orange fl       $8.00
433.32-wislizenii v herrerae hairlike radials                       $10.00

Glandulicactus, /3,6,8,11,13,16-17/ bluish body, hooked sp      
442.73-mathssoni SB1449 /17/ San Luis de la Paz, super spines        $8.00
442.75-uncinatus SB252 Dr Arroyo, NL, dark rusty fl                  $7.00
442.751-uncinatus SB718 /16/ n San Roberto, NL, dark brown flower    $5.00
442.763-wrightii L654 La Zarca, Dur, in age very tall, 50 cm         $7.00
442.764-wrightii SB232 /17/ Dona Ana Co, 20cm long spines, robust    $7.00
442.766-wrightii SB338 /17/ Otero Co,NM, tiny form, in rock cracks   $7.00
442.767-wrightii JRT4311 Glass Mts, TX, new spines red               $6.00
442.768-wrightii SB341 /17/ El Paso Co, TX, early rust flowers       $7.00
442.769-wrightii SB343 Dona Ana Co, NM, hides in grass patches       $7.00
442.77-wrightii SB404 Crockett Co, TX, new spines red                $7.00
442.771-wrightii SB840 /17/ Cuatrocienagas, tiny grey stem           $7.00

Gymnocactus, /3,6,8,13,16/ densely spined, Mexico                
446-gielsdorfianus blue grey stem, short dark sp                     $6.00
#447-horripilus SB168 Metztitlan, Hgo., purple flowers               $6.00
#453.72-viereckii SB1570 s Jaumave, dark purple fl                        
453.85-ysabelae CSD63 Tula, squat stem, upright spines               $7.00

Gymnocalycium, /3,6/ nice spines, freely flowering                
459.33-calochlorum v proliferum /18/ offsets freely                  $5.00
460-cardenasianum /17/ long white spines, grey stem                  $7.00
460.5-castellanosii /17/ bluish green body, thick white sp           $6.00
464.061-eurypleurum P431 s Cerro Leon 200m                           $6.00
464.086-fleischerianum shiny green body, spiny                       $6.00
468.73-horstii /15/ shiny green stem, pale rose fl                   $7.00
469.1-intertextum /16/ heavy interlacing spines                      $6.00
469.8-mazanense /17/ very dark grey brown stem                       $7.00
469.81-mazanense STO-124 e Mazan, La Rioja, flat stem, thick taproot $6.00
473-monvillei /16/ thick green stem, stout twisted white spines      $6.00
476-mostii v kurtzianum /17/ upward curving centrals                 $6.00
476.406-multiflourm DJF372 Los Gigantes, Cord, big heavy yellow sp   $6.00
476.42-multiflorum v parisiense flowers when younger                 $6.00
479.25-oehmeanum n.n. large white flowers                            $6.00
479.45-pflanzii velvety thick rounded stem                           $6.00
479.51-pflanzii KK492 Comarapa 1200m Bol                             $7.00
479.52-pflanzii KK523 Yacuiba, Arg., salmon-pink fl                  $7.00
483-quehlianum /17/ low grey stem, short curly sp.                   $8.00
483.22-quehlianum DJF237 s Villa Viso, Cord.                         $6.00
483.25-quehlianum P13A Sra Tulumba, black & white spines             $7.00
484.7-ritterianum P219 grey green body, curly white spines           $6.00
486.4-schatzlianum short white fuzzy sp, yellow fl                   $6.00
486.5-schatzlianum P93 /17/ Sierra de la Ventana                     $6.00
488-schickendatzii v delaetii grey to pink mottled stem              $7.00
488.1-schickendatzii v delaetii San Luis, San Luis, knobby, grey     $6.00
490-stellatum /16/ flat grey stem, few spines lay flat               $5.00
490.27-striglianum Charos de Covia, basic black body                 $7.00
491.8-valnicekianum /16/ long interlacing white spines               $6.00
491.9-valnicekianum Capilla del Monte, long curly sp                 $7.00
492.3-valnicekianum /17/ Cordoba, curly upright spines hide stem     $9.00
493-valnicekianum STO-114 Villa Carlos Paz                           $6.00

Haageocereus, /14/ short spiny columnar stem, full sun           
495.977-acanthocladus OST81142 Supe Valley, 700m, white fl           $6.00
496.02-acranthus v fortalezensis KK1377 light brown sp              $12.00
496.04-acranthus v metachrous KK1369 large yellow areole             $7.00
496.09-cantaensis KK560 dense fine yellow spines, white flowers     $10.00
496.1-centrispinus KK1100 long bright yellow spines                 $10.00
496.71-chrysacanthus KK324 sharp bright yellow spines               $10.00
496.78-clavispinus KK554 dense bristly yellow spines                 $9.00
497.23-fortalezensis KK1101 long sharp yellow sp                     $7.00
497.35-icosogonoides KK1379 bright short yellow spines               $8.00
497.6-lachayensis OST85309 Lomas de Lachay 500m, fine brown sp       $7.00
497.62-lachayensis OST86525 Lomas de Lachay, 500m, dense brown sp    $7.00
497.8-martitmus KK1105 coastal s Peru, frosted white spines          $8.00
497.98-olowinskianus OST81140 Canete Valley 300m, stout spines       $6.00
498.38-pseudomelanostele OST 84243 Manchay Canyon, 200m, carmine fl  $7.00
498.4-pseudomelanostele OST85065 Cajamarquilla 500m, fine spines     $8.00
498.636-salmonoides KK444 Chosica, Peru, dense yellow brown sp      $12.00
498.64-serpens KK1675 Trujillo, lays on sand dunes                   $7.00
498.74-zehnderi KK1677 Huallanca, Peru, fine yellow spines          $10.00
498.76-zonatus KK558 short fine brown-yellow-white spines           $10.00

Hamatocactus, /3,6,15-17/ quick growers, colorful flowers        
505-setispinus v setaceus SB851 Jim Hogg Co, Tx                      $6.00

Heliabravoae, /3,6,14/ columnar cereoid from Mexico              
510-chende High Sierra Mixteca, many branched tree                   $9.00

Leuchtenbergia, /3,6,8,13,16/ long tubercles, deep taproot        
522-principis /17/ long thin papery spines, deep taproot             $7.00
523-principis /17/ Parras, Coah, huge yellow flower in late summer   $8.00
523.4-principis GL770 Sra de la Paila, to 1 m tall, branching        $7.00

Lobivia, /2,6,15-17/ small with very colorful flowers            
523.58-acanthoplegma squat stem, sharp ribs                          $6.00
523.67-acanthoplegma v pilosa stout stiff spines hide stem, hairy fl$10.00
523.97-atrovirens v ritteri La Cueva, Tarija                         $6.00
524-aurea /17/ short dark black sp., bright yellow fl.               $7.00
524.033-aurea DJF389 n Paca Tala, La Rioja, long white sp            $6.00
524.1-aurea R101 large bright yellow flowers                         $6.00
524.27-aurea v fallax R136 Famatima, La Rioja, sharp black spines    $6.00
524.3-aurea v leucomalla /17/ short dense white spines               $6.00
524.34-aurea v quinesensis with long thin spination                  $6.00
524.35-aurea v quinesensis R112 Sierra de San Luis                   $6.00
524.37-aurea v robustior P105 San Luis 1000m, long central spines    $6.00
524.5-aurea v shaferi /17/ huge yellow flower, needlelike sp         $6.00
524.52-aurea v shaferi R152 Andalgala, long centrals                 $6.00
526.64-backebergii KK1168 Sicuani 4200m, flat and fat                $6.00
526.66-backebergii R456 red flowers, squat stem                      $6.00
527.13-backebergii v larae many bright pink flowers                  $6.00
527.8-caineana /16/ cylindric stem, violet rose fl.                  $6.00
534.7-cinnabarina /17/ low stem, deep thick taproot                  $6.00
535.4-cinnabarina v walterspeilii red flowers                        $6.00
535.78-ferox /17/ very long heavy black spines                       $8.00
535.783-ferox DJF288 Humahuaca, Jujuy                                $7.00
535.784-ferox DJF290 Uquia, Jujuy                                    $5.00
535.85-ferox v longispina /17/ with white flowers                    $7.00
536-ferox v potosina /17/ thick dark twisted spines                  $6.00
537.6-haematantha v densispina R30 Quebrada de Humahuaca             $6.00
537.7-haematantha v elongata MN19 Cachi, 2300m, yellow fl            $6.00
537.73-haematantha v elongata R25 Cachipampa, Salta                  $6.00
537.8-haematantha v kuehnrichii small stem, heavy black spines       $6.00
537.81-haematantha v kuenrichii L459 tiny squat stem, dark spines    $6.00
539-haematantha v rebutioides /17/ variable flower color, short sp   $5.00
539.21-haematantha v rebutioides MN38 se Purmamarca, 2600m           $6.00
539.23-haematantha v rebutioides R585A soft white spines             $7.00
539.3-haematantha v viridis fat stem, curly brown spines             $6.00
539.3412-hertrichiana KK433 Ollantaitambo, bright red flowers        $5.00
539.35-hertrichiana KK787 Anta 3000m, bright red flowers, very spiny $6.00
539.66-jajoiana v nigrostoma /17/ with yellow flowers, long sp       $6.00
539.68-lateritia /16/ tight stiff spines, cylindrical body           $6.00
539.705-lateritia R490 Camargo - Culpina, Chuquisaca                 $6.00
539.72-marsoneri /17/ flower yellow-red with black center            $6.00
539.728-marsoneri R37A Qbra de Humahuaca                             $7.00
541-maximiliana v westii KK437 long curved yellow sp                 $6.00
541.5-pampana low deep seated plant, variable fl color               $5.00
542.05-pentlandii KK441 s Peru, 4200m, low thick flat stem           $5.00
542.07-pentlandii KK621 Oruro 4000m, covered with shaggy sp          $6.00
543.4-pugionacantha /17/ thick underground stem, red flowers         $6.00
543.6-pugionacantha v culpinensis dark center in flower              $7.00
543.7-pugionacantha v culpinensis R83 Culpina, Bol, dense spines     $6.00
544-pugionacantha v rossii thick stem, red-yellow fl                 $6.00
544.1-pugionacantha v rossii L992 red flowers                        $7.00
545.8-saltensis v multicostata R662 Escoype-Guachipas                $6.00
546.06-schieliana v quiabayensis L1004 big orange-yellow fl.         $5.00
546.07-schieliana v quiabayensis R205 La Paz, Bol                    $5.00
546.1-sanguiniflora rich red flowers                                 $6.00
546.154-steinmannii v costata /17/ tiny stem, deep taproots          $7.00
546.419-thionantha P144 powdery grey green stem, dark spines         $7.00
546.422-thionantha v brevispina short sharp black spines             $6.00
546.426-thionantha v ferrari Salta, very stout dark sp               $5.00
546.43-thionantha v glauca powdery grey stem, black sp               $5.00
546.46-thionantha v variiflora small grey stem, yellow-orange-red fl $6.00
546.485-tiegeliana HS50 Aiquile, short red spines                    $5.00
546.65-tiegeliana v flaviflora R323 Tarija, tiny stem, yellow fl     $6.00
546.8-tiegeliana v ruberrima R84A brilliant red fl                   $6.00

Loxanthocereus, /3,6,14/ slender clustering stem, Peru            
551.17-camanaensis stem creeps, super red flowers                    $8.00
551.5-eulalianus KK452 needle-like dense yellow spines               $7.00
551.54-gracilis OST94941 Atiquipa, 250m, frosted white spines        $6.00
551.75-senilioides KK1896 Rio Lurin, slender wooly stem, red fl      $8.00

Machaerocereus, /3,6,14/ cereoids with slender stem              
551.9-eruca SB1239 San Carlos, BCS, 'creeping devil', flat white sp $10.00

Maihueniopsis, /3,6,12,16-17/ mound forming                     
551.92968-dimorphus stacked round stems, long brown sp               $9.00
551.9301-glomerata DJF177 Uspallata, Mendoza                         $8.00
551.947-russellii /17./ mat forming, dense oval stems, taproot       $7.50

Mammillaria, /6/ large diverse genus, most free-flowering       
553.2-albicoma SB1846 huge fat base, soft white spines              $10.00
553.81-albilanata Cuicatlan, thick white wooly stem                  $7.00
554.5-albilanata Zopilote Canyon, with yellow long spines            $6.00
555.63-antesbergeriana L1163 Canoas, Dur, red sp                     $6.00
555.7-apozolensis v saltensis L1045 Monte Escobedo, curly gold sp    $6.00
560.4-aureispina ML361 Yolox-Quiotepec, tall stems, bright gold sp   $6.00
561.1-backebergiana Ixtapan de la Sal, tight yellow sp               $6.00
580-bombycina /2,15/ long red centrals, white stem                   $8.00
584.6-camptotricha v albescens /3,14/ thick soft stem                $5.00
594.5-capensis SB1254 Todos Santos, long hooks, longer stigma lobes  $7.00
595.9-carnea /3,13,14/ fleshy pink flowers, stout spines             $5.00
598-carnea SB366 s Tehuacan, Pue, very well spined, curly            $6.00
599-carretii /3,8,14/ thick soft taproot, lemon scented fl           $7.00
599.5-centralifera ML413 Presa de Guadalupe, SLP, long curly spines  $7.00
601.8-cerralboa /14/ upright stem with many yellow spines            $6.00
602.4-chionocephala /13,15/ low stem, dense white spines             $7.00
616.6-decipiens FO-140 San Luis Potosi, SLP, yellow + red centrals   $6.00
624.7-dixanthocentron FO-251 /3,13,14/ Cues, Oax, curly yellow sp    $6.00
624.72-dixanthocentron Teotitlan del Camino, long thin yellow sp     $6.00
629.42-duoformis REP 957 San Bernadino, Pue, dark centrals           $5.00
653.12-gasseriana SB1164 Rodeo, Dur., black hooks                    $7.00
653.16-gasseriana SB1902 /16/ w Nazas, mixed white-dark centrals     $7.00
663-grahamii SB218 Samalayuca, Chih, orange fruits, squat stem       $6.00
671-guelzowiana ML618 /16/ Minas Navidad, Dur, huge pink flowers     $8.00
671.1-guelzowiana SB1160 Rodeo, Dur., gold-red hooks                 $8.00
677.5-haageana Cuautla, dense white spines and wool                  $6.00
677.95-haageana L1132 Tonala, stiff brown spines                     $5.00
684-haageana v schmollii dark grey to black spines                   $6.00
684.6-haageana v schmollii FO-239 Axuxco, Pue, bright red fruits     $5.00
685-haageana v schmollii SB681 Zapotitlan, clustering                $7.00
686.1-hahniana v albiflora better living through genetics            $7.00
691-heyderi v bullingtoniana SB604 Cuatrocienegas, small stems       $5.00
693.3-heyderi v bullingtoniana SB151 /17/ Agua Prieta, Son, pancakes $5.00
701.5-hubertmulleri ML237 Zacapalco, Mor., pink-purple fl            $6.00
701.72-huitzilopochtli FO-13 very short centrals, white radials      $7.00
711-karwinskiana /14/ wooly with age, dense curly bristles           $7.00
715.3-knippeliana REP 920 San Rafael, Mor, white spines              $5.00
727-lenta /3,8,13,16/ white spines, clusters                         $6.00
731-lindsayi ISI-1802 Molina, Chih, green-yellow fl                  $6.00
746.15-magnimamma Matehuala, SLP, long thin sp                       $5.00
747-magnimamma SB9 Salinas, SLP, short curved spines                 $9.00
749-magnimamma SB124 Zimapan, Hgo., long curly spines                $6.00
750-magnimamma SB365 La Blanca, Zac., robust stems                   $5.00
755.02-maritima Sta Rosalillita, BCN, red flowers                   $10.00
765.4-melaleuca soft body, bright yellow flowers                     $6.00
765.7-melanocentra MK136.425 /16/ Sra Paila, Coah, heavy black sp    $6.00
765.8-melanocentra Icamole, Coah., big white flowers                 $6.00
785.6-microthele /16/ flat stems with dense short white spines       $8.00
786-microthele SB34 /16/ Presa de Guadalupe, white sp, huge tuber    $5.00
792.2-moelleriana L1334 /15/ San Francisco de Organos, pink sp       $9.00
795.3-montensis Sierra Obscura, Chih., long dark spines              $5.00
799-multidigitata /3,8,14/ San Pedro Nolasco Isl, small green fl     $5.00
801-mystax /3,13,14/ long twisted spines                             $5.00
802.34-mystax FO-024 Sierra Mixteca, stout white sp, black tips      $7.00
807.5-neopalmeri /3,8,14/ thick rounded white stem                   $6.00
811-nivosa /3,13,14/ yellow wooly axils, bright yellow sp            $6.00
815-obscura SB4 /3,16/ Vincente Guerrero, Dur., black tipped sp      $5.00
817.2-obscura SB28 Sain Alto, Zac., pink flowers                     $9.00
832.4-perezdelarosa super dense white radials, heavy hooker          $8.00
834-petterssonii /16/ Guanajuato, Gto., cool lime-green stem         $7.00
836.3-phitauiana SB1259 n. San Jose del Cabo                         $6.00
838-picta SB284 Doctor Arroyo, lemon scented yellow fl, tuber-root   $6.00
840.9-pilcayensis white spines completely cover stem                 $7.00
845.2-plumosa Huesteca Canyon, rounded balls                         $7.00
845.5-plumosa SB327 /16/ Higueras, Coah., feathery white sp          $6.00
846.8-polyedra /3,14/ angled tubercles, pink flower                  $5.00
847.5-polythele /14/ short dark pink tipped spines, rose fl.         $6.00
848-polythele FO-059 Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, long curved golden brown sp   $6.00
849-polythele SB171 /2,14/ Zimapan, Hgo, pink-red flowers in a ring  $5.00
850-poselgeri long bright red flowers, big tubers                    $8.00
850.16-poselgeri /14/ La Paz, BCS, long red flowers                  $8.00
850.5-poselgeri SB1241 Mulege, BCS, brilliant red flowers           $10.00
854-pottsii SB429 Brewster Co, TX., tall erect stems                 $7.00
866.1-rekoi v leptacantha long whispy curly spines                   $7.00
866.9-rhodantha /15/ curving red spines, dark red flowers            $6.00
867-rhodantha SB142 /2,15/ Real del Monte, hangs on rock walls       $7.00
870-ritteriana SB265 Ramos Arispe, Coah., nice white sp, pink fl     $6.00
870.1-ritteriana SB337 /16/ La Ascencion, NL, high mountain forests  $6.00
870.3-ritteriana SB1079 Huizache, SLP, grey spines, tuberous root    $9.00
872-roseo-alba SB285 Dr Arroyo, white fl, red fruit, lives in mud    $6.00
872.5-roseocentra /3,8,13,16/ pink spines, tiny round body          $10.00
874-roseocentra SB444 Lerdo, few pink tipped spines                  $7.00
875.5-rubrograndis /16/ fat chunky tubercles, big red flowers       $10.00
881-saetigera SB336 Galeana, long wool tufts with bud                $7.00
885.57-schumannii L048 San Jose del Cabo, grows on beach rocks       $8.00
888-scrippsiana wooly with yellow-pink flowers                       $6.00
895.8-setispina long white hooks, red flowers                        $8.00
896-setispina L011 /3,14/ San Borjas Mission, white hooked sp       $10.00
909.65-sphacelata SB677 Tehuacan, Pue, frosted white-black spines    $6.00
913.8-spinosissima /2,14/ dense fine red spines                      $6.00
917-spinosissima v auricoma /2,14/ fine yellow spines                $6.00
928.3-tlalocii FO-223 fine white spines                              $6.00
941.6-wagneriana L1073 /16/ Penon Blanco,Dur, super curly black sp   $6.00
949-winterae /2,13,17/ very fat tubercles, yellow flowers           $10.00
950.7-winterae SB1626 Los Imagines, Coah, black spines               $6.00
968.03-sp SB1566 n Ascencion, NL, massive underground taproot        $6.00

Matucana, /3,6,14-15/ nice flowers, from Peru                   
968.14-aurantiaca KK1470 San Marcos 2500m                            $7.00
968.25-paucicostata 'caespitosa' KK1317 bright red flowers           $6.00
969-haynei /17/ spines white tipped grey black, red fl.              $8.00
970-haynei KK275 Matucana, Peru 2200m, dense spines cover stem       $6.00
970.032-haynei KK1041 Aricapampa                                     $8.00
970.06-haynei KK1299 Uchupata 2800m, super red flowers               $7.00
970.1-haynei KK1676 short tight white spines                         $7.00
970.21-haynei 'armillata' KK1133 white sp tipped yellow              $7.00
970.28-haynei v perplexa very long curly spines                     $10.00
970.42-haynei v perplexa KK730 Yunguyo 3800m, yellowish spines       $5.00
970.52-intertexta super orange flowers, shiny body                   $6.00
970.91-paucicostata KK1768 hairy red fl, curly grey sp               $6.00
971.3-variabilis KK1040 Churin 2200m, white/yellow spines           $10.00
971.8-weberbaueri orange flowers, bright yellow sp                   $6.00
971.84-winteri KK1748 fine yellow spines, pink fl.                   $6.00

Mila, /3,6,14/ slender stems with bristly spines, Peru           
985.45-maritima KK768 Paramonga, small bright yellow flowers         $8.00

Morawetzia, /15/ columnar sort from Peru, wooly                  
985.585-sericata /15/ short clumping stems, very wooly               $7.00
985.59-sericata L204 wooly stem, fantastic red-purple flower         $7.00

Myrtillocactus, /3,6,14/ tree-like cereoides from Mexico         
985.67-cochal densely branched, pale green stems                     $8.00
985.68-geometrizans /14/ Los Venados, Hgo, blue candelabra           $8.00
985.8-schenckii FO-028 Buenavista,Oax, green stem, densely branched  $8.00

Neocardenasia, /3,6,14/ large columnar sorts, need full sun      
991.3-herzogiana yellow wooly areoles, very long sp                  $7.00

Neoporteria, /3,6,14/ variable low small plants, Chile         
1030.046-cachytaensis v flaviflorus dark body, coppery flowers       $7.00
1030.23-clavata v grandiflora KK100 robust stem                     $10.00
1030.4-coimasensis FR473 very dense dark spines                      $5.00
1030.83-curvispina v transitensis KK1167                             $6.00
1030.87-eriocephala KK1173 long white hairs under fl                 $7.00
1031.254-iquiquensis pale green body, tan spines                     $7.00
1031.278-islayensis f. grandiflorens KK594 white wooly crown         $6.00
1031.2975-krainziana KK1160 Tacna, Peru 400m, red fruits             $6.00
1033.14-multicolor KK98 El Molle 600m, stout golden spines           $5.00
1033.48-neohankeana interlacing curly spines, dark stem              $6.00
1033.52-neohankeana L869 Taltal, dark purple stem, fat ribs          $6.00
1034.1-nidus KK1432 Ovalle, dense shaggy spines                      $6.00
1036.43-paucicostata KK1303 freely flowering in late winter          $6.00
1036.6-pilispina (Neoch), with fine hairlike spines                  $6.00
1037.3-rapifera low stem with taproot, dark grey-black sp            $6.00
1037.4-residua stem pale green, brown spines                         $6.00
1037.512-subgibbosa v castanea Villa Prat, thick dark sp             $6.00
1037.53-subgibbosa f. litoralis fine grey upright spines, pink fl    $6.00
1037.532-subgibbosa f litoralis KK12 Coquimbo, dark stem             $7.00
1037.54-subgibbosa v mamillaroides stiff needlelike spines           $6.00
1037.55-subgibbosa v microsperma dark purple stem, many pink fl      $6.00
1037.56-subgibbosa v microsperma KK8 La Serena 500m, pink fl         $6.00
1037.57-subgibbosa v microsperma f. serenana flowers when tiny       $5.00
1037.58-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida long dark spines                   $6.00
1037.63-subgibbosa v nigrihorrida 'nigra' KK26 Juan Soldado, Chile   $6.00
1037.69-tuberisulcata v atroviridis KK652 Vallenar 600m              $8.00
1038-villosa tiny at maturity, long thin dark hairlike sp            $6.00
1038.4-villosa KK51 Huasco Bajo, long upright hairs conceal stem     $7.00

Neoraimondia, /3,6,14/ tree-like cereiods from Peru              
1040.95-gigantea Tarma, Peru, huge tree, tall tight columns          $9.00
1041.2-roseiflora OST84055 Chillon River Valley, 750m                $8.00

Notocactus, /2,6,15-17/ bright yellow to red flowers            
1042.7-agnetae /17/ wooly stem, nice yellow-pink flowers             $6.00
1043-allosiphon short thin sharp spines                              $6.00
1047.61-aurisetus v longispinus HU73                                 $5.00
1050-claviceps globose stem, tight bristly yellow sp.                $7.00
1053-crassigibbus small green stem, large yellow fl                  $6.00
1054.6-floricomus short stiff spines cover stem, red stigma          $7.00
1054.605-floricomus /17/ Cuchilla de Haedo, Uruguay                  $6.00
1065.8-magnificus powdery blue stems, bristly spines                 $7.00
1066.2-mammulosus R343 Uruguay, bright red stigma lobes, yellow fl   $6.00
1068.6-mammulosus v rubrispinus /17/                                 $6.00
1076.5-roseoluteus /17/ salmon pink flowers                          $6.00
1079.233-submammulosus DJF276 La Paz, Cord.                          $6.00
1081-sucineus v albispinus fine dense white spines                   $5.00
1085.8-warasii tall erect stem, short bristly spines                 $6.00

Opuntia, /4,6,9,12/ very diverse genus
1090.2-cymochila SB98 /18/ Belen, NM, low pads, sharp white spines   $6.00
1101.29-galapageia v echios (P no export), thick woody trunk, spiny  $8.00
1104.92-microdasys SB1057 /17/ La Blanca, Zac, fat round root       $10.00
1104.932-munzii /17/ Oracle Jct, AZ, yellow-green-red fl             $6.00
1122.74164-toumeyi DJF1516 /17/ Tucson, Az                           $6.00
1122.744-tunicata DJF614 Catorce, SLP, flat white sp                 $7.00
1123.14-pyrocarpa DJF81 /17/ e Cuatrocienagas                        $6.00

Oreocereus, /15-16/ showy short columnar, long hairs          
1123.2617-celsianus Tarija-Cieneguillas, 3200m                       $7.00
1123.2618-celsianus /17/ stout red spines, whispy white hair         $6.00
1123.2619-celsianus Abra Pampe, Jujuy, 3500m                         $8.00
1123.2639-hendriksenianus slender column, La Paz, Bol. 3300m         $6.00

Parodia, /1,6,10,14-17/ most small, dense spines                
1123.5-albo-fuscata B81 short yellow-orange hooks                    $5.00
1123.78-aureicentra /17/ dense hooked yellow spines, huge stem       $5.00
1124-aureispina /17/ bright yellow spines and flowers                $6.00
1124.56-camargensis KK497 hooked rusty brown spines, orange fl       $7.00
1124.6-camblayana KK1406 Rio Camblaya, orange hooks                  $6.00
1126.5-carrerana KK1130 Las Carreras 2800m                           $7.00
1129.7-maassii KK826 long curly bright yellow sp                     $6.00
1129.81-glischrocarpa HERZOG 101 Salta, small stem                   $5.00
1130.1-gracilis L935 Espana, Mendez, Bol., orange-yellow flowers     $6.00
1131.5-maassii long robust hooked spines                             $6.00
1134.08-microsperma 'tafiensis' DJF247 Tafi del Valle, red fl        $6.00
1135.4-muhrii very stout hooked orange-brown spines                  $6.00
1139-penicillata v nivosa long white spines, red fl                  $5.00
1139.2-penicillata v nivosa P250 Salta, all spines white             $5.00
1140.12-pseudostuemeri L538 Volcan, red flowers                      $6.00
1141.65-rubriflora P158 short orange brown hooked centrals           $6.00
1142.8-setosa bristly-hairy stem, red flowers                        $6.00
1142.82-setosa P171 thick dark grey spines, red flowers              $7.00
1147.6-sp KK1119 Tataral                                             $6.00

Pediocactus, /4,6,9,17-18/ small plants, all cold hardy         
1154.285-simpsonii /18/ low thick stem, robust spines                $7.00
1164.6-simpsonii v minor RP3 Montezuma Co, Colo., clustering        $10.00

Pilosocereus, /3,6,14/ wooly columnar ceroides                  
1178.22-chryostele HU460 Pernambuco, dense golden spines                  

Rebutia, /2,6,15-17/ (incl Aylostera & Mediolobivia)             
1188-albiareolata FR761 dark green body,dense white sp               $5.00
1188.53-albopectinata KK852 Sama 3000m, very short white sp          $8.00
1188.6-almeyeri short sharp brown spines                             $5.00
1190.5-calliantha flame red flower, white spines                     $6.00
1195.54-flavistyla dark flat stem, many orange flowers               $6.00
1195.55-flavistyla FR756 /17/ flat stem, orange flowers              $6.00
1197.5-marsoneri bright yellow flowers                               $6.00
1197.53-marsoneri v albescens rich yellow flowers                    $6.00
1200.2-nogalensis shaggy gold & brown spines                         $5.00
1206.58-pulchella dense sharp gold-brown sp                          $6.00

Seticereus, /14/ columnar, stems often hang                   
1244.5943-microspermus KK1311 /14/ fresh green stem, brown sp       $10.00

Stenocereus, /3,6,14/ Mexican cereiods                           
1244.7-pruinosus FO-029 Huajolotitlan, white powdery stem            $8.00
1244.81-stellatus CZ136 Tlacotepec, Pue, new spines red              $7.00
1244.9-weberi FO-094 San Sebastion, Pue, candelabrum                 $9.00

Stetsonia, /3,6,14/ very long black sp., Argentina              
1244.99-coryne long black spines, pale blue stem                     $6.00

Sulcorebutia, /3,6,14-15/ small, with colorful flowers           
1249-arenacea tight white spines, orange flowers                     $6.00
1249.18-breviflora 'caineana' KK1263 Rio Caine 2300m                 $6.00
1249.22-candiae tight curly yellow spines                            $5.00

Tephrocactus, /4,9,12/ segmented stems, variable spination      
1250.199-alexanderi DJF330 La Rioja, dense spines hide stem          $8.00
1250.25-alexanderi v bruchii /16/ spiny stacking balls               $7.00
1250.2701-alexanderi v bruchii DJF318 Las Termas, Catam              $7.00
1250.285-aoracanthus DJF333 w Pismante, 16 cm yellow spines          $8.00
1250.4322-articulatus DJF323 Santa Cruz, La Rioja, huge grey sp      $7.00
1250.4327-articulatus DJF338 n Mendoza, Mendoza, super curly sp      $6.00

Thelocactus, /3,6,8,13/ small, with brilliant flowers           
1254-bicolor SB278 /17/ Huizache, red-pink-yellow spines             $6.00
1255-bicolor SB287 /16/ Saltillo, flower to 8.5cm diameter           $6.00
1256-bicolor SB563 /16/ Cuesta la Muralla, long thin sp              $7.00
1257.8-bicolor v bolansis /16/ tall cylindrical stem, papery spines  $6.00
1258-bicolor v bolansis SB281 /166/ Cerro Bola, Coah, very tall      $6.00
1259-bicolor v bolansis SB607 /16/ San Pedro, Coah, red-pink sp      $6.00
1260-bicolor v flavidispinum SB424 /17/ Brewster Co, yellow/red sp  $12.00
1262.9-conothele /17/ pink-orange flowers                            $6.00
1262.915-conothele CSD109 Guerrero, SLP, red stem, long spines       $6.00
1262.916-conothele CSD115 La Soledad, SLP                            $6.00
1262.917-conothele CSD122 /16/ 26 k e Matehuala, nice white sp       $7.00
1262.918-conothele CSD123 /17/ Lobera de Portillo, NL                $7.00
1263-conothele SB302 /15/ n Matehula, pink-purple fl.                $5.00
1264-conothele v argenteus SB311 /16/ Ascencion, NL, shiny white sp  $6.00
1264.2-conothele v argenteus SB1862 /16/ Sandia Grande, super sp     $7.00
1264.7-conothelos v aurantiacus CSD149 Marmolejo, NL, reddened stems $7.00
1266.5-hastifer thick underground root, purple fl.                   $8.00
1269-hexaedrophorus /16/ small grey stem, white fl                   $7.00
1270-hexaedrophorus SB291 /16/ La Perdita, pink-grey stems           $7.00
1270.3-hexaedrophorus SB1075 San Gregorio, NL, flat grey stem        $7.00
1270.5-hexaedrophorus v decipiens HAJEK 63 Villar, SLP, pinkish stem $7.00
1270.8-hexaedrophorus v fossulatus /16/ long spines, huge taproot    $6.00
1271.5-lausseri red striped petals, papery sp                        $6.00
1272.07-leucacanthus San Francisco, Hgo, offsets quickly             $6.00
1273-leucacanthus SB514 Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, shiny yellow flowers       $7.00
1273.2-leucacanthus v schmollii SB579 Vizarron, pink flowers         $6.00
1275.4-macdowellii /17/ dense white spines, pink fl                  $7.50
1275.43-macdowellii SB1884 /16/ s Higueras, yellowish spines         $6.00
1275.46-macdowellii /16/ Saltillo, Coah, shaggy white spines         $6.00
1276-rinconensis /16/ grey stem, long greyish spines                 $6.00
1277.4-rinconensis v nidulans /16/ old spines thatched               $7.00
1278-bicolor v schwarzii /16/ brilliant red-purple fl                $6.00
1279.11-tulensis La Hacienda, SLP, pale pink flowers                 $7.00

Thrixanthocereus, /14/ columnar, beautiful spination            
1279.8-blossfeldiorum KK280 covered with white bristles             $10.00
1279.83-cullmannianus KK1097 Rio Crisnejas 1200m                     $8.00
1279.87-maranonensis KK1700 Maranon 2000m, long very fine white sp   $8.00

Trichocereus, /3,6,14-17/ columnar, large flowers               
1283.22-bruchii /17/ thin yellow spines, red flowers                 $6.00
1283.23-bruchii /17/ Tafi del Valle, Tucuman 3000m                   $7.00
1283.232-bruchii DJF246 /17/ Tafi del Valle, Tucuman, yellow sp      $6.00
1283.29-candicans /17/ long golden spines, clump forming             $8.00
1283.31-candicans DJF335 Iglesia, San Juan, white flowers            $7.00
1283.324-candicans KG 28-87 /17/ Potrerillos, Mendoza 1400m          $7.00
1283.35-candicans v gladiatus very heavy spines                      $6.00
1283.3845-formosus /17/ low fat stem, shaggy spines                  $7.00
1283.385-formosus /17/ La Rioja 1500m, very dense spination          $7.00
1283.3862-formosus DJF175 Termas Villavicencio,Mendoza, super spiny  $6.00
1283.3863-formosus DJF176 Los Hornillos, Mendoza, yellow flowers    $10.00
1283.43-huascha /17/ bright red flowering plants                     $7.00
1283.432-huascha /17/ columnar stems, huge yellow fl.                $6.00
1283.4324-huascha /16/ border Catamarca-La Rioja                     $8.00
1283.434-huascha v crassicaulis /17/ small stem, rich red fl         $7.00
1283.437-aff lobivioides DJF364 n Famatima, thick stemmed            $6.00
1283.442-macrogonus KK923 to 2 m tall, blue green stem              $16.00
1283.51-pecheretianus FR426 /16/ lemon yellow flowers                $6.00
1283.512-pecheretianus FR426A peach-pink flowers                     $7.00
1283.515-pseudocandicans /17/ huge yellow-salmon-red flowers         $8.00
1283.52-purpureopilosus /17/ short stem, bud with purple hair        $7.00
1283.59-smrzianus /17/ very short stem, clustering                   $6.00
1283.598-strigosus /17/ very sharp long sp                           $6.00
1283.6-strigonus /16/ La Rioja, Arg., 700m, needlelike spines        $7.00
1283.61-strigosus /16/ Mazan-Catamarca, very spiny                   $7.00
1283.62-strigosus /16/ n Chilecito, Catamarca 1000m                  $6.00
1283.622-strigosus DJF174 n Mendoza, sharp dense spines              $7.00
1283.703-taquimbolensis Villazon-Escayachi, Bol, thick grey sp       $8.00
1283.773-terscheckii DJF Quebrada del Toro                          $10.00
1283.868-thelogonus DJF303 s Salta, prostrate stems, white fl        $7.00

Turbinicarpus, /3,6,8,13,14-15/ tiny plants from Mexico         
#1284-flaviflorus Santa Rita, corky spines, yellow flowers           $7.00
#1290.1-lophophoroides RH91 Santo Domingo, SLP                       $7.00
#1290.3-lophophoroides SB1276 Las Tablas, translucent pink petals    $6.00
1295.64-rioverdensis Rio Verde, SLP, flat stem, large whitish fl     $6.00
#1302.103-flavispina new spines bright yellow                       $10.00

Vatricania, /3,6,14/ columnar, cephalium bearing, Bolivia      
1302.12-guentheri yellow-white hairlike sp                           $7.00

Weingartia, /3,6,15-17/ small stem, colorful fl                
1302.17-erinacea FR812 bright gold yellow flowers                   $10.00
1302.73-lanata HS42B Chuqui Chuqui, Bol                              $7.00
1302.794-longigibba HS42A Puente Arce                                $6.00
1302.885-pruinosa v albispina KK1513 dense white sp                 $10.00

mesemb plants

Aloinopsis, /B,17-18/ low mat-forming plants                    
1311-luckhoffii /17/ knobbled leaves, long taproot                  $10.00
1314-peersii /18/ long thick taproot, bonsai type                   $10.00
1314.6-thudichumii 90 km nw Sutherland                               $6.00
1314.7-peersii CM15 /17/ honey-scented flowers                       $7.00
1316-schooneesii /18/ thick knobby leaves, yellow/red fl            $10.00

Argyroderma, /C,15/ thick leaves, flowers when small             
1332-fissum finger-like leaves, yellow & purple fl.                  $5.00
1339.1-patens 26 m n. Vanrhynsdorp, keeled leaves                    $8.00

Astridia, /D,15/ thick-leaved shrub, full sun                   
1347.62-hallii SB757 Lorelei, lilac flowers, huge leaves             $8.00

Carruanthus, /B,15/ compact plants with low thick leaves         
1354-peersii grey green leaves, reddish teeth                        $6.00

Cerochlamys, /D,15/ low thick leaves coated with wax            
1361-pachyphylla Hondewater, L Karoo, purple fl                      $7.00

Cheiridopsis, /C,15-16/ small, many dots on leaves               
1370.74-cigarettifera SB768 Kosies, short slender leaves             $7.00

Conophytum, /C,14-16/ dwarf succulent bodies, variable and charming              
1414-christiansenianum s Springbok, tall fuzzy bilobum               $6.00
1455.6-taylorianum H4638 Schlafkuppe, Klinghardts, twisted, odd      $6.00
1462-umdausense Hangpaal, Umdaus, Coke-bottle curves, velvety        $6.00

Dinteranthus, /D,10,15/ very thick low plants, rock-like         
1481.2-microspermus ssp puberulus with white-pink flowers            $7.00

Ebracteola, /D,15/ dwarf clumping plants, thick roots           
1491.294-derenbergiana Sargdeckel, smooth blue leaf, white-pink fl   $8.00
1491.2976-wilmaniae Danielskuil, curved pink leaf                    $6.00

Faucaria, /B,15-16/ low thick leaves with teeth                  
1496.5-cradockensis SL84-32 Cradock, narrow jagged leaf              $7.00
1496.7-felina Graaff Reinet, golden-yellow fl                        $7.00
1500.8-smithii Ecca Pass, whispy pink teeth, very pretty             $6.00
1504.23-tigrina Grahamstown dump, no genetic trash here             $12.00
1504.3-aff tigrina w Fort Brown, deep green short leaves             $7.00

Gibbaeum, /D,14/ small thick-leaved plants, keep dry            
1513.14-heathii 'comptonii' grey spheres, hot pink fl                $6.00
1514.6-pilosulum round light green bodies, very hairy                $6.00
1515.2-shandii Kareevlakte, inviting jaws                            $6.00

Glottiphyllum, /D,15/ thick compact leaves, keep dry             
1517.1-aff fragrans 5 k s Laingsburg, rosy perfume                  $10.00
1518.5-muirii SB655 Springfontein, bright purple leaves              $8.00
1520.2-oligocarpum SL84-102 30 k e Steytlerville, very compact      $10.00

Hereroa, /B,16-18/ mat-forming with deep roots                 
1522.52-brevifolia /17/ Wolwekraal, thick stubby leaves form mat     $6.00
1524.41-teretifolia DT4939 /17/ 7km S Hondewater, narrow-leaved mat  $6.00

Lampranthus, /A,14-16/ erect shrubbies, many flowers             
1539.48-vanputtenii large purple flowers                             $6.00

Lithops, /most B,14-17/ flat plants, colorful top               
1595.32-geyeri 'hillii' C233 pink grey, mottled                      $7.00
1625.791-karasmontana ssp eberlanzii s Koichab, starburst clusters   $7.00
1663.76-marmorata Jakkalswater, on dry stony plains, sun lover       $7.50
1670.1-marmorata C360 elevated pink lobes, zig-zag lines             $8.00
1708.31-salicola C321 greyish blue                                   $8.00
1708.6-salicola C353 slate grey, finely netted dark lines            $8.00
1713.4-schwantesii C211 puce pattern, stonelike                      $6.00

Machairophyllum, /B,15/ mat-forming with crowded leaves         
1774.93-sp Witberg, big leaves, huge evening flower                  $6.00

Mitrophyllum, /C,14/ leaves burst out of papery sheath          
1779.36-clivorum 10 m e Kleinzee, 'ripense' bright yellow flowers    $9.00
1779.42-clivorum Witkliphoogte, scaley wooden trunk, yellow fl      $10.00
1779.43-clivorum Wildepaardehoek, large pink rotating flowers       $10.00
1779.45-clivorum 2 k n Umdaus, low densely branching form            $8.00
1779.51-grande Brakfontein, huge leaves, huge white flowers         $10.00

Monilaria, /C,15/ brilliant leaves (water storage cells)         
1780.1-chrysoleuca v polita smooth pale green leaves                 $8.00
1780.57-obconica SH672 n Komaggas, dwarf, easily flowered           $10.00

Namibia, /D,14/ clump-forming with very thick soft leaves       
1781.05-ponderosa H4389 Kovisberg, soft blue-grey leaves             $6.00

Nananthus, /B,18/ low compact tufted plants                      
1781.42-transvaalensis Griqualand West, slender leaf, yellow-red fl $10.00
1781.6-transvaalensis /17/ huge underground taproot,yellow-red fl    $7.00

Pleiospilos, /most B, 16-17/ low thick leaves, full sun         
1816.6-bolusii Hillmore, sharp edged keel, wide cleavage             $7.00
1818.167-compactus ssp canus Toorwater Poort, small thick rosette    $7.00

Psammophora, /D,15/ low thick sticky leaves                     
1839-longifolia Witputz, Namibia, new leaves dark purple, violet fl  $6.00
1839.5-modesta Luederitz, small sticky leaves                        $6.00

Ruschia, over-large diverse genus
1850.95-valida SB1305 Augrabies (Antimima), thick fuzzy leaves       $5.00

Sceletium, /D,15/ low shrubby type with papery leaves           
1852.6-joubertii SB979 Bloutoring, L Karoo, white fl                 $8.00

Schwantesia, /D,15/ low thick leaves, freely flowering          
1854-loeschiana short thick rounded leaves, compact                  $7.00
1858-ruedebuschii /17/ leaves have many teeth on ends                $6.00

Titanopsis, /B,17-18/ low thick warted leaves                    
1870.5-aff. calcarea Ghams, Upington, bronze leaves, deep yellow fl. $7.00
1877-primosii /17/ Gamoep, ex Rawe, dense tiny white warts           $7.00

Trichodiadema, /B,15/ shrubby with thick roots                   
1883.2-sp Dead Mans Gulch, slender upright stems                     $6.00

Vanheerdea, /D,17/ clumps slowly with very thick leaves          
1884.3-roodiae /17/ erect bodies, ruddy, small                       $8.00

other succulents

Agave, /3,6,8/ century plant, good for summer patio             
1887.3-americana v marginata /16/ variegated white stripe           $10.00
1888.1-aurea Ligui, BCS, small rosettes, arching leaves              $6.00
1888.26-bracteosa /16/ curly pale green leaves                      $10.00
1888.28-celsii pale green leaves, dense red teeth                    $8.00
1888.32-cerulata v nelsonii Santa Inez, BCN, stiff teeth             $6.00
1888.34-cerulata v subcerulata /16/ Baja                             $7.00
1888.362-chrysantha /17/ Mayer, Az, small rosettes, narrow leaf      $6.00
1888.7-desertii v simplex Waterman Mts, Pima Co, AZ                  $8.00
1889.1-falcata SB904 Saltillo, Coah, pink striped leaves            $15.00
1889.75-guiengola /14/ broad pale green leaf, fine teeth             $8.00
1889.8-havardiana DJF1326 /17/ Davis Mts, Tx, robust rosette         $8.00
1889.84-horrida Coajamulco, Mor, very robust teeth                   $8.00
1889.846-ithsmensis Salina Cruz, Oax, tight interlacing leaves       $8.00
1890-lechuguilla /13,17/ Finley Mts., Hudspeth Co, Tx                $6.00
1890.1-lechuguilla /17/ Franklin Mts, Tx, very small, offsets        $5.00
1890.2-lechuguilla /17/ Saltillo, Coah, dark-pale green stripes      $6.00
1892.44-margaritae SB1856 Isla Magdalena, miniature rosette         $20.00
1892.605-macroculmis /17/ Carneros, Coah, biggest hardy type        $10.00
1893-neomexicana SB105 /18/ Sacramento Mts, Otero Co, NM             $7.00
1894-neomexicana SB948 /18/ w Artesia, leaf powdery grey             $8.00
1897.5-parryi v huachucensis /17/ large symetrical rosettes          $7.00
1897.56-parryi v truncata /17/ short overlapping leaves              $7.00
1898.7-scabra /13,16/ Ramos Arizpe, Coah, large stiff teeth          $6.00
1899-shawii Rosarito, BCN, big robust teeth                          $8.00
1899.3-schidigera CH229 San Luis Potosi, SLP, thin hairy leaves      $6.00
1899.34-sisaliana /14/ source of sisal fibers for hammocks           $7.00
1899.35-sobria Santa Rosalia, BCS, banded powdery leaf               $8.00
1899.4-striata /16/ long slender silver grey leaves                  $6.00
1899.53-striata /16/ Tula, Tam, very thin leaves, pinkish-red       $10.00
1899.8-toumeyana /17/ small rosette, highly frayed leaves            $8.00
1899.82-toumeyana /17/ Apache Trail, AZ, small rosettes, thin lf     $8.00
1901.63-titanota FO-76 Sierra Mixteca, curly white teeth             $7.50

Beaucarnea, /3,6,14/ trees with rosette-forming leaves          
1914.62-recurvata Cd Maiz, 'pony tail palm'                          $7.00

Aeonium, /1,7,15/ rosette forming, full sun                      
2182-lanzerottense makes bonsai tree, compact rosette               $12.00
2187-percarneum Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, pink rosette               $5.00

Tylecodon, /1,7,10,C/ low thick-stemmed caudiciforms             
2964-decipiens rose pink flowers, fat green leaves                   $7.00

Euphorbia, /3,6,8,11/ interesting diverse genus                  
3105-fruiticosa short white teeth                                    $7.00

Aloe, /2,6,14-16/ very large diverse genus                       
3502-affinis stemless, broad rosettes, red flowers                   $7.00
3503-ammophila compact stemmless rosette, red flowers                $7.00
3506-aristata /17/ narrow leaves, fine teeth, an alpine              $7.00
3510-branddraaiensis H6112 Brandraai, red teeth                      $8.00
3520.2-claviflora /16/ grows in a ring, brilliant red flowers        $7.00
3520.5-comosa short trunk, nice pinkish leaves                       $7.00
3524-davyana large white bands on leaves                             $8.00
3526.7-dhufarensis stays small, soft leaf, coral-red fl              $7.00
3527-dichotoma /C,14/ smooth light brown papery bark on trunk        $9.00
3527.1-dichotoma Haalenberg, super shiny bark on trunk              $10.00
3530-elegans grey leaves with red edge                               $7.00
3532.2-falcata Hotson, Goodhouse, small, rough blue leaves           $9.00
3533.1-gariepensis bright red leaves, lives in rocks                 $6.00
3533.4-glauca pink leaf with red teeth                               $7.00
3535.35-greenii pale green leaves with white stripes, pink fl        $6.00
3536-hereroensis spotted bluish leaves, nice orange fl               $7.00
3536.06-hereroensis n Niekerkshoop, grey green mottled leaves        $7.00
3545-ibitiensis flat yellow green leaves, fine teeth                 $6.00
3548-immaculata very short stem, short broad green lf                $7.00
3553-karasbergensis leaves with thin color stripes, nice             $6.00
3555-kilifiensis LAV12298 Maja ya Chumvia, red leaves, coral fl      $7.50
3565-littoralis white spotted pale blue leaves                      $10.00
3576-marlothii H6843 Nanija Klaserie, Tvl, stout red teeth           $7.00
3580-mcloughlinii Blue Nile, Ethiopia, bronze shiny leaf             $7.00
3585.1-melanacantha Bitterfontein, rigid leaves, stout black teeth   $8.00
3605-pubescens flowers covered with fine hairs                       $6.00
3620-rivierei LAV 15995 Yemen, small clustering plants               $8.00
3624-rupestris treelike, with tall erect trunk                       $8.00
3639-saponaria v ficksburgensis spotted grey leaves                  $7.00
3649.2-striata leaves have striped color bands                       $7.00
3659-tomentosa very hairy green flowers                              $6.00
3659.1-tomentosa ISI1383 Wadi Dhahr, Yemen                           $8.00
3659.2-tomentosa Haraz Mts, Yemen, fuzzy green flowers              $10.00
3660-trichosantha elongated white spots                              $7.00
3678-vacillans curved leaf with red edge, nodding yellow fl          $7.00
3678.3-vacillans COLL 7246 Tannumah, from red flowering plants       $7.00
3680-variegata /C/ orange flowers, small rosettes                    $5.00
3691-wickensii Chuniespoort, Tvl                                     $7.00
3695-zebrina small rosette, white jagged striped leaves              $7.00

Gasteria, /2,6,14/ rosette forming, thick tough leaves          
3800.6-pulchra long curved leaves                                    $8.00
3802.6-batesiana dark rough green leaves                             $8.00
3821-pillansii bands of big white spots                              $7.00
3822-pillansii v ernesti-ruschii ISI 89-57 short stocky leaves       $6.00

Haworthia, /7,14-15/ rosettes, sow at 50-70F (10-21C)           
3843.03-cymbiformis f ramosa Wooldridge, light green thin leaves     $6.00
3962.12-turgida Botterkloof-Riversdale, prominent clear lines        $7.00

Trichocaulon, /3,6,8,11,14/ thick soft stems                     
4584-piliferum PB4201 Laingsburg, slender stem, stiff tubercles     $20.00

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