Other Succulent Plants

Agave, /3,6,8/ century plant, good for summer patio
1887.285-aktites San Carlos, Son, small narrow leaf                  $5.00
1887.8-applanata El Limon, VC, dense overlapping leaves              $4.00
1888.2-avellanidens Rosarito, Baja, undulated margin                 $4.00
1888.27-bracteosa /17/ Sta Caterina, NL, curly toothless leaves      $4.00
1888.275-capensis Cabo San Lucas, small toothy rosette               $4.00
1888.28-celsii pale green leaves, dense red teeth                    $4.00
1888.32-cerulata v nelsonii Santa Inez, BCN, stiff teeth             $4.00
1888.39-colorata stout gnarled teeth                                 $4.00
1888.4-colorata San Carlos Bay, powdery grey leaves red tinged       $5.00
1888.68-desertii v simplex /17/ Harcuvar Mts, small silvery rosette  $5.00
1888.8-difformis El Tephe, Hid, leaves with wavy edge, small rosette $4.00
1888.9-durangensis Sombrerete, Zac, wide leaf, robust teeth          $4.00
1889.11-felgeri /16/ San Carlos, Son, small rosettes, striped leaf   $6.00
1889.3-gigantensis Sierra de la Gigantea, Baja                       $4.00
1889.73-guadalajarana /16/ broad overlapping leaves, super teeth     $3.50
1889.8-havardiana DJF1326 /17/ Davis Mts, Tx, robust rosette         $4.00
1889.846-ithsmensis Salina Cruz, Oax, tight interlacing leaves       $5.00
1892.44-margaritae SB1856 Isla Magdalena, miniature rosette          $8.00
1892.5-macroacantha Con Buenavista, Oax, dwarf, blue leaf, pretty    $4.00
1892.94-neomexicana SB87 /17/ Caballo Mts, Sierra Co, NM             $4.00
1894-neomexicana SB948 /18/ w Artesia, leaf powdery grey             $4.00
1894.2-nizandensis Nizanda, Oax, small few leaved rosette            $5.00
1895.2-ocahui /16/ Guasabas, Son, narrow leaves red edged line       $4.00
1895.72-palmeri DJF1898 /17/ Peloncillos, NM, slender leaves         $4.00
1897-parryi DJF138 /17/ ne Globe, Az, elegant rich green leaves      $4.00
#1898.1-parviflora SB1703 /17/ Yecora, Son, tiny rosettes            $4.00
1898.12-parviflora v flexiflora /17/ Guasabas, Son, nodding fl       $4.50
1898.52-pendula Jalapa, VC, hangs on cliffs, eager to fl             $6.00
1898.56-poliantheflora SB1703 Yecora, Son, small rosette             $4.00
1898.713-scabra v zarcensis /16/ La Zarca, smaller broad leaves      $4.00
1898.726-schidigera La Congoja, Ags, narrow leaf, densely hairy      $4.00
1899-shawii Rosarito, BCN, big robust teeth                          $4.00
1899.35-sobria Santa Rosalia, BCS, banded powdery leaf               $4.00
1899.4-striata /16/ long slender silver grey leaves                  $5.00
1899.45-striata /16/ Providencia, SLP, thin pointed leaves           $4.00
1899.52-striata /16/ El Rio, NL, long thin leaves, often pink        $4.00
1899.53-striata /16/ Tula, Tam, very thin leaves, pinkish-red        $5.00
1899.54-striata /15/ w Zimapan, slender pinkish leaves               $4.00
1899.81-toumeyana /17/ Sunflower, Az, small hairy rosettes           $5.00
1901.55-victoriae-reginae /13,17/ thick leaves mottled white         $4.00
1901.56-victoriae-reginae /17/ Huasteca Canyon, white stripes        $6.00
1901.57-victoriae-reginae variagata, yellow striped leaves           $5.00
1901.63-titanota FO-76 Sierra Mixteca, curly white teeth             $6.00

Pelargonium, /C,7,14/ sow at 40-50F (5-10C)
1964.15-carnosum finely divided leaf, thick caudex                   $4.00

Senecio, succulent composites
1970.71-acaulis SB1863 e Kleinzee, fat leaves, long tuberous roots   $4.00
1970.8-corymbiferus upright caudex, pale leaves, winter grower       $3.50
1971.03-pendulus arching mottled green snakes                        $3.50
1971.04-picticaulis ISI771 Ngare River, Kenya, spotted stem          $4.00
1971.14-rowleyanus string of pearls, hanging beads                   $3.25

Tradescantia /2,6/, small rosette florming scramblers
1975.2-navicularis Sandia Grande, NL, purple boat shaped leaf        $4.00

Yucca, /2,6/ makes very nice garden plant, white flowers
1980.2-baccata /18/ Rio Rancho NM, stemless, small rosettes          $5.00
1985-filifera /16/ La Zarca, Dur, thick woody trunk                  $4.00

Adromischus, /1,7,15/ tiny rosette forming plants, slow
2104.06-alstonii Bok, Kangnas, short and waxy, red mottled           $4.00
2104.1-alstonii n Concordia, flat leaf with scattered red spots      $4.00
2104.14-alstonii Lorelei, grey airplane propellers                   $4.00
2104.2-alstonii Riethuis, small round waxy grey leaf                 $4.00
2104.3-alstonii w Naip, tuberous base, flat grey leaves              $4.00
2104.34-alstonii Namus Kloof, large flat grey leaves                 $4.00
2104.35-alstonii Smorenskadu, waxy pink-grey leaves                  $4.00
2104.36-alstonii SB1672 w Soebatshoek, icy pale grey leaf, red edge  $4.00
2104.4-alstonii SB1132 Breekriet, large clamshell leaf form          $4.00
2104.45-filicaulis SB1593 Kloof of Caves, Rv, fat and round          $4.00
2104.5-alstonii SB1673 Deurdrift, rosette from stumpy base           $4.00
2104.6-alstonii SB1929 /16/ Platbakkies, leaf with red tips          $4.00
2104.7-alstonii SB1930 w Kon Kyp, broad leaf form, red spots         $4.00
2104.74-alstonii SB2158 Ratelpoort, fatter grey leaf, red spotted    $4.00
2104.76-alstonii SB2188 e Springbok, stubby grey leaves              $4.00
2104.8-alstonii SH309A Matsikamma, stubby fat leaf, red spots        $4.00
2105-alstonii Uitspanpoort, grey waxy leaf, pink edged               $4.00
2108-caryophyllaceus 'grandiflorus' dark purple flowers              $3.25
2109-caryophyllaceus DMC560 large white flower, purple throat        $4.00
2109.2-caryophyllaceus DMC2529 narrow pale green leaves, waxy        $4.00
2110-cooperi spotted colored leaves, thick                           $3.25
2110.3-cooperi GM99 mini form, dark purple spotted leaves            $4.00
2113-cristatus leaf edge wavy, light green                           $3.25
2114-cristatus v clavifolius velvety green leaves                    $3.25
2115-cristatus 'nussbaumerianus' red edge on leaf                    $3.25
2116-cristatus 'poellnitzianus' flared leaf tips                     $3.25
2116.3-cristatus v schonlandii dense brown hairs on stem             $3.25
2117-diabolicus EVJ 6427 Dabenorisberge, fleshy stump                $4.00
2118.5-filicaulis 7 k w Kliphuisbank, prominent red spots            $4.00
2118.6-filicaulis Koa Valley, torpedo shaped leaves                  $4.00
2118.8-filicaulis SB1595 Die Drif, tiny spotted leaves               $4.00
2119-filicaulis Aughrabies, tiny shiny green leaves, red lines       $4.00
2119.5-filicaulis Witvlak, slender red mottled leaves                $4.00
2119.7-filicaulis SB1706 Deurdrif, torpedo shaped leaves             $4.00
2119.8-filicaulis SB2141 Jakkalskoppie, short shiny leaves           $4.00
2120-filicaulis v marlothii short fat rounded leaves                 $3.25
2120.2-filicaulis v marlothii Laingsberg, clusters of round leaves   $4.00
2121.5-hallii Buchu Twins, clonotype                                 $7.00
2122-hemisphaericus epidermis dries into waxy squares                $3.25
2122.4-hemisphaericus SB1927 Paardeberg, in tight rock cracks        $4.00
2124-leucophyllus tiny leaves, dense white powder                    $3.25
2124.3-leucophyllus Baden, white powdery waxy leaves                 $4.00
2125-liebenbergii FKH2481 fat waxy grey leaves                       $4.00
2125.2-liebenbergii Thyshoogte, fat grey leaves                      $4.00
2126.2-maculatus SB1959 Ocketskraal, robust spotted leaves           $4.00
2127-mamillaris upright robust stem, red spotted leaves              $3.25
2128-mamillaris Vredendal, ex Hall, rosette forming                  $4.00
2128.6-marianae Grootberg, rough red edged leaf                      $7.00
2129-marianae Quaggaskop, dark green leaf, furrowed top              $5.00
2129.2-marianae Trawal, waxy red leaves, few spots                   $6.00
2129.3-marianae LAV 7908 Brandkop, red brown furrowed leaf           $6.00
2129.4-marianae PB2838 Drabeskopf, Brandberg                         $6.00
2129.5-marianiae 'hallii' Lorelei, very fat speckled leaf            $8.00
2129.53-marianiae v herrei rough dark red leaves                     $7.00
2129.57-marianiae ssp immaculatus Dolomite Peak, RV                  $6.00
2129.6-marianiae ssp immaculatus Garies, pale green leaf, red tip    $6.00
2129.7-marianiae ssp immaculatus Gladdekop, fat rough leaves         $6.00
2130-marianiae ssp immaculatus SB1388 Jakkalskoppie, beautiful       $6.00
2131-marianae v immaculatus Vredendal, ex Hall, variable             $5.00
2131.4-marianae v immaculata 'alveolatus' fat red tipped leaves      $6.50
2131.9-marianae v kubusanum SB1382 Kuboos, dark brown leaves         $6.00
2132-marianae v kubusanum Die Koei, rough grey leaves, white crust   $6.00
2132.2-marianae v kubusanum SB1386 Lorelei, short dark leaves        $6.00
2132.8-maximus thick waxy leaf with red margin                       $3.50
2132.9-montinum-klinghardtii DT3669A Holgat River, waxy pink leaves  $4.00
2133-montinum-klinghardtii SB1385 Lorelei, fat waxy leaves           $4.00
2133.2-montinum-klinghardtii Rooilepel, shiny lavender leaves        $4.00
2134-nanus Animub, tiny shiny leaves, fat tuber, pink fl             $6.00
2140-roaneanus grey waxy rounded leaves                              $3.25
2140.5-roaneanus PB3252 Nuwerus, Cedarberge, pink spotted lf         $4.00
2140.8-roaneanus SB1928 Gifberg summit, tiny pink rosettes           $4.00
2141-roaneanus Grasberg, smooth waxy leaves, upright stem            $4.00
2143-roaneanus 'violaceus' big pink purple leaves                    $3.25
2160-montinum-klinghardtii SB1072 Holgat river, fat leaf             $4.00
2160.8-schuldtianus Aurus, very fat spotted leaves                   $4.00
2161-schuldtianus LAV27638 Pofadder-Goodhouse, small pinkish leaf    $4.00
2161.1-schuldtianus Lorelei, metallic grey, wavy                     $4.00
2161.2-schuldtianus Eendorn, wavy pink edged leaf                    $4.00
2161.3-schuldtianus SB1383 w Naip, wavy pink edged leaf              $4.00
2161.4-schuldtianus Tafelkop, Achab, lots of spots                   $4.00
2161.5-schuldtianus Vrede, Nam, pink edged round leaf                $4.00
2161.6-schuldtianus ssp juttae Signalberg, tiny, orange wavy edge    $4.00
2162-filicaulis SB1384 Lorelei, frosted grey with red spots          $4.00
2163-sphenophyllus shiny pink leaves, very tiny                      $3.25
2163.2-sphenophyllus DC0401 long pointed pink waxy leaves            $4.00
2163.3-subdistichous Baviaanskloof, waxy round leaf, red edge        $4.00
2163.4-subdistichous Witklip, tiny rosette with small waxy leaves    $4.00
2164-triebneri ISI531 large thick red spotted leaves                 $4.00
2164.3-trigynus stumpy base, circular spotted leaf                   $3.25
2164.5-trigynus Springbok, thick grey stem, round leaves             $4.00
2164.7-umbraticola Rustenburg, white waxy fat leaves, few red spots  $4.00
2164.9-umbraticola v ramosus pale waxey pink leaves                  $3.25
2165-umbraticola v ramosus Chuniespoort                              $4.00
2166-zehyeri Oribi Gorge, green lettuce                              $5.00

Aeonium, /1,7,15/ rosette forming, full sun
2172-arboreum upright branching stems, red edged leaf                $3.25
2173-arboreum cv Zwartkop dark black leaves                          $3.25
2175.2-castello-paivae AC25 La Laguna Alta, Gomera, fresh green      $4.00
2175.4-ciliatum round red edged leaf, white cilia                    $3.25
2176-decorum coppery rosette, flying buttress roots                  $3.25
2177-domesticum little tree, tiny hairy leaves                       $3.50
2179.4-gomerense Gomera, blue-green leaf, red edge                   $4.00
2180-haworthii bluish grey leaves, red teeth                         $3.25
2180.2-haworthii AC24 S Sebastien, Gomera, red edged                 $4.00
2181-holochrysum very colorful rosette, red-yellow leaves            $3.50
2182-lanzerottense makes bonsai tree, compact rosette                $4.00
2183-lindleyi cure for Euph sap problems                             $4.00
2187-percarneum Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, pink rosette               $4.00
2189.5-sedifolium tiny tree, tiny red/green rosettes                 $3.25

Cotyledon, /1,6,10/ give full sun when mature
2269-orbiculata white powdery leaf with red margin                   $3.25
2270-orbiculata Vredendal, white leaves, red margins                 $4.00
2272.4-orbiculata SB1720 Springfontein, long leaf tipped red         $4.00
2274-orbiculata v dinteri short rounded leaf edged red               $4.00
2276-orbiculata v oophylla small red edged leaves                    $3.25
2277.8-papillaris woody scramblers, flowers red bells                $3.25
2278-papillaris HH5139 Vredendal, powdery pointed red tipped leaf    $4.00
2279.8-pillansii se Konstabel, sticky red edged leaves               $4.00
2283-teretifolia SL84-029 Craddock, slender leaf with red tip        $4.00
2290-undulata white powdery leaves, wavy margin                      $5.00

Crassula, /1,7,10/ very large diverse genus
2306-anomola tiny bright red leaves                                  $3.25
2306.7-argentea red/white variegation, bonsai forming                $4.00
2306.8-atropurpurea Tiras, Aus, small hairy grey leaf                $4.00
2307.1-ausensis w Aus, Namibia, grey tuft, white spotted             $4.00
2307.28-pubescens Aus, slender leaves covered with hairs             $4.00
2315-biplanata small shrub, peeling bark, white-cream fl             $3.25
2317-capitella v thrysiflora HH5130 pointed leaf, red spots          $4.00
2319.1-columella SB1134 Aughrabies, fuzzy, very thick                $4.00
2320.2-corallina Normandale, tiny leaves with white crust            $4.00
2320.3-corallina SL 84-028 Cradock                                   $4.00
2320.45-cordata Valentine's heart leaf, cascading                    $3.25
2320.47-cordata Plutos Vale, red spotted flat leaves                 $4.00
2320.5-corymbulosa reddish green stacking triangles                  $3.25
2321-cotyledonis rounded grey leaves finely hairy                    $3.25
2321.2-cotyledonis SB998 Buffelsrivier, Springbok, fuzzy pink leaf   $4.00
2321.3-cotyledonis SB1999 Ockertskraal, large grey fuzzy leaf        $4.00
2321.6-corallina tiny white rounded leaves                           $3.25
2321.9-deceptor rocklike white leaves, compact                       $3.50
2323-deceptor LAV25537 Khamiesberg, squat grey-white leaves          $4.00
2324-deceptor SB1509 Strandfontein, miniature form                   $4.00
2325-undulata 'dejecta' SB1053 Paardeberg, red edged rounded leaf    $4.00
2325.4-deltoidea powdery white leaf, tiny rosette                    $3.25
2325.9-elegans Eenriet, big white bosses                             $4.00
2325.92-elegans Jakkalswater, dense white pimples                    $4.00
2325.93-elegans Kon Kyp, rounded reddish leaves                      $4.00
2325.94-elegans Luederitz                                            $4.00
2326.3-elegans v namibensis Luederitz                                $4.00
2326.5-eriocoides stem covered with flat leaves                      $3.25
2328-expansa SB1804 Grootfraatwater, scrambler, like a Sedum         $4.00
2328.5-garibina Aurus, arching white powdery leaf                    $4.00
2328.6-garibina ISI89-44 Rosh Pinah, thick yellowish leaves          $4.00
2329-grisea hairy white-grey leaves, upright                         $3.25
2329.2-grisea L26252 Zebrafontein, red edged pink leaves             $4.00
2331-hirta rosette forming, white hairy leaves                       $3.25
2332.2-hirtipes Strandfontein, leaves covered with white prickles    $4.00
2332.4-hirtipes SB1670 Jakkalskoppie, bristly tiny bush              $4.00
2332.6-hottentotta raised white dots on fat red leaves               $3.25
2333-humbertii green leaves, red spots                               $3.25
2335-X justi-corderoyi small pointed orange-red leaves               $3.25
2335.4-lanuginosa v pachystemon short leaf with white hairs          $3.25
2335.5-lanuginosa v pachystemon Penhoek Pass, fuzzy leaf, cascades   $4.00
2335.8-macowaniana SB2168 Naip, broad cushion of fingery leaves      $4.00
2338-muscosa SB1228 Strandfontein, grey scaley stems                 $4.00
2339-aff namaquensis SB1671 Die Drif                                 $4.00
2339.7-nudicaulis fuzzy pink edged leaf                              $3.25
2340-nudicaulis v herrei bright red edge on leaf                     $3.25
2340.4-perfoliata Baviaanskloof, grey leaves, intense red flowers    $4.00
2340.5-perfoliata n Drew, mini form, small fuzzy leaves              $4.00
2340.7-perfoliata v miniata upright stem, thick broad leaves         $3.50
2341.2-plegmatoides Holgat, thick soft stem                          $4.00
2343-pruinosa tightly clasped white leaves                           $3.25
2345.2-pubescens SL84-312 Calitzdorp, large pink leaves              $4.00
2346-remota tiny fuzzy pink leaves                                   $3.25
2347.6-rubricaulis shiny reddish bark, red edged leaf                $3.25
2347.9-rupestris fat short leaf, dense red spots                     $3.25
2348.3-rupestris cv Baby Necklace tiny stacked circular leaves       $3.25
2352-schimperi v lanceolata pink to red spotted leaves               $3.25
2354.6-sericea SB1124 Aughrabies, hairy pink fat leaves              $4.00
2355-sericea SB1510 Lorelei, fine white hairs on leaf                $4.00
2355.1-sericea v hottentotta SB2159 Namus Kloof, round pink leaves   $4.00
2355.4-elegans SB1064 Animub, knobby leaves                          $4.00
2355.9-sladenii stacks of circular leaves, many spots                $3.25
2356.5-socialis cushion forming, leaves stacked in 4 rows            $3.25
2357-spathulata flat green leaves, fine teeth, hanger                $3.25
2357.6-subaphylla bonsai, peeling bark, red tipped leaf              $3.25
2358-susannae SB1065 Riethuis, very tiny undulate leaves             $4.00
2361-tetragona small trees, good for bonsai                          $3.25
2361.2-tetragona ssp acutifolia sharp pointed leaves                 $3.25
2361.5-tomentosa /17/ Eselskop 1600m, tiny red mat, white hairs      $4.00
2362-tomentosa Vredendal, round leaves covered with hair             $4.00
2362.9-tomentosa v interrupta compact green leaves with white hairs  $3.25
2363-tomentosa v interrupta HH5050 Vredendal, purplish hairy leaves  $4.00
2364-undulata Vink River, little bush, red edged leaf                $4.00
2365-volkensis green leaf, purple spots                              $3.25
2368-elegans SB999 Holgat River mouth, short red leaf                $4.00

Echeveria, /1,6,10,14-16/ colorful leaves and flowers
2408-bicolor U1921 Merida, upright, branching habit                  $4.00
2415-derenbergii cool blue-green leaves                              $3.25
2461-strictiflora SB812 /17/ Brewster Co,Tx, red edged leaf          $4.00
2462-walpoleana SB1304 Huizache, SLP, orange-red flowers             $4.00

Graptopetalum, /1,6,10/ smooth leaves, spotted petals
2484-X paraguayensis /17/ pink tinged pale blue leaves               $3.25
2485-paraguayensis v bernalensis FO-210 smaller rosettes             $4.00
2491-rusbyi HBG52122 Pinal Co, AZ, small pink rosettes               $4.00

Kalanchoe, /1,6,10/ variable genus from Madagascar
2555.4-lanceolata lobes leaf like an oak                             $3.50
2573-rhombopilosa purplish grey leaves                               $3.25
2582-thyrsiflora bright red-edged leaf                               $4.00

Lenophyllum, /1,6,10,15-16/ rosette forming
2605.2-guttatum SB1448 /16/ Los Imagines, spotted grey leaves        $4.00
2607-reflexum SB896 Los Altares, NL, purple leaves                   $4.00

Monanthes, /1,6,10,15/ densely caespitose tiny plants
2656-pallens rosette of tiny round tipped leaves                     $3.25

Orostachys, /1,6,10,17/ compact rosettes, rock garden type
2705-boehmeri small light grey rosette                               $3.25
2714-fimbriatus /18/ Soochow, China, dark pink-red leaves            $4.00
2720-iwarenge /18/ large powdery blue rosettes                       $3.50
2769-spinosus /18/ Mongolia, leaf tip with spiny white tip           $4.00
2769.2-spinosus long pointed green leaf                              $3.50

Sedum, /1,6,10/ tiny succulents with tight leaves
2833-adolfii mottled white-green leaf, red edged                     $3.25
2844-dasyphyllum /18/ small blue-green leaves                        $3.25
2844.8-dendroideum FO-178 Sierra Mixteca, branching shrub            $4.00
2853.5-hernandezii FO-199 fat waxy leaves, yellow flowers            $4.00
2863-hernandezii stem covered with white waxy scales                 $3.25
2867.3-morganianum 'burro tail', with cascading stems                $3.25
2867.5-nussbaumerianum /14/ thick leaves yellow-red edged            $4.00
2875.4-rubrotinctum little round red tipped leaves                   $3.25
2877.3-sediforme /18/ upright shoots, white fl, very hardy           $3.25
2886-treleasei FO-95 Canon Tomellin, Oax., blue green rosettes       $4.00
2890-wrightii /17/ Sacramento Mts, NM, white flowers                 $4.00

Sempervivum, /1,6,10,17-18/ tight rosettes, alpines
2902.9-arachnoideum /18/ very fuzzy tiny rosettes                    $3.25

Tylecodon, /1,7,10,C/ low thick-stemmed caudiciforms
2963-buchholzianus SB1546 Uitspanpoort, black stem, red new growth   $6.00
2964-decipiens rose pink flowers, fat green leaves                   $4.00
2970-fragilis SB932 Strandfontein, erect grey caudex                 $6.00
2983-racemosus Uitspanpoort, fine glandular hairs                    $5.00
2992-striatus erect slender caudex, sticky leaves                    $4.00
2993-wallichii horny old petiole                                     $7.00
2993.4-wallichii SB2012 Aughrabies, fat knobby trunks, long fl       $6.00

Villadia, /15-16/ very tiny leafed rosette
2998.9-imbricata compact tiny rosettes, white flowers                $3.25
2999-imbricata Tomellin Canyon, dense rosette                        $4.00

Euphorbia, /3,6,8,11/ interesting diverse genus
3119.9-horrida v noorsveldtensis Jansenville, long red teeth         $3.25
3120-horrida v nova white frosted stem                               $4.00
3138-makallensis deep taproot, mound forming like resinifera         $3.50
3144-mammillaris PV1491 n Montagu, short bristly stem                $4.00
3203-officinarum white horny ribs, toothy                            $4.00
3213.2-pillansii Barrydale, clump forming, new thorns red            $5.00
3218-pulvinata clusters to form cushion, small heads                 $3.25

Aloe, /2,6,14-16/ very large diverse genus
3501.6-acutissima v antanimorensis Beza Mahafaly                     $4.00
3502-affinis stemless, broad rosettes, red flowers                   $3.25
3508.5-barbadensis 'A vera', medicinal burn plant                    $4.00
#3509-bellatula very small, red bell shaped flowers                  $5.00
3510-branddraaiensis H6112 Brandraai, red teeth                      $4.00
3513-brevifolia /16/ tight rosette of greyish leaves                 $4.00
3520.2-claviflora /16/ grows in a ring, brilliant red flowers        $3.50
3520.4-commutata low rosette, brightly striped bands                 $3.25
3520.5-comosa short trunk, nice pinkish leaves                       $4.00
3521.4-cremnophila ISI1450 Erigavo, Somalia, small grey rosette      $4.00
3521.8-cryptopoda compact rosette, easy to flower                    $4.00
#3525.3-descoingsii very tiny rosette, orange flowers                $3.25
3526.7-dhufarensis stays small, soft leaf, coral-red fl              $3.50
3529-edentata smooth leaves, quite rare                              $5.00
3532-falcata /C/ stemless, bluish leaves, small                      $4.00
3532.2-falcata Hotson, Goodhouse, small, rough blue leaves           $6.00
3532.7-fleurentinorum SL7895 Jalal Qahar 6000 ft, rough leaf         $5.00
3533-fosteri small rosette, ivory spotted leaves                     $3.50
3533.1-gariepensis bright red leaves, lives in rocks                 $3.50
3533.96-globuligemma H6122 Bergersfort, Tvl, super red-white fl      $4.00
3534.5-graciliflora small open rosette, leaf dries to purple skin    $4.00
3535.35-greenii pale green leaves with white stripes, pink fl        $3.50
3536.06-hereroensis n Niekerkshoop, grey green mottled leaves        $4.00
3536.3-hereroensis w Kaoko Otavi, Namibia                            $5.00
3545-ibitiensis flat yellow green leaves, fine teeth                 $4.00
3548-immaculata very short stem, short broad green lf                $4.00
3552-jucunda shiny bronze-green leaf, white spots                    $3.25
3553-karasbergensis leaves with thin color stripes, nice             $4.00
3553.5-kedongensis boney teeth, scarlet flowers                      $3.50
3565-littoralis white spotted pale blue leaves                       $3.25
3567-cv Lizard Lips rough leaves like horned lizard                  $4.00
3580-mcloughlinii Blue Nile, Ethiopia, bronze shiny leaf             $4.00
3586.22-microstigma /16/ n Calvinia, bright white spotted leaves     $5.00
3586.3-millotii slender grey leaf, white teeth                       $3.25
3587-mutans Adriaansdraai, Tvl, dark parallel lines on leaf          $4.00
3589.5-niebuhriana Al Barh, Yemen, dark purple-grey leaf             $4.00
3590-ortholopha stiff heavily teethed leaves                         $4.00
3596-parvula tiny rosette with bristly warted leaves                 $4.00
3597.3-petricola blue leaves with few teeth, stemless                $4.00
3620-rivierei LAV 15995 Yemen, small clustering plants               $4.00
3635-sabaea At Turbah, upright stem, branching freely                $5.00
3648-sladeniana sharp leaf with very fine teeth                      $4.00
3648.9-squarrosa small green rosette, white spots                    $4.00
3649.2-striata leaves have striped color bands                       $3.25
3649.3-striata Oudtshoorn, wide leaves, parallel stripes             $4.00
3649.4-suarezensis bright red hairy flowers                          $5.00
3658.2-thraskii /14/ Amamzimtoti, large recurved rosette, yellow fl  $4.00
3659-tomentosa very hairy green flowers                              $4.00
3659.1-tomentosa ISI1383 Wadi Dhahr, Yemen                           $4.00
3659.2-tomentosa Haraz Mts, Yemen, fuzzy green flowers               $4.00
3660-trichosantha elongated white spots                              $3.50
3678.1-vacillans COLL 7246 Tannumah, Saudia Arabia, yellow flowering $4.00
3678.2-castellorum COLLENETTE 7255 Abha, Saudi Arabia 6500 ft        $4.00
3678.3-vacillans COLL 7246 Tannumah, from red flowering plants       $4.00
3680-variegata /C/ orange flowers, small rosettes                    $3.25
3681.2-variegata n Willowmore, large rosettes                        $4.00
3691-wickensii Chuniespoort, Tvl                                     $4.00
3692-wickensii Lebowakgomo, NP, multi-colored flowers, pretty        $4.00
3695-zebrina small rosette, white jagged striped leaves              $3.50
3698.4- cv sparkling burgundy red wine leaves                        $5.00

Astroloba, /2,6,14/ rosettes with rigid sharp leaves
3705-deltoidea polished dark green leaf, red edged                   $3.25
3713-herrei long leaf with long sharp point, light green             $4.00

Gasteria, /2,6,14/ rosette forming, thick tough leaves
3800.6-pulchra long curved leaves                                    $4.00
3802.6-batesiana dark rough green leaves                             $5.00
3802.7-batesiana ISI460 silvery variegate                            $4.00
3802.8-baylissiana Oudekraal, fine clones with compact rosette       $5.00
3802.9-baylissiana ex TL, light grey rough leaves                    $4.00
3804.63-brachyphylla v bayeri GN250 short stubby leaves              $4.00
3804.7-brevifolia v variegata                                        $4.00
3807.5-ellaphieae Kouga Dam, many rough white warts                  $4.00
3808-glomerata clustering with small distichous rosettes             $3.25
3808.2-glomerata Kouga Dam on cliffs, basically spotless             $4.00
3809-huttoniae                                                       $3.50
3818-nitida Loerie, small rosettes, offsets                          $4.00
3821-pillansii bands of big white spots                              $4.00
3822-pillansii v ernesti-ruschii ISI 89-57 short stocky leaves       $4.00
3822.3-pillansii v ernesti-ruschii Sonberg, reddish leaves           $4.00
3826-brachyphylla Huisrivier Pass, Calitzdorp                        $4.00
3827-verrucosa light grey leaves with white dots                     $3.25
3828-vlokii leaves with white bands, large orange fl                 $3.50

Haworthia, /7,14-15/ rosettes, sow at 50-70F (10-21C)
3830.2-angustifolia slender dark red leaves                          $3.25
3830.5-angustifolia ISI-1210 bristly narrow leaves, modest           $4.00
3830.6-angustifolia f baylissii broad red tinged leaves              $3.25
3830.8-arachnoidea small leaves, densely toothed                     $3.50
3832-unicolor ISI1028 long thin wispy leaf tip                       $4.00
3832.6-attenuata sharp tipped reddish leaves                         $3.25
3832.7-attenuata Peddy, dark red leaves                              $4.00
3832.8-attenuata Soutkloof, shiny white bands                        $4.00
3833-attenuata f britteniae white tubercles on leaf                  $3.25
3834-attenuata v "caespitosa" prominant shiny white tubercles        $3.25
3835-attenuata v "clariperla" raised white ridges                    $3.25
3836-batesiana green leaves, veins under surface                     $3.25
3836.1-batesiana nw Cathcart, pointed red + green leaves             $4.00
3836.12-batesiana Klipplaat, red leaf, whispy leaf                   $4.00
3836.5-bolusii v blackbeardiana e Cathcart                           $6.00
3837-chloracantha slender light green toothed leaves                 $3.25
3837.1-chloracantha f variegata mottled white rosettes               $3.25
3837.2-chlor. v denticulifera dark green leaves                      $3.25
3837.3-chloracantha v denticulifera Mossel Bay, tiny leaves          $4.00
3837.5-chloracantha v subglauca small narrow leafed rosette          $3.25
3837.6-chloracantha v subglauca Great Brak, narrow toothy leaves     $4.00
3837.8-coarctata upright stem like pine cone                         $4.00
3837.9-coarctata ssp adelaidensis nice white tubercles               $3.25
3838-coarctata f chalwinii thick curved leaf, many white spots       $3.25
3838.1-coarctata f conspicua long white tubercles                    $3.25
3838.3-coarctata f greenii long red-green leaves                     $3.25
3838.5-coarctata v tenuis dark rosette, tiny white tubercles         $3.25
3841-cooperi glassy leaves have transparent lines                    $3.25
3841.05-cooperi Alicedale, Katrivier, flat clear rosette             $4.00
3841.1-cooperi Motherwell, clear leaves, long red lines              $4.00
3841.13-cooperi Tsoma, toothy pointed clear windows                  $4.00
3841.3-cooperi v leightonii leaves tinged red                        $4.00
3841.32-cooperi v leightonii ISI1399 Kaysers Beach                   $4.00
3841.4-cooperi v "pilifera" clear glassy leaf, red lines             $3.25
3841.43-cooperi v pilifera ISI89-57 red lined leaves                 $4.00
3841.52-cooperi v "pilifera" f truncata ISI 1762 Bolo Reserve, CP    $4.00
3841.56-cooperi v viridis Kaboega, dark green clear windows          $4.00
3841.6-cooperi 'vittata' glassy tapering leaf, pink teeth            $4.00
3841.9-cymbiformis light green leaves, open rosette                  $3.25
3842-cymbiformis Chalumna, pale green - pink rosettes, windowed      $4.00
3842.05-cymbiformis e Committees, broad pale green leaf              $4.00
3842.09-cymbiformis Ft Brown, bleached out almost white rosettes     $4.00
3842.1-cymbiformis f variegata leaves with white streaks             $4.00
3842.11-cymbiformis Ft Jackson, smooth clear green rosette           $4.00
3842.12-cymbiformis Groot River Gorge, tight clear glassy windows    $4.00
3842.13-cymbiformis Port Arthur, translucent pink leaves             $4.00
3842.14-cymbiformis Komgha, broad pale open rosette, very nice       $4.00
3842.16-cymbiformis f gracilidelineata Baakens Valley, squat rosette $4.00
3842.2-cymbiformis v incurvula incurved light green leaves           $3.25
3842.23-cymbiformis v incurvula 10 k n Patensie                      $4.00
3842.3-cymbiformis v lepida tiny rounded fat rosettes                $3.25
3842.4-cymbiformis v multifolia compact, incurved lf                 $3.25
3842.8-cymbiformis v "planifolia" open rosette, flat leaf            $3.25
3843-cymbiformis f ramosa broad yellow-green lf, upright stems       $3.25
3843.03-cymbiformis f ramosa Wooldridge, light green thin leaves     $4.00
3843.1-cymbiformis v transiens transparent window tip                $3.25
3843.12-cymbiformis v transiens Prince Alfred pass, small rosettes   $4.00
3843.2-cymbiformis v umbraticola rosette like green glassy rose      $3.25
3843.22-cymbiformis v umbraticola Port Elizabeth, broad veined leaf  $4.00
3843.23-cymbiformis v umbraticola Ft Brown, rosette flat with ground $4.00
3843.24-cymbiformis v umbraticola Swartwaterpoort                    $4.00
3843.25-cymbiformis v umbraticola Uitewaal, red lined leaf           $4.00
3844-decipiens small dense clear grey leaves                         $6.00
3844.51-divergens Calitzdorp, tiny dark rosettes                     $4.00
3844.52-divergens Venterskop, blackish tufts of slender leaves       $5.00
3846.3-emelyae v multifolia Springfontein                            $6.00
3847-fasciata v sparsa grey green leaf, white tubercles              $3.25
3847.5-floribunda floripauca!, curved rough leaves                   $3.25
3847.8-glabrata few tiny white warts on leaves                       $3.25
3848.4-glauca v herrei f jacobseniana vertical blue rosettes         $3.25
3856.2-heidelbergensis ISI 1857 Heidelberg, small dark rosettes      $4.00
3860-herbacea pastel yellow to pink flowers                          $3.25
3861-herbacea 'luteiflora', yellow flowering form                    $4.00
3862-herbacea Bosfontein, very nice bristles                         $4.00
3890-magnifica recurved leaf tips                                    $3.50
3891-kingiana stiff shiny leaves, jumbo rosettes                     $6.00
3891.6-cymbiformis 'lepida' GG SMITH 5066 clonotype, 'multifolia'    $4.00
3893-limifolia v keithii shiny rusty brown leaves                    $3.50
3893.4-limifolia n Natal, nearly black rosettes, smooth              $4.00
3894-limifolia v ubomboensis pale pink leaves                        $3.50
3898-longiana very long reddish leaves                               $3.50
3898.23-longiana v albinota smaller leaves, distinct white tubercles $3.25
3898.41-retusa e Riversdale, broad glassy leaves, large              $4.00
3898.42-retusa Stilbaai, narrow leaf, long dried tip                 $4.00
3898.51-retusa 'fouchei' Grootvlei                                   $4.00
3901.13-magnifica Riversdale, clear lined windows                    $4.00
3901.2-magnifica v maraisii both dark and translucent                $3.25
3901.203-magnifica v maraisii n Drew, small dark rosettes            $6.00
3901.206-magnifica v maraisii Nooitgedacht, dark toothy leavesw      $6.00
3901.21-magnifica v maraisii ISI-1763 Stormsvlei, many white teeth   $4.00
3901.3-magnifica v meiringii many small white teeth                  $3.25
3907-marumiana small rosette, bristly leaves                         $3.25
3907.2-marumiana Graaff-Reinet, miniature                            $4.00
3907.3-marumiana JDV87/59 Tarkastad, reddish leaves                  $4.00
3909-minima small rosette of beaded dark leaves                      $6.00
3911-mirabilis v calcarea De Hoop, strange but nice form             $4.00
3912-mirabilis Genadendal, open dark rosettes                        $4.00
3912.4-mirabilis w Greyton                                           $4.00
3912.46-mirabilis McGregor, small reddish windows                    $4.00
3913.1-mirabilis f beukmannii Nethercourt, back of leaf rough        $7.50
3914.4-mirabilis f sublineata Bredasdorp, long lined pink windows    $4.00
3916.8-nigra 'coriacea' shiny rosettes with pink tinges              $3.50
3918-nigra small rosette of stiff black leaves                       $4.00
3918.2-nigra 'angustata' your basic black formal wear                $4.00
3925-parksiana Great Brak, tiny dark rough leaves                    $4.00
3930-pumila heavy thick leaves, white bands                          $6.00
3934-pygmaea flat green rosette                                      $3.50
3934.4-pygmaea ISI89-56 Zebra, rough frosted pink leaves             $4.00
3938-radula long thin dark leaves,many raised bumps                  $3.50
3938.03-reinwardtii columnar rosette, incurved leaves                $3.25
3938.08-reinwardtii f kaffirdriftensis white pearls on bronze leaf   $3.25
3938.1-reinwardtii f kafferdriftensis Kafferdrift River              $4.00
3938.2-reticulata ISI 1090 many white spots on leaves                $4.00
3938.4-retusa large windowed leaf type                               $3.25
3938.55-retusa f geraldii nice pink leaves                           $4.00
3938.56-retusa f geraldii ne Riversdale, broad windows, clusters     $4.00
3938.57-retusa f geraldii ISI02-25 e Riversdale, wide green leaves   $6.00
3938.6-retusa v "longebracteata" se Riversdale, pale clear windows   $4.00
3939.1-retusa v multilineata fat glassy green leaf, many lines       $5.00
3939.2-retusa v multilineata MBB 626-69 Riversdale, gets huge        $4.00
3942-reticulata pink green spotted leaves                            $3.25
3943-rycroftiana ex TL, thick light triangular leaves                $4.00
3945.2-scabra v morrisiae Schoemanspoort, small and dark             $5.00
3951.8-translucens Swartrivier, Humansdorp, green-red sawtooth leaf  $4.00
3952-translucens Paardepoort, mottled pale green toothy leaf         $4.00
3952.16-turgida Stilbaai                                             $4.00
3952.2-translucens ssp tenera smaller rosette, dense tiny teeth      $3.25
3952.4-translucens ssp tenera De Rust, leaves with many fine teeth   $4.00
3952.45-translucens v tenera Helspoort                               $4.00
3953-translucens ssp tenera Plutos Vale, tiny rosettes               $4.00
3960.5-truncata f. tenuis thin often wavy, parallel leaves           $7.50
3962-turgida very pale green windowed leaf                           $3.25
3962.1-turgida 2 k n Heidelberg, light green rosette, toothy         $4.00
3962.12-turgida Botterkloof-Riversdale, prominent clear lines        $4.00
3962.13-turgida Brakfontein                                          $4.00
3962.142-turgida Bredasdorp, packed green leaves, fine teeth         $4.00
3962.2-turgida 25 k sw Riversdale, long windowed leaf, pretty        $4.00
3962.3-turgida Wydersrivier, leaf light green suffused pink, windows $4.00
3964-turgida `rodenii' BAYER95-71 Gouritz, clear icy window          $4.00
3965-turgida v "pallidifolia" grey frosted leaf tip                  $3.25
3966-turgida v "suberecta" erect red tinged leaves                   $3.25
3972-unicolor Barrydale, pink-grey leaves, whispy tooth              $6.00
3975-unicolor v helmiae Schoemanspoort, fine seedlings               $6.00
3978-variegata e Bredasdorp, windowed leaf tip                       $4.00
3979-variegata Karsrivier, thin dark leaves, spotted                 $4.00
3989-venosa squat rough leaf surface                                 $3.25
3990-venosa ssp tesselata leaf surface with window                   $3.25
3990.07-venosa ssp tesselata Victoria Pass, tiny grey green leaf     $4.00
3990.2-venosa ssp tessellata ISI89-61 very dark red leaves           $4.00
3990.8-viscosa sharp edged column of tightly stacked leaves          $3.25
3991-viscosa ISI90-64 long bronze leafed form                        $4.00
3991.5-woolleyi small dark rosette, miniature                        $6.00
3991.8-xiphiophylla thin curly teeth, long dried wispy leaf tip      $4.00
3999-macrum Reunion, small curved leaves, red teeth                  $5.00

Caralluma, /3,6,8,14/ stems with teeth
4027-burchardii grey stem, hairy yellow flowers                      $4.00
4035-hesperidum nearly black flower, hairy                           $4.00
4072-wissmannii COLL 7752 Shada, S Arabia                            $4.00

Duvalia, /3,6,8,14/ short thick stem, mat forming
4118-caespitosa Deugas, n Uniondale, tiny hairs on petals            $4.00
4126.3-elegans Grootfontein, Willowmore                              $4.00
4126.4-elegans Malgas, shiny brown flower, hairy center              $4.00
4133.6-modesta Bristow, rounded stems, shiny raised annulus          $4.00
4145.2-radiata Rondekop, long sword petals, reddish brown            $4.00
4147-reclinata DP2981                                                $4.00
4147.25-reclinata DP4107A short fat mat forming stems                $4.00

Echidnopsis, /3,6,14/ stapeliad with cylindrical stems, small fl
4168.4-chrysantha deep yellow flowers in pairs                       $6.00

Hoodia, /3,6,8,14/ erect stem, saucer-shaped flowers
4210-gordonii branches in age, woody teeth                           $8.00

Huernia, /3,6/ short thick stems, variable flowers
4223-rosea LAV11269 10 k n of Ibb, pale green fl, red spots          $4.00
4224.5-barbata LAV 26175 Hellsport, Grahamstown                      $4.00
4225.8-boleana Ethiopia                                              $4.00
4229.3-clavigera EH300S Vanrhynsdorp, thick knobby stems             $4.00
4229.4-clavigera MBB 3321 fat pink and green stems                   $4.00
4229.57-concinna BAR 11634 pale open flower with red spots           $4.00
4229.6-concinna HBG27616 clusters of pale flowers                    $4.00
4232.9-hallii PB3529 Gt Karas Mts, milky white flower, striped       $4.00
4238.6-keniensis BARAD 11548 Lk Naivasha, Kenya, large red flowers   $4.00
4238.7-keniensis DP4202 fat creeping stems                           $4.00
4239-keniensis DP6428 many dark red flowers                          $4.00
4239.6-keniensis LAV18258 deep dark red flowers, like bell           $4.00
4241.4-keniensis x Stap nudiflora tall rounded stem                  $4.00
4261.1-plowesii x zebrina large shiny lifebouy flower                $3.50
4281.6-whitesloaniana Soutpansberg                                   $4.00
4289.1-sp DP4155 short pale green stem, pink mottled                 $4.00

Huernopsis, /3,6,14/ slender crawling stems
4290.9-decipiens clustering mat-like stem, multicolored flowers      $3.50

Orbea, /3,6/ flower with raised annulus
4304-hardyi DP3910 spotted stems                                     $4.00
4307.7-semitubiflora open brown star flower                          $3.50
4310.3-speciosa x tapscottii BAR 11047A long teeth, brown-red fl     $4.00
4311.23-variegata DMC2913 big rough red spotted flower               $4.00
4311.43-variegata DMC3986 nice flowers in late summer                $4.00
4311.44-variegata DMC4155A                                           $4.00
4311.5-variegata DP4911 mottled yellow/brown spotted petals          $4.00
4318-wissmannii center of flower blood red                           $3.50

Piaranthus, /3,6,14-17/ low thick stem
4382-comptus thick rounded grey green stem                           $3.25
4383-comptus SB1517 Beaufort West, very free flowering               $4.00
4384.4-foetidus /16/ Smorenskadu, small odoriferous flowers          $4.00
4384.5-foetidus BAR 11243                                            $4.00
4384.6-foetidus DP3078 small yellow petals with maroon edge          $4.00
4384.8-foetidus DP4119A small petals covered with red spots          $4.00
4385.2-foetidus DP4656A pink-grey stem                               $4.00
4385.3-foetidus DP4660B fat pink stems                               $4.00
4386-foetidus PEH 240 VanWyksvlei, very many red fl                  $4.00
4389-framesii Vredendal, soft fat stems, freely flowering            $4.00
4389.7-geminatus PB7348 linear balls for stem, yellow-red fl         $4.00
4392.15-parvulus n Matjiesfontein, yellow star flowers               $4.00
4392.2-parvulus DP4129B very compact, flowers in clusters            $4.00
4392.25-pillansii pastel yellow flowers, no spots                    $3.25
4392.4-pillansii DP4130L long yellow petals, red lines               $4.00
4392.43-pillansii DP4793B n Calitzdorp, round red balls, yellow fl   $4.00
4393.3-punctatus PVB 6077 Bloupoort, petals with parallel red lines  $4.00
4398-comptus LAV 16164 Walderdam, Sutherland                         $4.00

Stapelia, /3,6,8,14/ large flowers come summer/fall
4450.5-ambigua large hairy stems, flower covered with cilia          $4.00
4450.7-asterias shiny dark red-brown flowers                         $3.25
4450.9-asterias DMC546 shiny maroon petals, dense wrinkles           $4.00
4451-asterias PEH 1565 Cradock, shiny hairy petals                   $4.00
4455-desmetiana Whittlesea, EC, thick stems, hairy purple flower     $4.00
4458-divaricata DP4042 slender pale green stems                      $4.00
4458.2-divaricata DP4632 upright small brown flowers                 $4.00
4462-flavirostris DP2993                                             $4.00
4463.05-flavopurpurea L&P 17816 Nauchas, super rough pink flowers    $4.00
4467-gigantea tall hairy stem, huge flowers                          $4.00
4467.6-glandulifera hairy petals, white to light pink                $4.00
4468.5-grandiflora /14/ giant stems, multicolored hairy flowers      $3.25
4469.1-hirsuta Mitchell's Pass, big hairy purple fl                  $4.00
4469.6-hirsuta v soraria DP4725                                      $4.00
4470.7-kwebensis chocolate brown wrinkly flower                      $3.50
4476.5-montana thin knobby stems                                     $4.00
4477.5-obducta Cockscomb Mts, E Cape, slender knobby stem            $4.00
4480-rufa dark red tall stems                                        $3.25
4480.2-rufa PB2540 43 k NW Ladismith, smooth red stems               $4.00
4482.3-scitula DP4044B Worcester, tiny scrambler                     $4.00
4482.4-scitula PB6370 ne Robertson                                   $4.00
4482.5-scitula PEH 2226 slender stems, small round notched fl        $4.00
4486.4-vetula slender stems, small flowers up high                   $3.25
4486.5-vetula Seven Weeks Poort, small slender stems, many flowers   $4.50

Stapeliopsis, /3,6,14/ thick irregularly branched stems
4505.32-saxatilis ssp stayneri KG351/72 metallic pink square stems   $4.00

Tridentea, /3,14/ long flower stalk, rounded stems
4596.92-sp Rondekop, very long pedicel, small flower                 $4.00

Tromotriche, /3,6,8,14/ hairy stem, recurved petals
4610-engleriana dark tire shaped flowers                             $3.25
4611-engleriana Tierberg, Pr Albert                                  $4.00
4611.4-engleriana DP3065 thick fuzzy grey stem                       $4.00
4615.8-revoluta Vanrhynsdorp, brown doughnut flowers                 $4.00
4617-revoluta v tigrida ISI 928                                      $4.00

Ornithogalum, /14-18/ flowers in a spike, slender leaves
6049-multifolium Aughrabies, big bulb, grassy leaf, green fl         $4.00

Anacampseros, /1,6,8,10/ small plants, need full sun
7000.8-rufescens /16/ short reddish green leaves, pink fl            $3.25
7002.3-albissima e Kuruman, slender white scaley stem                $4.00
7006.22-arachnoides n Grahamstown, stubby pointed lf                 $4.00
7006.23-arachnoides Redhouse-Despatch, mini form                     $4.00
7010-baeseckei Grunau, Klein Karas, bristly rosette, purple fl       $4.00
7010.1-baeseckei CM223 /17/ nw Loeriesfontein                        $4.00
7011-baeseckei DT4185 Koringhuis, dense curly hairs                  $4.00
7030-arachnoides reddish leaf with fine wool                         $3.25
7039-lanceolata rosette of pointed leaves, keep potbound             $3.25
7039.5-lanceolata Cornellsberg, deep green leaves tipped rd          $4.00
7040-lanceolata /16/ Worcester, small pointed leaves                 $4.00
7044-aff baeseckei ISI 1067 Wormskioldia, hairy tuft                 $4.00
7081.3-retusa Alexander Bay, flat growing form                       $4.00
7081.62-retusa Sultana, Buffelsbank                                  $4.00
7083.1-rufescens Bloemfontein                                        $4.00
7089-arachnoides SB1088 Vredendal, bristly squat stem, wooly crown   $4.00
7096.2-albidiflora 3 k s Beaufort West, tuft, whispy curly hair      $4.00
7103.2-aff retusa DT3644 Grootgraafwater, 'white cloud'              $4.00
7103.6-filamentosa Platbakkies, curly brown hairs                    $4.00
7106-retusa CM223 se Springbok, flat leaved tufts                    $4.00
7106.2-miniatura np DT2466 Anenous Pass, hidden tiny tuft            $4.00

Avonia /1,6,8,10/, scaley stems, often tuberous
7110.32-albissima 'multiramosa' ISI-578 clustering scaley stems      $4.00
7110.43-albissima SB1353 Paulshoek, slender scaley stem from tuber   $4.00
7111.06-papyracea sw Bloeddrif, scaley white stems                   $4.00
7111.2-papyracea Klipbok, thick floppy stems                         $4.00
7112.3-ustulata very thin scaley stems, anter-like                   $3.25


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